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Thel​é​sis Ignis


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Through the eyes of dead infants Lift the veil of forgotten dreams The Void is clothed in thorns Crowned and unblessed for eternity She governs the abyssal dominions Sowing the seeds of eternal Darkness Steel strings of divine inspiration Conceived beyond the dark aura of Saturnalia Rotting veins pummelled through with hate Stand tall and in disgust Receive the blessing of Fire Burn the grounds of their holy monuments Mystic clouds of the Kabbalah Channelling the Enochian word of the Demiurge Seers and prophets of the Apocalypse Forges faces of death in the sky Blacksmith chains to hold the Void Divine ignorance inherited down through the ages The Void, she speaks unto me She tends to the souls of the Fallen The flapping of Devil wings, the radiance of holy halos... I do not know; yet I shall drink heavily from her chalice The spirit of darkness emerges from her crown And puts out the dying embers in our eyes
Light shall not appear easily Through vast prisms of blackness Channel streams of death thoughts The spiritual mountain I shall ascend Eternal journey for Lapsis Linguistic riddles of old Mercury and sulphur; chaos and cosmos Kenoma; earthly world of hellish phenomena Pleroma; beyond the seven gates Earthly love and heavenly ascent Doubt gnaws the bones of my being A thousand hosts of fire By whom shall I be judged at the fall of time? The hidden flame of the Spirit And the heavy cloud of profane bodies At the inmost night The blazing stars of the eve Are nowhere to be found A thousand pale hands drawing down the sky Emburdened by fear and wonder The vast pillars of mysteries Throne in the unknown spheres Human thought in predictable cycles The gaze of the soul rests in the dark The tongue's whispers echo in the abyss
Strange sigils written in the night sky Mountains ablaze with fiery passion People in agony, tearing at their eyes Sheep shall graze at His rotting flesh And at the dawn we shall awake Watch with hearts trembling with fear and awe The Serpent as He shall speak unto us His hand shall be lead upon our shoulders And with raging fury burn the world scorched Enthrone the Void in obscurity With burning tongues and fiery minds Carry the cosmos unto chaos And at the dawn we shall awake Watch with hearts trembling with fear and awe The Serpent as He shall speak unto us His hand shall be lead upon our shoulders With burning tongues and fiery minds Carry the cosmos unto chaos Lands shall tremble And people shall raise their bloody swords Against each other His throne of blood and flesh And Him, obese with power and indulgence So let us tear at his wretched cross as rabid dogs And we shall bathe in the blood of His saints For all the pain and suffering We had endured for countless aeons As night fire falls upon his cursed temple We shall be released!
Arising from the depths of infinite black seas Summoned by unknowable deities of old; "Of the Word he is, and shall become!" The deities of doom yelled, for their Word is law And upon the Law the lower spheres are begotten A silence was then upon the waters… A moment of inexplicable horror it was When he, the foul one, rose from the depths Blackened sludge fell from his mouth, Filled with rotting teeth and words of war His eyes, empty of soul, peace he knew not of He spoke unto the dark; "I am Adam, demon, firstborn of the blind! I am Death, I am Plague, I am Famine I shall bring Doom upon this world The sword I shall forge and give unto the children of mine For to reap this world dry of blood!" Innumerable aeons then went by, And as the scriptures foretold, Adam raised Cain; Madness and impurity incarnate The deities rejoiced in their dominions As Cain entered the hollow of impiety His unhallowed acts are carved into our mountains And so, his legacy is fulfilled till the end of time In the fields, the harvest shall grow weak and feeble Drowning in rivers of blood And in the woods, the cries of his servants shall fill the air Blind with rage and sin And the sea shall flow with death Emptiness below and above, waves ridden with disease And so, we are condemned to walk these plains Plains of death, plague and famine Eternally in a cycle of doom Until the last sigh of this cursed earth...



CD in jewel case. 16-page full color booklet complete with lyrics


Hidden within a bog of black and deathly fog hides a mysterious and incredibly talented Danish band which is now part of the I, Voidhanger Records' roster: TONGUES.

A duo comprised of Thorbjørn (guitar, vocals, bass and organ) and Qvortrup (drums, vocals, lyrics), TONGUES have reaped a portentous 35-minute long debut EP titled “Thelésis Ignis”. This is a rumbling, ferocious, and ill-omened musical journey that alternates bursts of violence with meditative grooves, dissonant melodies and wretched atmospheres all within the auspice of a cohesive, apocalyptic and mystical dark aura.

In the band's own words, "TONGUES is devoted to the exploration of mind and soul, and how they relate to the flesh. Our music is as heavy as the earthbound flesh; the lyrics and themes constitute the soul that yearns for some kind of redemption, eternally lost in the cloud of unknowing. The nature of the synthesis between soul and body is drenched in obscurity, which is why - by speaking in tongues - a path may be eventually revealed, providing salvation for that fallen race we call Humanity. Our debut EP, 'Thelésis Ignis' is the first chapter of this doomed spiritual journey."


released November 3, 2014


Thorbjørn - Guitar, vocals, bass and organ
Qvortrup - Drums, vocals, lyrics

Additional vocals on "Will Of Fire" and "Last Grip Of The Hand Of Guilt" by Antonius. Additional organ and keys on "Bloodline of the Blind" by Emil "Sol" Brahe.

Recording by Emil "Sol" Brahe, mixing and mastering by Antonius Lovmand.

Cover art by Antonius Lovmand and N.

Cat. No. IVR038


all rights reserved



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