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The Horizons Towards Which Splendour Withers


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I’ve been dreaming from time (immemorial) to find myself as a child, lost among the solemn remains of an ancient decayed Roman town fallen to ruin. It’s pitch dark, the streets are completely deserted and there is a deafening quiet, broken solely by my heavy breathing and by the sound of my footsteps upon the debris. I am willfully looking for a cursed diadem kept occulted amongst the ruins of these crumbling walls. However, my investigation is interrupted by an enormous burst that for a moment is able to illuminate the whole universe. My body is thrown very distant and, trying to recover from the impact of the violent shock wave, I gaze at the sky, observing in awe a thousand comets falling like fireworks. Then I notice that the remnants of the exploded star have the shape of the diadem I was looking for.
I’ve remained a thousand years floating in oblivion I look around: remnants, remnants and dust. As the blight came they burnt it all. Cleanse the corrupted! Then it occurs to me what the Gods, jaded, resigned, already during the age of their twilight, told me: "Science will never be able to cure the fundamental ill that harbors the spirit of mankind, which is its tragic essence: death and the necessary anguish that accompanies it." 
 These words echoed without form, sempiternal. Behold! The horizons... they get lost into the eternity of these wastelands. The bells rang three times and only then I did understand their distance. I've never been here.
Lost in his silence, where the most malevolent threats lurk around, all of a sudden the pride became despair. Then, when he was caught by a sense of inexorable defeat before that boundless unknown, an impetuous spiral enshrouded his body, releasing the glooming murk of his telluric shrieks. Covered by an obscure blanket, he moved ahead through forests and oceans of feeble dead stars. He was showcasing a bold impavid gait despite being immersed in a baleful aura surrounded by sinister omens, which were looking forward to take shape any moment. “Adrift for eons, I aim for a perfect silence, vanished in stillness, undone in perfect quiescence.”
“Aimah!” he thundered, from an imperious summit. But he didn't calm down, instead he saw himself reflected in the end of a tunnel, overwhelmed in a blinding light. Its projection was carefully melted, dispersed in a bright green fluid. Vivid, frantic images lightning fast followed each other, revealing nothing but inner turmoil. The transcendent mantra he’s failed, will lead him into despair. His redemption is pointless, it’s glowing dimmer his glare. Plunging vehemently into a surface, he broke its glassy crust. He broke its crystalline hard crust which concealed a gelatinous consistency, the core of the celestial body. Impregnated with that singular mineral fragrance, his fragments embodied the inorganic matter of the odd planet. (What does distinguish biological matter from the inanimate? What is the ultimate purpose of the vital breath?) He opened his eyes again, then he saw that all the things tended to converge at a very specific point. What was the sense of the chaos he had just experienced? The theory of everything... That bloodshed that lodged his spirit is the universal entropy, but he is no demigod to handle it. He will lay in his torment.
Behind this sempiternal dusk it was located a majestic temple. It’s foundation was rising in height by the portent of its pillars, enormous columns hemmed by the enshrouding pall of the highest clouds which, in their expanse, lapped the outer layers of the atmosphere in a triumph of unparalleled grandeur. The aforementioned sanctuary was the shelter of an ancient burden that refined his clairvoyance through the observation of the rotary motion of spiral galaxies. His wisdom was based on the sublimation of the principle of Hermes Trismegistus, since cosmos’ course - like all the organic forms that inhabit it - follows a destiny which is chaotic only in its appearance. This is how he was able to reconstruct the story of the wretched vagrant: it led to the primordial vertigo. But that was not the myth he intended to dispel. He certainly acknowledged that in theology there are no answers. So the arcane soothsayer carefully sculpted his demise, having spent his whole life connecting dots but, despite his knowledge, he hadn’t yet find the question.
The horizons towards which splendor withers. Shatter dreams melting like late spring snow. The horizons towards which splendor’s fading. The ancient cult has led him to witness the End


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• 140gr. vinyl
• 350gr. sleeve, 3mm spine
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• Black inner sleeve
• Outer plastic sleeve

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Having already proved his eclectic and multifaceted musical skills with projects like THE CLEARING PATH and SUMMIT, in 2019 the Italian composer G.G. brought to the world his most aggressive side, conveyed into the sonic grooves of COSMIC PUTREFACTION’s relentless debut album, “At The Threshold Of The Greatest Chasm”, a work mainly rooted in death metal and its most primitive, fast paced and old school facets. With the band's sophomore album, G.G. adds to that formula some of the progressive and esoteric aspects that characterized his other projects, but without sacrificing an ounce of the most nihilistic and vicious traits of COSMIC PUTREFACTION.

“The Horizons Towards which Splendour Withers” is a metal epic which conducts the listeners through otherworldly decaying landscapes, agoraphobic wastelands and desolate cosmic sceneries thanks to monstrous dissonant riffs, convulsing rhythms, and spiteful growls and shrieks. The band explores the whole panorama of extreme music and metal idioms incorporating the most diverse influences: from death metal to grind and doom metal, passing through atmospheric and progressive black metal, also treating itself with a fascinating, apocalyptic symphonic interlude that adds an avant-garde touch to the album's closing number.

COSMIC PUTREFACTION's “The Horizons Towards which Splendour Withers” is a dynamic, aggressive release of modern death metal that will leave the listeners with a deep sense of dismal bewilderment and alienation, excited and intrigued about the future steps of G.G's abominable musical creation.


released May 22, 2020

G.G. - All instruments and vocals

Recorded and mixed by G.G. during Winter and Spring 2019
Mastered by Dan Lowndes at Resonance Sound Studio
Cover painting by Nox Fragor Art
Art direction and layout by Francesco Gemelli
Cat. Nr. IVR128


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