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Without Veil, Nor Self


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They abide to the sacred maw, The desolation lyre, Sullen throats vomit visions of dust, Without times lapse, dilation of essence O smelt ego in your infinite furnace Granite monolith, reflection of my entity Finale of my jubilation, Consume! Whose dread cast from lidless eye, Sullen throats swallow petrified despair, Lyric of the venerated maw
Sol Genesis 08:21
O Sol, born of eternal light O tongued flames wherewith the void is sown, As dreadful ghasts of a plane unknown, Illume, ye Father in unceasing gloom, Shrouds the deathless truth ye may not find; Alike for ye the flaming suns are blind Manifesto of infinity, immutable as time Where we seek the Light and have sought in vain The law of universal balance O Sol, Your absence in night O cold dark wherewith the moon is shown, Darken, ye mother with unceasing shadow As the voidless dance in realms where time is unknown, O abyssal depth, with no regard The voidless expand into realms where time is known
Sol Knell 04:10
The cracking of marble altars, Tumult the abyss alone endured, The pillars, the foundation, The cracking of golden idols, Split the fabric between existence, In vats, dissolve the bones of reality, The immolation of light, Death march, sol knell Where the sun rot, The choir fled to sing for those disobey, Lifeless and ageless Where the sun rot, the abyss triumphant Ageless and lifeless
Pale mouths swallowing parchment, With his splendor, sight beyond this plane For those who wait, The doors inscribed, headstones writ thereon, By the light of Gods face, Their essence inquired, twice do tongues mutter naught Alchemical absence replaced with tinctures of the unknown, Their essence inquired, twice do tongues mutter, But with insight and thought, Nay, without veil nor self Pale adamant moons weigh on broken backs, Of slaves undeserving
Lung, thou Herb of the Abyssal soul Thou pandar to the foul harlot, life The rankest lies wherewith thy being is rife Too fulsomely illume thy flames' torch Whereon is write the secret of our dole Of mortal woes immortalized by thee, and wisdom, through thine olden perfidy, Drawn back to life from some Lethean shoal Hallucinations compounded of the world's old dust With fire that feeds the seventh hell forever!
Pall 10:29
Pass the threshold! So blind you are, groping for Appollonian essence, With sight whereon infinity stranded Offer tithe to phosphorus statues, They hear.. Offer tribute to currents serpentine, Divide flesh, paint crimson the altar with blood flow Behold the ethereal glow, dreaming colors And witness: the mind flailing into deep reverie Howbeit, the flesh strain ever, tho apart Thou shalt wander the black maze of water uncompassed, Wherefore thy deafened ear, wanderer? Heaving, thy pulses run, then shall fade And hopest thou close to undoing! Hollowed being, no path Oblivion beckons, whence you came! Vaulted mouth, thine entrance is false!


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CD in jewel box, 8-page booklet with lyrics. Art by Karmazid

Known for playing with BENIGHTED IN SODOM as well as for playing alongside Alex Poole in numerous projects including CHAOS MOON, SKAPHE, ESOTERICA and LITHOTOME, guitarist Steven Blackburn is also the mastermind behind ENTHEOGEN, a band featuring his brother Jack's blistering drumming, the monstrous bass of Bradley Tiffin (HAUNTER) and Alex Poole's amazing vocals. All together they gave life to “Without Veil, Nor Self”, a breathtaking album that somebody described as a master-class in obscure, gorgeously convoluted atmospheric black metal, and that others have compared to a dark and psychedelic journey through the underworld. Steven Blackburn seems to agree. “ENTHEOGEN is an emanation from the depths of my own subconscious,” he says. “It marks the beginning of a journey inward, challenging perception, and dissolving the ego.”

But don't mistake his art for spiritual, drug-inspired music, as the band name could suggest. “By no means are we a spiritual band,” says Blackburn. “People seem too focused on the potential of spiritual enlightenment with drugs. They forgot that you can just as easily shift your perspective into the other direction. I’m more in awe with the experiences themselves and tapping into different perspectives without completely losing it. The music itself is often a sort of translation of what these experiences feel like, a way to bring the experience to life through the music, especially when it’s been written while in a manageable altered state.”

Fascinatingly hallucinogenic without renouncing to the aggressiveness typical of black metal, “Without Veil, Nor Self” was originally released on vinyl by Fallen Empire and is now available as a limited edition CD under the flag of I, Voidhanger Records.


released January 25, 2019

Steven Blackburn - Guitars
Jack Blackburn - Drums
Alex Poole - Vocals
Bradley Tiffin - Bass

Music written in 2013 by Steven Blackburn and recorded 2016 - 2017

Lyrics written by Alex Poole
Mixed by Steven Blackburn
Mastered by Jacob Buczarski
Artwork by Karmazid
Layout by Francesco Gemelli
Cat. Nr. IVR107


all rights reserved



I, Voidhanger Records Italy

Obscure, unique, and uncompromising visions from the Metal Underground.

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