Watershed Between Firmament And The Realm of Hyperborea


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ScottishCadaver Gabriele may as well be considered a Musical-Savant for Composing, Writing, and/or even being able to *Conceive* of these types of Musical Concepts & Complexities ~ Let-alone PLAY/PERFORM them at his age! This is truly a Magnificent piece of Art here... Be it BlackMetal or *not*, whatever you want to call this; It’s something worth taking-note of FOR SURE. Almost Mantra-esq at certain points, *even* for as much Attention that this Album DEMANDS from you. Imagine Ulcerate + Gorguts + Krallice, with a *touch* of Jute Gyte ~ And you essentially have The Clearing Path.... Perfect 10/10 my good man; Kudos. Favorite track: Ankhtkheperura In Thee (A Mystical Enlightenment).
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elox_ Semplicemente, il miglior album del 2017, il canto del cigno di un anno pieno di uscite monumentali.
Un disco colossale, composto da riff cosmici, grida abrasive e agghiaccianti ed una sezione ritmica spaventosa ma anche di cori celestiali, atmosfere ariose ed una (molto) ben celata vena melodica.
Ah, l'ho già detto che è stato scritto e composto interamente da una singola persona? Favorite track: Stargazer Monolith.
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GeN2Mo The closest I feel I can come to a description of my experience of this album is that it is like the sounds of Gorguts and Lykathea Aflame merging. But not just in auditory patterns, in composition, riffing styles,etc. It's also in regard to the aural worlds of their music. The distinct space and atmosphere that those patterns and techniques form and populate with moving entities. Which is simply wonderful to hear unfold around me as someone deeply influenced by those artists. Favorite track: Ankhtkheperura In Thee (A Mystical Enlightenment).
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Gabriele Gramaglia, the young Italian artist behind SUMMIT - which debuted on I, Voidhanger Records in 2016 - is back on the scene with his oldest project, THE CLEARING PATH and with a pivotal release enclosing the circle of the otherworldly concept begun with the previous full-length, “Watershed Between Earth and Firmament” (2015).

This time the music evolves in a way more complex opus which ranges from hellacious riffs and tremendous shrieks to atmospheric and meticulous progressions and passages of lucid insanity, exploring the most distant landscapes of the unknown cosmos and the most benighted and metaphysical aspects of the Universe, imprinting into the listener a profound sense of dismay and contemplation.
The result is “Watershed Between Firmament And The Realm of Hyperborea”, a powerful and relentless album, variegated and eclectic yet organic and solid. A stellar work of extreme, dissonant metal madness, with ambient drifts and thoughtful soundscapes.


released December 8, 2017

Gabriele Gramaglia - all instruments and vocals

Recorded during winter 2016/2017 by Gabriele Gramaglia
Main Guitars reamped by Colin Marston in Thousand Caves Studio
Mixed by Stefano Lattanzio and Gabriele Gramaglia
Mastered at Sweetspot Studio in Athens

Parts of lyrics readapted from Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy

Cover art by Altar of Sorrow
Layout bt Francesco Gemelli

Cat. Nr. IVR089


all rights reserved



I, Voidhanger Records Italy

Obscure, unique, and uncompromising visions from the Metal Underground.

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Track Name: Ankhtkheperura In Thee (A Mystical Enlightenment)
My shadow’s lost

In deep cosmos you’ll reborn
Far realms of true absence

You will spread your light

(The book of life is closed forever)
Track Name: The Pillars Of Creation
Majestic flames chasing your aura
Enveloping Your lit eyes

He did not lie there as if sleeping

Before Creation
God’s movements without a flaw

Form and matter
Pure and conjoined

In his eternity beyond time, past all others’ understanding
The eternal love showed himself
In new love as he desired

Not to gain any good - for himself
Since that cannot be so but so that his
His reflected light shining, might say: I am
God’s movement over these waters was not a process of before or after
Track Name: Stargazer Monolith
To us up here you are the torch of noon
Blazing with love, and for the mortals down
There you are the living fount
The living fountain of hope

The eyes God loves and reverences the most
Fastened upon his praying this praying saint
Displayed how deeply she is pleased by a devout prayer

Her eyes, her eyes turned to the eternal Light
Into whose depth we get lost
My sight, my sight becomes crystal clear
Piercing deep through the rays

Substance and accidents and their relations
I saw as though they fused (in such a way)
That what I say is but a gleam of light
Flooded in my tears of joy

Her eyes, her eyes turned to the eternal Light
Into whose depth we get lost
My sight, my sight becomes crystal clear
Piercing deep through the rays

In darkness I’ll paint thousand twilights on my way
Through nebulas, matter and comets glaring trails

In darkness I’ll paint thousand sunsets on my way
Through nebulas, matter and comets stars ablaze
Track Name: This Starway Will Carry Me Towards The Grandest Light
“We are Hyperboreans; we know very well how far off we live. 'Neither by land nor by sea will you find the way to the Hyperboreans'—Pindar already knew this about us. Beyond the north, ice, and death—our life, our happiness...” (Frederich Nietzsche)

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