Via Dolorosa


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Hailing from UK, DEITUS return on I, Voidhanger Records with their sophomore work, “Via Dolorosa”, a brilliant and worthy successor to their 2016's debut, “Acta Non Verba”. The new album features five hymns of adversarial sonic terror dedicated to the heinous nature within man, and it's exactly the record that everybody expected from DEITUS: rooted in the old-school black metal tradition of Dissection, Satyricon and Mayhem, but prone to heavy metal contaminations that make the music very varied, vital and essential.

Guitars are constantly under the spotlights, here: the riffs are crafted in a classic way, with great attention to memorable melodies and to a perfect fluidity of themes and structures, while intoxicant heavy metal solos often add power, majesty, depth and atmosphere, dragging the songs into a turbid darkness where we're left alone to writhe in our fears, in search of a way out.

It is in this juxtaposition of extreme aggressiveness and painful abandon that lays the true essence of DEITUS' music, as well as the ultimate purpose of “Via Dolorosa”: not a concept album, but a cathartic ritual in five painful stages to attain illumination. Because, as DEITUS say, “it is through suffering that the fruits of salvation shall be found.”


released December 14, 2018

Cat. Nr. IVR104


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I, Voidhanger Records Italy

Obscure, unique, and uncompromising visions from the Metal Underground.

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Track Name: Hallowed Terror
And so it shall be nailed deep into the heart’s of man
Through the incandescent grace of the sinistral divine

I am he, the blade of hamartia
Black Holy Faith
I am he, the call of transgression
Holy Terror made flesh

Behold now as the firmament trembles
Lamenting in the light of a most seditious star

Hallowed Terror Incarnate
Anointed by the mark of sanguine’s holy touch
The shrill piercing howling mirth of the wicked
Impenitent lusts of sanctity inversed

Devour the flesh of your bastard sons
And feast from the limbs of your harlot daughters
In acts of self-flagellation another rupture for the accursed flesh

Looming in predation
and ensnaring the broken will
With a seed to germinate
In the verminous filth
No mercy
No surrender

Blessed are those who seek degradation
and hold a razor to kindred throats
Blessed are those with tongues of injustice, they who revel in trepidation

Not to abide
And Not to follow
Never in Vain
Forever damned
No mercy
No fucking surrender
Track Name: Malaise
We shall never inherit the earth
But upon it bestow a chalice of poison for the meek
A pestilent offering swarming, crawling with malice
Perpetual disease, birthed in the rotting soil

In the absence of light, sanctifiers of infamy
The salt in the very wounds of the earth
The foul semen , fucked into the (sores of the) world

Hang the pigs out to dry
For our temple shall be erected
And so it will, upon the cull
Shrouded in crimson we come
Bathed in depravity’s grace
Vomiting forth the gospel of perversion

X is the mark, the mark of the banished
The transfixing malaise that festers in your heart

And in a white eyed frenzy we dance, in eternity’s hall we have danced
through madness and lunacy, into darkness and into death

The Cancerous prophets are we, harbingers of denial
what is veiled, shall now lay bare
let the children be forsaken, let us in the gutter dwell
as we strive towards nothing, as we drown absolution

(With teeth clenched, with arms open)
Track Name: Via Dolorosa
Like rats we have wandered, in the great cesspit of life
Rejecters of flesh, bearing the mark of the first
Murderer, can’t you hear the blood crying out
Birthed from the ashes of Eden blessed with hearts of stone
Let us burn the path of the righteous and pave the way
Let us swallow our tongues, let not man prevail

In glory it shall be
Every injustice
Utter acts of terror
Our hallowed vice
Your shattered hope

Shineth through me
Let not man prevail

Oh harken ye of little faith, let it be written that the worst is yet to come
For a bastard seed must be nurtured in the arms of iniquity

The sanctity of man’s heinous nature must flourish
The odious deeds will in the garden of ruin bloom

Via Dolorosa
Onwards on the path to Calvary
Track Name: Salvifici Doloris
Amok, we hurtle under the banner of night
To the discord of 13 tolls and trumpets 7
Against a world blithe with inertia
To certain death adorned by trident scars

Holy contagion upon virulent winds
Insidious in nature with divine purulent grace
Salvation lies in the scarlet womb of the whore
Blood of the saints, Blood of the martyrs

A masochistic sermon for charnel devotion
exhorted from sallow throats and cruel twisted tongues
This child shall bury itself in a nameless grave
Still and pale, heeding to every behest

And the foreboding silence shatters
As the veil of all illusions burn
Estranged and in sinful veneration
The rupture of life, the call of perdition

In obeisance and with scarlet fervour
malum quod intus est anima mea

Cast away in a sea of viscera
To drown in crimson redemption
broken and scabbed lay the wings of peace
so come forth and befoul

Libation bleeds yes bleeds from these veins
pierced by horns thrice
in hysteria’s golden dawn
we turn withershins
about the dying sun
into the endless ever after
Track Name: Atonement
Maul… the hand that feeds
Sharpened are the knives of Iscariot
For we hang one and the same
in crippled reverence
in poisoned grace
Reap and sow / Atone for naught
This seed of miscarry beget

When innocence is crawling
And all hope lays cold
there is but one truth

My Faith is in him
My faith is in him
I die in the Lord

I am no one
I am no one
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Il messaggero non è importante

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