Sacramental Death Qualia


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last vinyl before doomsday
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last vinyl before doomsday I'm a simple woman. I see a new release by I, Voidhanger, I listen. HAUNTER Is no exception in the label's fantastic catalog: it's experimental, unusual, interesting and above all, sounds great. At times evoking 'Orchid' era Opeth, the album is progressive, technical, blackened death metal.
Tyler Brooks
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Tyler Brooks Haunter's best work yet. Cant be categorized by any one genre. Just listen to it.
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skifigirl27 Haunter manage to do what so many other bands fail to do successfully, which is take their Opeth influence and incorporate it in a way that doesn't copy but rather takes key elements and explores those elements in their own manner. Some gorgeous musical passages, instrumental and beyond. One of my favorite bands and one of my favorite releases of the year!
Death & Technology
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Death & Technology Oh hey, somebody cloned Mikael Akerfeldt and installed him in a real death metal band. These dudes play progressive and cavernous death with excellent composition and restraint, and I can't help but wonder if this would be Opeth if they hadn't committed to a slow descent into lame 70s worship. Truly masterful songwriting that knows when to blast and when to step back into thoughtful acoustic reveries. Highly recommended. Favorite track: Subversion of a Heathen Tongue.
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12"LP GATEFOLD (incl. Digital Download)
• Limited to 300 pcs
• 140gr. Black Vinyl
• 350gr. gatefold sleeve, 5mm spine
• Black inner sleeve
• Outer plastic sleeve

DIGIPACK CD (incl. Digital Download)
• Limited to 300 pcs
• Deluxe 6-Panel Digipack
• Booklet with Lyrics

Based in Texas and active since 2013, HAUNTER have diligently permeated their way into the metal underground due to their intense live activity and body of work. Their releases include the acclaimed full-length debut, “Thrinodίa” (2016) and splits with Crawl, Sovereign and Black Vice. Indomitable with a maturity, aggression and complexity, “Sacramental Death Qualia” is the expected step forward in terms of both expressivity and personality. This release is going to impose them on the same audience of bands like Gorguts, Immolation and early Opeth: bands that become reminiscent throughout the album.

Mastered by Brendan Sloan (Convulsing), “Sacramental Death Qualia” is a true experience of conscience's awakening; a progressive album where the unrelenting violence of death metal and the obscurity of black metal are sewn together by mind-bending, complex arrangements that are the epitome of change. HAUNTER's compositions constantly morph and evolve with never ending creativity, chasing forms at the same time ferocious and elegant, destructive and gentle. Acoustic passages of ethereal beauty, where delicate guitars draw melancholic and autumnal melodies counterbalance the band's untamable fury during the most frenetic moments.

Elijah Tamu's (Abyssal, Temple Nightside, Panegyrist) visionary cover painting enriches an album of great emotional power that impacts the eyes with the same intensity as “Sacramental Death Qualia.”


released September 13, 2019

Bradley Tiffin - Guitar, Bass, Keys, Vocals
Enrique Bonilla - Guitar
Mark Cruz - Drums

Enrique Bonilla and Bradley Tiffin - Lyrics

Wesley Powers - Drum Production
Bradley Tiffin - Producer, Mixing
Brendan Sloan - Mastering
Elijah Tamu - Cover Artwork
Oscar Moreno - Photography
Simon Santana - Artwork
Clutching Sanity - Artwork
Abriel Carpio - Artwork
Francesco Gemelli - Art Direction and Layout

Bradley Tiffin
Mark Cruz
Marcos Montez
Enrique Bonilla
Cat. Nr. IVR117

* with Anicon

10/18/2019 Chicago, IL
10/19/2019 Minneapolis, MN
10/20/2019 Denver, CO
10/21/2019 Yellowstone, WY
10/22/2019 Olympia, WA
10/23/2019 Portland, OR
10/24/2019 Seattle, WA *
10/25/2019 Arcata, CA *
10/26/2019 Santa Cruz, CA *
10/27/2019 Los Osos, CA *
10/28/2019 Oakland, CA *
10/29/2019 Los Angeles, CA *
10/30/2019 Phoenix, AZ *
10/31/2019 El Paso, TX *
11/1/2019 Dallas, TX *
11/2/2019 Austin, TX *


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Track Name: Dispossessed Phrenic Antiquity
Impetus - Motivation, felled
Dragging its directionless limbs

Fickle and feeble
Still leading; that of an oaf
Catalyst - The first gleams of light
Breach the threshold of the horizon
Onto barren soil

Dusty and overgrown weeds
Unquenched, fragility visible in the cracks
Arms embossed with torrent
Momentum propelled in agony

Genesis of an age of sacrament
Bore no fruit as without self-realization
Self-delusion in ‘pilgrimage'
Incendiary pathways presented
Incalculable thus innumerable

Thine vestibule arrives
Terrestrial; below sentience
Permeating the imaginal
Far beyond the lateral knowledge
Poisoned with the virus of modernity
Luster - engram ad infinitum

Shapes subsisting in spirit
Blueprint of inner cosmogony
Writhed in distance

The initial inch toward the infinite journey
One travelled before. Consistently in ancient histories
A conclusion and encapsulation
A duplication of what has been before
A sacrament unto your own purification
This cleansing, one that is home
Track Name: Spoils Vultured Upon Sole Deletion
In an ominous expanse
Arid winds, carrying dense dust, ash, and bone
Afar resounds, a stark call
Sinews to a grand cacophony

Enveloped in mirages stumbled
In the sunken sands
Restless spirits guided by the resonance
Seeking its essence
Provenance of the decree

Assumption of command left to a vacant heir
Parched and clawing for that bitter ale
The whole truth’s essence diminishes

Clutched in the vice's grip
Ego-driven; zealous fantasy
How many times have you
Imbibed, Ingested
Numb the esoteric with exoteric
Stimulation with exaltation
Overfed; you will collapse
On your vice-laden altar

Desacralization of the vessel
Corroding the soul
Solidifying the illusory
Track Name: Subversion of a Heathen Tongue
Chthonic manifestations
Vibrating in the flesh -
Bound to lunar calendars
Guiding the hand,
That which asphyxiates;
Behold this
Extinguishing of sentience

Instinct ad imaginal
Obscene augory
Blood-spilling vanity, luxury and extravagance
Personified in primordial lust
You are privy to a great becoming
You rightly tremble
Ye who oppose me -
Maimed and lacerated
Symphonies of bone severance
Grin-inducing euphoric shiver
Trepanate, sprinkle lead
you on your throne

A Judas cradle
You are privy to a great coming

Subversion of a heathen tongue
The primitive substance that manifests
The perfidies of centrifugal cogency
Track Name: Sacramental Death Qualia
An accumulation reinforced
Dilute of subjugation
The defeatist’s requisition
Denied the qualia of severance
A sacramental death
Accounted for on your behalf

Capsuled in the form of desecrated shrine
Hexed beyond the seizure of the functional universe
In the lapse of the volatility
The intimate dwelling of this
Entropic repression of deletion

As I held myself to a lower rung
To the deafening hammers of decay
Promulgating the edge
And the boundary of sentience
And consciousness
By the grace of the old ones
Mirage of omniscience
To relapse volatility
And forget my undoing
This thought invoking conflict
Whether death heals all wounds

The defeatist’s requisition
Denied the qualia of severance
A sacramental death
Accounted for on your behalf

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