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    releases May 24, 2019

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Solar Winds // Climax
La Dédale des Astres et des Âmes
La Mer Pourpre



Deluxe 6-panel Digipack CD housed in a Slipcase, 12-page booklet with lyrics and extra art. Strictly limited to 300 copies.


Hailing from France, EPECTASE is the formidable duo of Vague and Avitus, talented musicians with a unique approach to the metal genre, true believers in the superiority of artistic vision and expression over stylistic boundaries.
Despite being their first opus, “Astres” is a surprisingly mature effort. Revolving around the concepts of human mortality, space and out-of-body experiences, it lives up to the band's name (épectase means the moving of man towards god) and follows the journey of an individual dwelling into the depths of his own consciousness. Music-wise, EPECTASE skilfully alternates ominous, frantic black metal riffs with hypnotic and groovy mid-sections typical of 70's prog, often leading to epic finales where the intensity never ceases to rise up until it reaches an exploding breaking point. It's the case of the monumental “Enter the Domain of the Solar Sovereign”, which propels the listener into outer space, to face the mysteries of creation.

The vocal performances from Avitus and Vague range from raspy, stinging screeches to funereal gurgling growls, enigmatic clean singing and operatic vocals reminiscent of those from URFAUST. Around them, the duo builds impressive architectures of cosmic scale, fluidly moving from dark ambient landscapes of electronic beauty to cascades of guitar leads, luminous melodies, meditative atmospheres and pummeling rhythms.
The heart of the album is in the last two tracks, “La Dédale des Astres et des Âmes” and “La Mer Pourpre”, over 30 minutes of deflagrating black metal crescendo conjuring up the waves of anxiety and the sense of madness intrinsic to the ideas of mortality and human finitude in an entropic and stagnating universe. It's the final disintegration of the self, the certainty that nobody can escape death, and that the void awaits us all.

“Astres” comes as a luxurious and limited Digipack CD wrapped in a slipcase, with a booklet featuring Avitus' drawings to accompany each stage of EPECTASE's spiritual -yet bitter- journey.


releases May 24, 2019

Epectase is:
Avitus - harsh vocals and operatic vocals
Vague - all instruments, clean vocals, guttural vocals, programming

All music and lyrics written and performed by Epectase
Recorded, mixed and produced by Vague
Mastered by Giorgio Tskhadadze at Chaos Worship Arts
Vocals on tracks 1 and 2 recorded at Hostile's home studio

Additional vocals on "La Mer Pourpre" by Iris Le Gal
All artworks, drawings and logo by Emil Rousse at Faquin Illustration
Art direction and layout by Francesco Gemelli
Cat. Nr. IVR114


all rights reserved



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Track Name: As He Runs Towards the Stars
A portal opens wide
Frightful sights, through the night
I've been reached up close and I saw the light
The petrifying vastness of space is now omniscient

Metaphysical separation
Continuous dissociation
My soul wanders free, contemplative
Still my vacant body inert and shrouded

Into the universe I might prosper
Cold as the deep waters of doubt and damnation
Confusing visions impregnating
All areas of consciousness

The profound nightsky calls for me
Violated by forces not known to men
A wave of tension propagating
Crashing against the shores of our system

My muted shrieks resonating
Within the mirage of an ivory tower
From this sphere of sand and ocean
We're dissolving and I must run

Into the universe I might prosper
Cold as the deep waters of time and space
I am drowning
Convulsing under the firmament's eye
Terrestrial I will no longer be

A pantheon of stars
Reached by dream and thought
Am I dying or is this life?
An answer that you might not find

A thousand years of sleep
Till' matter is finally transcended
The eroded memories
Of what was once so closely held
What will remain from me?
When I'll be gone to enter
The realm of the empty
I refuse to be consumed by time

Open the doors of existence
For they might remain unseen
But were never kept

As he runs towards the stars
Vanishing far from where we are
Condemned on Earth to disappear
Is this the beauty of our kind?

A blissful catastrophe
Painted in my dream forever
Till' we all dive in the empty
This portal I will choose for savior
Track Name: Entering the Domain of the Solar Sovereign
Caught in the nauseous maelstrom
Horrified yet I contemplate
These fields of sempiternal figures
Reflections of my mental state

Hovering in orbital delirium
Inertia is my fate
Flashing before my eyes, theses planets
Upon those entities I subjugate

Open wide your eyes
Immersion drift away

Dissociate the inner from the outer
Stars, a projection of arrows
Aiming for psychic distorsion
Bending the structures of the mind
And all it allows us to perceive

A celestial sea of mirrors
Oscillating fluids
Dripping down the scope

Everflowing streams of light
A myriad of shades
The sight of godlike violence
Illuminates the path to my escape

Sink in the ethereal void
Reject logic and gravitation
Embrace your inner flow

Drink from the everlasting soil
Mountains of assumption you'll have to overcome

Sink in the ethereal void
Hide in veils of contemplation from the one who devours

Sink in the ethereal void
Bathe in these glorious cascades of stars

I felt the freezing blaze of a calcinating threat
Infernal star swallowing, without reaching satiety
A dogma which does not apply, to those
Craving for triumph and annihilation

They're taking me by force
Perdition is their name
I despise the one they bow to
Absorbed in the chromosphere

Entering a domain I wish I was welcome to
Impendent cenotaph resplending upon thou

(Whispering stars dialogue)

“What are you doing here?
I heard he was one of them
This random betrayer
Infecting wanderer
The cause of the bittersweetness of life
Human insects
You'll die
You'll perish
Here comes the king”

Opium of the ancients
Here I stand above
Anti-cosmic architect
The symbol whom they adore
Every glimpse of life that crawls
Worships my transcendental halo

I am the demiurge
The solar sovereign
Casting you down
I am the Sun!

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