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The Female Of The Species


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Birth of a vile human With a gasping breath A creature of inferior form Arise from silvery ash Pale phoenix, spiritless glow The dance goes on, my love So be quick on your feet Battle, determine your own fate And fend off the fiends that will be forever in your dreams Malice, come closer to me Fragile beautiful child your fate is sealed Through fury Perfection Madness Blessing Mortal, mighty protector
Nightfall 04:34
Awake in a silent blue twilight Lustered eyes, hypnotized A luminous night The wine, that one drinks with the eyes Silent and all but paralyzed Draw on the breath of nightfall Under gravity’s spell The moon spills light into dark waters Stillness, sinister, crystal clear awakening open hands in a wordless prayer A chilling pulse violently beating within The silent horizon Light transmitting through open hands A glowing arch in a dark room Present the violent sublime Nightfall, and wildness becomes my art Hear voices from far beyond Swing a hangman’s noose, sway my heart I feel Now I see beyond It goes beyond Let streams flow, unrestricted In my remaining time The silent horizon
Fatale 04:13
Fire Lanterns burning in the courtyard The quest is not forgotten An oath to be fulfilled Channel through my eyes and lips and veins My body burst, fire My rage My inner blue beautiful flames Fountain of youth, blood will pour out from every wound Give me your flesh, burn the skin from your feeble limbs Quiet laughter in the silent night Fatal night Silver ashes falling now Captured in a mad maidens fantasies
I stared into the fathomless dark My mind stirred and ached and pounded A painful attempt To pardon this use of flesh and animate this lifeless shell Beholding, looking deeper My sweat and blood filled its void My feet glued to the ground I sang as i was drained Lonely mortal Let this be my revival Pour an open portal from my fingers For colorless is my survival I disintegrate or burst into flames or all swept away This unfulilled existence I stared into the dark Beholding all, everything, nothing
Eve 05:16
With every breath and pulse Draw on the first drops of dark A never sedated thirst Breath the water Smell the blood Bind the moment Reach into a vast hollow night And grasp its matter Become its light, unbound
Wildness Silence in your dominion the vastest of all places Creation through destruction In the wastelands grow spiring seeds When silence follow devastation Calm, stand firmly to the ground Sublime act of change, her vow Clear, harmonious is it's sound Divine transformation, finished now Follow me through the battlegrounds Follow me through silence Follow me through
Precious little one Cloaked to merge with the shadows A sharp blade at your side A violent mind unfolding Not cared for, care for no one Lonely little one Instead of the warmth of spring Make a thunderstorm Follow a path toward the light Through the dense dark forest Pretty little one Brush the thorns from your cloak A trail of fresh blood Before autumn leaves fall Let it be your guide home Harmless little one Weight of hate to pull me through the vast void of existence born to free myself yes save me from annihilating soul and spirit spit and blood and ugly nature and my mind is shadowing itself disintegrating dour little one
Onward I went in water Birth of Venus, with a blank face And a bland taste lingering on the tip of my tongue Bite the apple and follow the morning star When worlds fall and shadows grow What is life if not freedom to live I sensed the power of storms in the air And I moved along with the wind in my back Onward I went through fire The heat, flames intoxicating, red and blue Defiantly dancing, chaotic steps The serpent’s daughter as one with the witch But the song of a sword’s clinging metal My wisdom stolen by works of gray Deceived by the madmen And my body was engulfed in the pyre Marks burned in the soil Narrating shackled lives, slit throats Trembling limbs in liberating creation Do my hands have value now? Onward I went, through the bowels of the earth Cold, faceless, mud covered creature Brutal and beautifully unkempt The smell of cloth, the sweat and the dirt With grace I clean up the sickening stench With light heart I breath the dampened air (And I stomped the devil’s torso into the ground)



CD in jewel box, 12-page booklet complete with lyrics


On the scene since 2008, Nachtlieder is the black metal project of Dagny Susanne, a Swedish valkyrie that has already pierced our hearts with her spear in 2013, when her eponymous debut was released. Differently from its predecessor, informed by feelings of desolation, loneliness and misanthropy, new album “The Female Of The Species” is primarily lead by a spiteful rage and a general aggressiveness, skillfully exalted by Tore Stjerna's production at Necromorbus Studio.

Nachtlieder's storming black metal assault is propelled by Martrum's masterful drumming and incited by Dagny Susanne's violent riffs and vocals, the latter a perfect balance of profound growls and screams of anger, even more effective during the doomiest moments of the album. “Musical minimalism is meant to invoke a hypnotic state,” Susanne explains, “but the focus on the aggressive and intense side of Black Metal will instead hold the listener on edge.”

The cover photo reflects the album concept. With the determination of a nouvelle Eve, Susanne sedates her thirst of freedom by setting Eden to flames; then stares into the fathomless dark, finally liberated. “The Garden of Eden is decaying,” she says, “and Eve's sudden revelation of desolation and mortality has grown into spite. Stepping barefoot in the soil, she finds her path under the frozen leaves. From birth and creation, through malicious meditation and destruction to the final liberation from liberation, Nachtlieder's second album tells one story of the female of the species.”


released December 7, 2015

Drums performed by Martrum. Everything else written and performed by Dagny Susanne

Recorded in Necromorbus Studio, July 2015
Produced by Tore Stjerna

Photography by Åsa Hagström - www.septikphoto.com
Art direction and layout by Francesco Gemelli

Cat No IVR048



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