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weathervane thumbnail
weathervane I just bought this album for the second time. That’s how good it is. Probably one of my favourite albums of all time and definitely AOTY 2017. Favorite track: II: Hallucinatory Black Breath Of Possession (Mountain-Eye Amalgamation).
Alessio Faust Bard
Alessio Faust Bard thumbnail
Alessio Faust Bard It's a really startling debut for this young guy. \m/
Hail from Roma!
Alex McCarthy
Alex McCarthy thumbnail
Alex McCarthy One of the heaviest albums I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. Apocalyptic nihilism combined with angelic beauty, it's hard to find an artist who pulls it off so well. I love Tchornobog! Favorite track: III: Non-Existence's Warmth (Infinite Natality Psychosis).
DonnieDarko thumbnail
DonnieDarko Tchornobog manages to create a very heavy and furious album, which can be described as black/death metal with some nice jazz influences . The additions of saxophone, trumpet and cello gives the whole album a touch of avantgarde. Also, the artwork of the CD is amazing!
jpblackdeathmetal thumbnail
jpblackdeathmetal There is a terrific sense of creative eclecticism in this work. It blows me away, it is that emphatic and superb. The mix of instrumentation and vocals, the production, and even the artwork, evoke the eponymous creature as if it emerged from an alternate universe. A terrific release. Favorite track: II: Hallucinatory Black Breath Of Possession (Mountain-Eye Amalgamation).
ENTER TCHORNOBOG! Perpetually disemboweling, self-devouring beast of primordial desolation... Have you a single orifice from which you have not vomited?! The first appeared... Weaving thorax to obsidian tongue The second morphed... A horrid visage of woven osteology The third was possession... Mother of nightmare unconsciousness Black brood of ill-chosen fate An obsidian and flesh chemical conglomerate Form upon the Tchornobog Hideous figures attach as liquid spore The result of fetal amalgamation Self-devouring... Perpetually disemboweling... "We are the waves of mire upon our father Whose eyes are complete, whose sensory organs are overstimulated An enemy of blindness, we feel EVERYTHING We march as vessels for abhorrent life Plucked from the calm void's rest To be summoned unto this slave nightmare" Here... the horizon cleared The shroud of the sky was lifted Darkness no longer alone A fire sphere of one pierced throughout It came through the clouds, this white light of poison Undressing the mountains in imperial failure It traversed a vast emptiness Of a billion kilometers between It and Earth As if, by design, to cast belligerent hellfire This Helios exhudes achromic death With it's tongues lapping at the reflection of itself In smouldering obsidian The brood withers beneath the surface where her seeds spread Fall... Fall... Fall... Convulsing animus obsolete! Your bodies ebb, stigmata weakling! Rise! Devour those not of your legion! Arise! Act as the God you are! Tchornobog has yet to taste one -- The undisrupted marriage of hydrogen and oxygen MOUNTAINS SHOOK SKIES CLOSED HORROR REVEALED TONGUES SLITHERING TOWARDS LIFE INCARNATE! THE EARTHEN ELIXIR COMPONENT TO ALL CREATION It bled from my Eye HIS HEADS GREW THREE, NINE, THIRTY... AN INSATIABLE FORCE OF VOMITOUS CONSUMPTION! Anubis, Hecate, Dis Pater, Namtar, Set, Hel, Kali, Lucifer... Many names have you traversed, void creature In human tongue, brush, blood, and pen Many eyes are undeceived, these psychologies in vertigo They simply attach a name to what they can’t understand But one disposition is true... AS THE HUMAN AGES, SO DOES GOD!
TCHORNOBOG! OF SIX-THOUSAND TONGUES! Is there a limp vein into which you have not yet vomited? Chemical compounds from within the snout, mixed with roaring smoke exit three... "Izu Baria Zmux -- Axzmuz Zrimauh!" Ovum pierced inside a black star Faces in torment It is a sensory overload nightmare that enters me... Every nerve! Every vein! Every muscle! Every bone! My torso is separated from limb... and my lungs replaced with eyes I ride the hallucinatory black breath of possession!...A mind upheaval in vertigo... By the myriad I see things unseen There is a colossal structure Of stone and I Agonizing guardian Empty at iris Beckons mine... By the myriad I see things unseen There is a colossal mountain Of eye and stone An inverted cornea Empty at iris Beckons mine... A beam of white light pierces my skull It vomits forth a desert... Bestial god of aberration Towards which terror of psychosis do you march? Your voices impale me since birth Assaulting with unyielding philosophy A spinal cord was granted between heart and lung Simply to bring temporary amusement to the void But what then of life? Is the slither and underfoot crush Of your incessant birthing Nothing but a testament to irony? Countless anomalies Are the property of your genesis It cannot be without purpose -- the brood marches voidwards "Apridinets cosherto Pvoya Maunch, iydititseyLiyd A spruy... Tvoyunoam..." BY THE MYRIAD I SEE THINGS UNSEEN A COLOSSAL STRUCTURE OF STONE AND I AN INVERTED GOD THE REPRESENTATIVE OF THE VOID AND THE THRONE, UNCLAIMED ALL ENTER THE STAGE...
"We look upon the marks of charcoal and ash left upon the Earth to complete our knowledge; These scars reflect that which has returned to It." ...htaed naht esrow etaf a si tsavrah ruO ..htaed naht esrow etaf a si tsavrah ruO .htaed naht esrow etaf a si tsavrah ruO htaed naht esrow etaf a si tsavrah ruO ...eramthgin evals siht otnu denommus eb ot tser s'diov mlac eht morf dekculp efil tnerrohba rof slessev sa hcram ew ssendnilb fo ymene na ...detalumitsrevo era snagro yrosnes esohw ,etelpmoc era seye esohW... rehtaf ruo nopu erim fo sevaw eht era eW...
Here, we arrive at the disposition of Time Tchornobog, his breed... Weak! Ebbing! Burned by betrayer sun Though, that which suffers must also absorb A grotesque litany of Sun and Earth... Fetal nightmare in three heads, which corner have you not taken? As everlasting possession, you have spread from West to East Fetal nightmare on three heads, which corner have you not taken? As everlasting possession over land, you have spread from East to West You live through your vessels Each of us just another vein to tap Does it fill as an amalgamation for the lessening of your own suffering? When bone and flesh are divided from body We find that in "Hellfire" we feel pain less And less And less Perpetually disemboweling, self devouring.
 Self devouring, perpetually disembowelin
 Perpetually disemboweli, self devour 
Self devou, perpetually disembowel
 Perpetually disembowe, self devo 
Self dev, perpetually disembow
 Perpetually disembo, Self de
 Self d, Perpetually disemb
 Perpetually disem, Self
 Sel, perpetually dise
 Perpetually dis, Se
 S, Perpetually di
 Perpetually d 
. ...Many names have you traversed, Void Creature...



Luxurious 8-panel Digipack CD, printed on matte-laminated paper. Comes with 2 rich booklets with lyrics, commentaries and extra artwork. Artwork by Adam Burke/Nightjar Illustration

...Perpetually disemboweling...self devouring...
...Self devouring...perpetually disemboweling...

The fearsome beast indwelling sole member Markov Soroka (Aureole, Slow), TCHORNOBOG bursts into the metal underground with a crushing and sensory-overloading eponymous album. Seven years in the making, “Tchornobog” can be described as a vessel to elaborate the various metaphors of religion, psychological disorder, and auditory hallucinations of the human animal. “The purpose of the project is to assume the body as an empathetic creature to understand both the Self and the attempts to find meaning in the world,” Soroka explains. “TCHORNOBOG is not a worship of the namesake Slavic 'Black God,' but rather a sarcastic evaluation as well as a testament to those with severe illness, and a nod to those of a religious related coping mechanism for the fear of death.”

In the span of four long and articulated tracks, TCHORNOBOG devours the whole spectrum of extreme music – from black metal to death metal, to funeral doom; then, it vomits everything out in the form of a dense, corrosive and lysergic substance to feed our minds with. Such a digestive process mimics the endless cycle of creation and destruction, and brings with itself a spiritual illumination. TCHORNOBOG's psychedelic approach and mind-expanding sound contemplate the use of saxophone, trumpet, bells, grand piano and cello to accompany the devastating drumming of Magnús Skúlason from Svartidauði, while Greg Chandler of Esoteric adds his deep growls to a couple of tracks.

However, what hits the most is Markov Soroka's visionary grandeur, the exorcism performed through his dark death metal riffs and majestic constructions. “The Tchornobog entity is a monument of my personal desire to wrestle with my own demons, my Tchornobog,” he concludes. “I believe that everyone has their own Tchornobog that they are constantly wrestling with and have their own ways of coping with it. This is mine.”


released July 28, 2017

Vinyl version out soon via Fallen Empire Records: bandcamp.fallenempirerecords.com

Digital Album available via Markov Soroka's Bandcamp: markovsoroka.bandcamp.com

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio Emissary by Stephen Lockhart in Reykjavik, Iceland, 2015

Markov Soroka - all instruments, concepts and vocals

Magnús Skúlason - percussion & acoustic drums
Greg Chandler - additional vocals on I & III
Sofia Hedman - saxophone on III
Hannar Gretarson - trumpet and cello
Lillian Liu - grand piano on III
Elizabeth Barreca & Markov Soroka - the Vomiting Choir

Cover painting by Adam Burke at Nightjar Illustration
Tchornobog logo by Karmazid
Photography by Nona Limmen
Art direction and layout by Francesco Gemelli

Cat. Nr. IVR080


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