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Suffocated by tedium Bloodless dystopian construct Majesty, wonder, wit Licked clean by vampiric cultivation In solitude Left to shift the senses Blur of time Blur of colour Flooding the gaze In secret, the devils toil Spindle and loom White Abyss Lost in the savage tundra Nuclear chaos Shadow of the Moors Overlord of Kadath The blind fool deity Ancient Azathoth No eyes to see Terrible treble temple titan Far-reaching psychosis Diasporic daemon sultan Axis of cosmos conceived Bathed in vile awards Dire anthems of the rapt Rhythms in riotous accord Draw down the Dholes [Into illimitable fragments of the nameless arm Bygone vistas from the Austral spire Indifferent, the lurid maelstrom swirls Bleeding terrors through the ivory gates of high Malformed familiar shapes fall out of sight Blighted creatures of the nether realm UNHOLY AZATHOTH! He, who's name we dare not speak! Tears at the consciousness in the vast beyond] Dream – Unending Bending to complect the threads Turning at the pismire Ghost fires animate a dark court Throne of naught Lord of none
The misanthropic crux of the sky is fall down Decomposing bodies are the fruit of her wrath Drooling mother Earth has murderous intent Mass extinction is the final chapter writ Planting seeds in the brains of madmen Calling phantoms from the depths of Abaddon Scourge the remaining in savage delight Take them to the edge of the planet Dangling abyss, bleeding from the wrist Inconsequential lives succumb to eclipse Arduous journey to the netherworlds To the netherworlds Rotting centers in the molten gut Digest the masses in a chasm of rot Larvatic emesis spewing forth skies Raining fire on the final day Melted to barren fascia soup Ravaged in the bile of river corpses float Tipping towards the side of underworld In the distance a semblance of humanity
I am the author of destruction myths Serpents sing my eradication hiss Controller of shadows; director from another side Do my bidding as a soldier of cataclysm Assault the only reaction Killing the only hero Under the spell of a sadistic shaman I do thy bidding with blood tipped scythes The smell of rigor fouls my senses endlessly Corpses dancing as puppets Sinew strings and removed spines Torment is the method of reprise Vengeance through culminating dark energy All matter destroyed at my hands
Maggots in the marrow I'm in clutches of the dead Dried from all the bleeding Veins now collapsing and tangled Cerebral inferno; madness reigns Fangs of the ancient drips of sapiens flesh Drink this and shut up Go to sleep you're fucking trapped Organismacide wretched blood bath Alchemical warfare handshakes all around Submerged in ether dried in fire Clutching to ass crumbs of illusory kings Teeth rotting from poison cum Abscess on mother Earth's labia Infested with disease and sucking shit Die by your own pathetic hands



Jewelcase CD, 8-page booklet complete with lyrics. Cover painting by Alex Shadrin / Nether Temple Design

Two US one-man bands, two different approaches... and yet an incredibly cohesive example of underground metal fueled by darkness and madness. Ohio's THE WAKEDEAD GATHERING have proved to be one of today's most interesting death metal bands. Perfected through 3 full-length albums ranging from cosmic horror to tales of witchery, their style syringes heavy doses of black metal into the old Immolation/Incantation death metal formulas. THE WAKEDEAD GATHERING's new track, “The Blind Abyss”, makes no exception, and it's probably the band's most epic composition to date thanks to a morphing structure open to all kind of dark and gloom sonic surprises. Dedicated to H.P. Lovecraft, it evokes none other than the unholy Azathoth, the blind fool god that sits in the middle of the eternal nothingness, whistling its horrific tune of cosmic death.

The other side of split sees the return of the Indiana based ECFERUS, here offering 3 brand new songs. Compared to their latest full-length release – “Pangaea”, 2016 – characterized by long tracks and a progressive black metal approach, ECFERUS' new material is concise, definitely more violent and brutal, and perfectly tuned with a concept dealing with madness and apocalyptic omens. It's as if the Lovecraftian deity invoked by THE WAKEDEAD GATHERING has finally brought its music to Earth, corrupting minds and inspiring cruelty, murders and moral decadence. ECFERUS' songwriting is nervous and epic at the same time. The songs twist and turn, shaken by cataclysmic guitar solos, each riff more venomous and evil than the previous one. It's an escalation of violence that culminates with the last track, “Cerebral Inferno”, an unrelenting black metal number that seals this split album on an epic note.


released November 3, 2017

Drew Lampe - all instruments and vocals

Alp - all instruments and vocals

Cover art by Alex Shadrin / Nether Temple Design
Layout by Francesco Gemelli

Cat. Nr. IVR084


all rights reserved



I, Voidhanger Records Italy

Obscure, unique, and uncompromising visions from the Metal Underground.

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