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The Gate And The Key


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Outer Veil 05:26
"Come in station command. This is Alpha X-1. We are approaching the event horizon. Engines are not responding. Requesting emergency procedures. Repeat. Requesting emergency procedures." Frequency of emergency warnings Breaking update signals Error in discovery by man Bizarre radiation uncovers the ghosts in the sand Start the descent into the frontier Movement and colours Blurred by unsettled debris Turbulent first contact Shimmering field of galactic dust Full spectrum of light pulsing on the surface Down In the heart Beating at the end of the shadowy veins Life Spills out over the perforated subterrene Then: a blast E'rhis Kfa-ne E'fel Ranas Krah phrul manus Ne phral An-na Sovereign of the Land substantiates The rhythm of the ground beneath their feet "Be without fear as you are welcomed guests. The first of your kind to visit here. Allow me to show you what you have travelled so far to behold."
Autochton 04:58
Primal irises flicker Squamous pale bodies Move unanimously Limbs seeming to float Vortices undulate Attention diverted Moments linger in space Encapsulated death placenta Cilia quiver along every surface Each cell is alone Each brain is a whole Nerves serve the system Mind is on fire Convalesce Coalesce Deliquesce Effloresce To be shewn collective efficiency The reward for the inquisitive Impossible physiology Sympathetic reptillian apiary ...All ...Invited ...Fffeast ...Phollow ...Archenaeum The solar rays of our universe strangely absent Far-away towers emit telepathic sight Reality oscillating Dimensional vibrations Stand before the transparent shield Know the words Say the words And enter
Hypgnosys 04:50
Reveal the many Keys Haruspex Called to The Center Instruments of horror Vestigial flesh and bone Eternally devoured Parthenogenetic Gatekeeper Perception I receive Eternity is The Key Bred to deceive Beneath the Harvest Moons Agonizing doubt crawls forth Stench of words not uttered Gestures without meaning Iconic illustrae without stars Bending the Orb of Qosmos Honored Ones Bathed in light Release the Self Saved Chosen Ones Saved by right Lift your crowns So naive... Survival in the cracks of existence Clandestine compulsion to raven The Key must open The Gate In all time, in all places All-in-One One-in-All
I feel alive in this Hell Beneath my feet The scarred faces Remember nothing The stomachs begin to swell The Harvest Feast Autosarcophagy Forced to see Somnium et dimittam metus Reaching Dead memory Failed to be bound by the science of Earth The multiverse has other methods It is not cruel for brutality's sake Only watching with bemused interest Witness the transformation Many to one Birthed from The Nameless Mist Begat of an ageless nether Shimmering globes beyond Time Travel and touch untethered Give your mind to The Opener of The Way!
The walls painted so vermillion Customs splattered all about Decadent interior, velvet seats Appearances not as they seem A sacrifice made willingly The taste made all the sweeter Dragged across salient streams of skewers Brought before the butcher's blades The Hand Cut Cut deep Cut Cut deep Cut to the bone The Eye Cut Cut deep Cut Cut deep Cut to the bone Face down waiting for the tissue to be spread Starting with the hands, working slowly towards the head Gouging out the eyes so further torment can't be seen Removal of the tongue prevents the irritating screams No more than seconds but aeons from the start The final grim performance: extraction of the heart Favorite parts obtained the body piled on gore Observing all the carnage from a new, exotic form The Tongue The Heart
Under the skin and under the breath The mask of infinite inchoate expression Peel away a thousand aeons hidden Twisted up in strands of the great epoch Voice of the madness in darkness Bleating sheep upon the doorstep Mother-and-Father of chaotic genesis Sends them away Across the lithic wastes Boiling rivers Bending saplings Terror echoes Simulate Holocausts Forever Calculating The door will sway The Elder Sign Lost the way The blackened vines Blood paid with blood Eater of souls Master of the void Reveals his offering Unlimited sight Blind to its purpose Eldritch incantations Amplify to manifest
Be calm Be solace Be our shepherd Be the cure of our disease I am rage I am sadness Your executioner I am the one who holds the Key Release us From bondage Your servants We beg on bloodied hands and knees Taking My possessions My playthings My pleasure is your slavery Feed us Your answers Nourish The ones who bear your weight Starving Like vermin Like locusts You are the objects of my hate Shelter In your strength In your power Hold the wicked at the Gate Outcasts You are vagrants You have trespassed The astral bond I terminate Fallen kings Lying priests Ancient dreams Mockery Glacial cities Sunken lairs Unknown realms Fantasy Poison tomes Abject rituals Foolish worship Mania
Absention 06:05
Drifting outer reaches Memory returns Horizon Whole Passing through the hole Nothing Vaporized Pale fingers on a luminous vestige Recorded voyage into chtonian domain Final warning for endangered posterity Only cerebral Utopian spasms displayed Escaped The prison Balance Precipace of truth Spawning a star Billions Waking from their trance Clinging to a realm they must concede Portal within Elemental provenance Alpha, Omega, Zero Negative matter Thoughts of the insane Coffin rests in space Relic buried away Precious levels fade Construct slowly cracks Walls silently weep The Hand of Doom starts to pull No longer in control 4 bars Spiral Swimming Final view What is true? "I somehow managed to survive contact with a black hole. My team members are missing. It appears that I either slept through the experience or I have no memory. No time passed, or at least I don't believe any time passed... from my first encounter until now. The only thing that I'm sure of at this point is that something was there. Something is alive in that dimension and it is not content to remain there."



CD in jewel case. 16-page booklet complete with lyrics

After the underground success of the "Tenements Of Ephemera" debut and the "Dark Circles" EP, THE WAKEDEAD GATHERING return with their sophomore full-length album, a fantastic piece of dark death metal and definitely a step forward in the band's natural evolution, once again in accordance with the genre's noblest tradition.

"The Gate And The Key" is a horror/sci-fi concept-album telling the story of a group of dimensional travellers passing through a black hole. The dark portal will precipitate them into an alien realm, where they are abducted, studied, and painfully morphed into a race of Lovecraftian entities inhabiting that dimension.
They will become the first seed of a new breed, the "key" that will open the "gate" for the Ancients Ones to penetrate our reality...

Music-wise, the album is filled with twisted riffs, doom decelerations, rapacious vocals, and menacing atmospheres of Cosmic Horror, in a perfect equilibrium between the crypt-sounds of early Incantation, and the dissonant, slanted death metal of early Morbid Angel, Demilich and Timeghoul.


released December 13, 2013


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I, Voidhanger Records Italy

Obscure, unique, and uncompromising visions from the Metal Underground.

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