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The Fire Cult Beyond Eternity


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Ippocalyptica I had to give The Fire Cult Beyond Eternity three listens before deciding whether I liked it, at which point I decided that I loved it - but I understand that this will not click with everyone because it is more complex and demanding than is immediately apparent. This is compounded by the fact that there are no immediate contemporary reference points (read: this is as original as black metal gets without going too avant-garde). Embrace this odd ritual and give yourself to Onirik! Favorite track: Melodies Of Reflection And Praise.
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RMT Holy shit, is this an outstanding piece of prog-black metal. The approach is like if Vicotnik and Greg Chandler collaborated on an album.
The arrangements are on another level. Favorite track: Murmurs Of The Aging Vessel.
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I - Cult Beyond Eternity Conductor of the nightfall, enable the return of Cult Expose the reputable chapels and their egregious oaths, Let the writers eternalize the interring of them all, And the grime to embellish the surface as impious art! Re-emerge, between the cracks and crevasses, Deluded to all prior anticipation! By the evidence of sorcery, I hereby declare These revealing scales of vicious plenitude To unwillingly consume the substance of my heraldic dreams! It is written in the bones, beneath the flesh... The union of body in the streams of this earth, When the standing figure no longer casts reflections, When the burden crosses unto other stances...Black... These raving carriers of solitude, Announce the future in the shape shifting skies, Signs to absorb when the time has come to abandon life, I will never grow too old! May all those who've sworn allegiance echo This new anthem that inspires death, This new purpose for the living, the path to descend! It is written in the stones, beneath the dirt... the melting of thought in a waste of this universe, When the fallen have laid for too long unsettling beneath... While this burden goes on, Untouched and perceivable, Until the four corners of eternity...
II - Trapped in Flesh, Blood and Dirt Covered from the neck down, The human shape shelled by rotting skin, The brain set to be burnt by the sun, And the eyes to burst in deepest splendor... I am tied to the flesh and still able to witness, The treacheries in this form, what the end will reserve... To have taken to heart the alluring conviction, An appeal that lies smeared in the revolving Barathrum... My praise flows where the gravity coils And the animosity alongside the disruption of peace! An unholy procession of corrupting liquids Engulf the rocks once carved by hope... To honor so many dead, so many gone, The ultimate prayer for the darkest crown To conciliate the hovering demonic odors, The revelry in a banquet of obscure veneration! My praise glows where the light does not, Expending the strength embezzled from a thousand souls!
III - Assigned to the Inexorable Flames Dreams have told me where to roam, My exodus to the other world... Free from the boundaries of human limitation, A rogue force I had become... To Hell my soul had gone, Relentless and strong, Taken by the promise of self liberation... Forged amidst these walls of sin I had flawlessly erected... Take me below the grounds they step on, Fulfill my unparallel destination! My arms with my hands and my nails Shall reach for the dissolving light, In life and in death and beyond... Lucifer, bringer of Knowledge, praised be thy name in tongues... Assign this body to thy flaming sacrament... I am like the man that outgrew its pears, I am one with the shadows... Oh Father of flames, bringer of light, Dark angel triumphant of the skies... Grandmaster of Hell, Return and claim my devoted heart! Staring at the infinite, Where the tracing stars will dance to the end of times... I am demon, with these burnt down wings, I am thy temple, I am death...
IV - Melodies of Reflection and Praise Instigate the waters to rise upon them, Command the winds to throw them from their shining pedestals... I am the Lord in person, He that mirrors his devastating will... I bring the truth that casts the faith in him... Let His glory be shown to me in confident praise! In this ambiguous parcel of time, I created my phantom reality, Surrounded by the sentinels, hoar like the dust... Catalyst of enmity, silhouette that serpentines, Thy influence in me sparkled the tortuous providence... The spurs of conscience, thoughts in the light of the Moon... My heart resided in blackness all along... No other rock I was to turn, deep down in a petrifying silence... Absorbed in this conundrum of devilry... At present enfolded in vases of blood, And these earthly memories will one day be gone, In guidance of the horns reprising the melodies Once written in fervillous strength... Captured in dreams and taken below, Comprised by these resolute gleams, Possessed by this satanic glow, I bring myself down like the fallen... like the fallen!
V - Granted the Vision, Molded into Stone Subliminal matter of adamantic origin, Cornerstone of the heretic confident, Enclosed in a territory only few are able to grasp... Consecrated ground where the venerable stand, Surface reflecting all the abominable past, Enable me to comprehend the principles of the scripts Written in the walls of your unseen corridors... Honor me, in the materialization of my art... Set me free, melting in your impressive terrains... Mobilize me, together with the erupting volcanoes... Require me to emulate your substance... Through valleys and mountains with hot boiling streams, Resounding incantations inspired in my dreams... My hands reach to the ground and find comfort in shapeless rocks, I now hold the keys to the exceeding gates beyond... In ritualistic celebration I transfigure into stone...
VI - Murmurs of the Aging Vessel Grandiose attendant in my visions, Provider of this sense of Oneiromancy... By day and night, to last in exclamation... I hold you responsible, I hold you in my altar of flames, Suspended as the fumes intoxicating the air that I breathe... My skin, resembling the texture of marble, Growing old and becoming ever more flammable, Inebriated for the somberly descent... Closer and closer, to an end that shines the everlasting void, Older and older, enduring the ominous recollection of time! The trading in effect... my soul for a glimpse of elucidation! No hope shall overcome the reverence I feel, Further than the canonizations observed in the deep! Time, the mirror that tutors, wall that reflects The fundaments of this growing deformation... Colder and colder, my path is formed in a crystallizing ground! A castle of stone, built in a thin layer of glass... Readier than ever, I myself shall drum the sword down, Ready to break, ready to fall! Aging side by side, with the whispering death, The sounding background that sang me to the grave!
VII - Apathy Of Might Memorial of effigies, subject to these pretense lamentations, Emphasized in vicious prejudice and scorn! This cacophony of sentiment emitted by the weakest of siblings, Furnishing the arguments that have burnt my ears for years... Forever unattached to this form of living, I dismissed all relations to this human kind... I shall never stand for their idols, Crushing in my fortress of isolation, I shall only succumb to one Master, The one that brought me in the light of hatred... Ominous Lord, move through me the blade of your fiery sword... Winged figure ablaze, Shun by the righteous in the land of the saints, Lead me to the unbroken secrets... Winged figure ablaze, Take me by lightning to the world below man, Lead me in haste to the wisdom...


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"The Fire Cult Beyond Eternity" is the new album from ONIRIK (Portugal), a follow-up to 2015's "Casket Dream Veneration" and yet another proof of the talent of Gonius Rex, the band's sole member. ONIRIK has been active since 2002 and throughout the years has explored black metal in several approaches, always faithful to its original purpose: the emission of unordinary, dissonant and raw outputs with trance-inducing atmospheres, typically very cold and bathed in magic.
With the special guest participation of none other than Dirge Rep on drums (GEHENNA, ENSLAVED, ORCUSTUS, THE KONSORTIUM), and mixed & mastered by Semjaza of THY DARKENED SHADE, "The Fire Cult Beyond Eternity" is the consequence of the descent and return from below carrying the flames and lava on its scales, giving it back to the world in posthumous vengeance.

The album is definitely a cornerstone in ONIRIK’s career, as each and every note is a direct expression of the poetry being sung in utmost contempt, as if the melodies and harmonies were built to emphasize the dramatic verses in a demiurgic fashion. Its magniloquent guitars chaotically tangle around the often crazed and inspired bass lines which are, according to G.Rex, one of the album's highlights: "It was something rather unexpected but astoundingly rewarding," he comments, "the grave lines viciously deconstruct the guitar chords and wistful melodies."

Complementary to the "A Cor do Fogo" album by NOITE, another G.Rex's project released in parallel and which represents a cleaner yet no less magical approach to the spirit of the flames, "The Fire Cult Beyond Eternity" is a more old-school, sinister and raw outcome than its predecessor. "With Dirge Rep's thunder and skin relentlessly vibrating the heights of the lower caves and wishfully widening the crevices, majestic fires are bound to tail even the highest towers in crude fashion," G.Rex says. "I have travelled beyond the casket and returned only to illustrate the certain retribution. This time the old ways flow deep like liquefied lava, ready to break the wounds of this earth and resurface in arsonists' bliss."

With "Casket Dream Veneration" you have descended; now it's time to re-emerge in violent heat and blazing thunders. It is time to illustrate the world burning, to embrace The Fire Cult Beyond Eternity.


released September 25, 2020

ONIRIK plays Black Metal

Gonius Rex: composition, guitars, bass, vocals and choirs
with Dirge Rep (drums) and Semjaza (ambient)

Mixed and mastered by Semjaza at Sitra Ahra Studio
Cat. Nr. IVR140


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