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Saint Sébastien RLP
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Saint Sébastien RLP A bell rings to open the celebration. Sinister psalms burst in a musical chaos to reveal the truth of Man. This opus is a rite close to an hysteric trance hesitating between the faith and the doubt. Favorite track: To Become Or Die.
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Multi sunt vocati, pauci vero electi
Memento, Homo, Quia pulvis es et in pulverem reverteris Memento, Homo, Mors ultima ratio. Tu, ut homo, qui clavis Omnium rerum es, Oportet te primum meminisse ejus rei, Quod non solum Princeps legibus solutus sit, Sed etiam fortunam tuam in Suis solis manibus teneat. Non unquam tibi rogabit ut venias eum locum ut eum intellegas, Te vero rogabit saltem ut eum audias, et temere ab eo sis. Si hinc non enim id faceres, Si illinc id non tali modo optares. Non ullam gratiam tibi daret, Cum tantum homo sis, et cum id scias, Pulvis paulum Principe interest. Cum tantum homo sis Et cum exitus tuus finis ultimus erit. A principis et factis certis, Sola via liberalis reliqua tibi eum persequendo est sine interrogatione, Depravatione temptatiisque aliorum pulverum circumjicientium repulsis. Enim, Memento, homo: «Multi sunt vocati, pauci vero electi»
Révèle-toi Assume-toi Toi, putain vierge Toi, Sœur de Eve Révèle-toi Assume-toi Créature aux pensées impures Révèle-toi Assume-toi Fille de Dieu tes désirs seront assouvis Révèle-toi Assume-toi La jouissance de tes pleurs a été entendue Révèle-toi Assume-toi Le fruit est consommé Le Serpent va pouvoir entrer Révèle-toi Assume-toi Catin magnifiée Reine de chasteté De cette hystérie sublime Reçois la Révélation Ultime Contorsions indécentes Regard incandescent Sécrétions animales Inutile de te voiler La possession est à son paroxysme Ton esprit est ailleurs Le corps tente de résister Comme si celui-ci ne voulait accepter la situation Le contrôle n'est plus possible Les gonds ont cédés Les portes se sont ouvertes La raison n’existe plus Seules la Folie et la vérité résident Dans une spirale irrémédiablement destructrice pour tous. Des années de contrôle pour finalement se rendre à l’évidence : Il ne peut y avoir qu'un Seigneur L'Homme n'est que son Pantin
Dogma 00:50
We must secure extinction of all the people And painful death to the children
I’ve preached For many years Such long Years The Almighty The Lord Our Lord My Lord The Ignominy Everywhere Every second To Everybody I’ve preached All my Words All my Thoughts Total Devotion The Ignominy My aim The Ignominy For Fulfilment For Accomplishment The Ignominy Only My Ideology as a Weapon My Spirituality to Embrace the Divine The Ignominy to become Stronger than Ever The Way to Eternity As an Apostle I’ve worked harder and harder To spread the Ignominy’s Doctrine As a Soldier fighting to show That only Ignominy is Truth That only Truth is Ignominy Behind the mirror I see the Truth Ultimate Revelation Fears Doubts Invade my spirit Pains Anguishes Invade my body Will I be ever strong? The Question! The Key Entering into the vortex Rejecting my last piece of humanity Receiving the Final Shape To become... or die.
AMDG 03:12
Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam
Six is The Number Time out. Compress to achieve His Destruction Works. No hope just Pain & Disillusions. Together Vermins, Walking in a way, their way. Preach the Messiah, Occult Art, Deride them, Assert Them… They work for their on Destruction. Time has gone. Vortex of Unconscious. Grant of Philosophy, Carnage, Damnation and Wisdom. Parasites, Life, Universe, Targets. Blinded by their doctrines. Hypocrisy of Humanity. Break their laws. Totalitarian Chaos. Putrid Enzyme must be shed. Dying Souls. Day by Day the Obscure is growing. Insects feeding the earth. Six is the Path. Enemies of their pulses. Brainless asserted. Imprisoned of their flesh. The Truth must be doubted for Victory. Strategies. Tactics. Devotees acting consciously for their End, for your End, for the End. Six is… and will be forever. Grey Cells working for HIM.
IHSV 07:52
In hoc signo vinces Te abjicies ad hoc signum Hoc signum Omnia significat Credes id regnaturum esse In hoc signo vinces Ante signum orabis Hoc signum solum simulacrum ejus est Cum regnabit, fatisces Per hunc signum pugnabis Per hunc signum cognosceris Necesse erit te prudentem esse Si hoc nimis ostendes, morieris Hoc signum gladius contra impios est Hoc signum religio cum deo potente Hoc signum cognitionis symbolum est Id quod vim potestatemque dat Id cui moriturus es.



Deluxe 4-panel digipack on glossy paper, with special gold ink. Comes with a 24-page full colour booklet complete with lyrics, printed on high quality 170gr matte paper with special gold ink


Secretly assembled during the years, MALHKEBRE's "Revelation" is a manifestation of true Death worship in the shape of dissonant, razor-like riffs, cryptic and convoluted structures, tetanus-made melodies, and hysterical vocal invocations preaching the arrival of a new era of Transcendance, Devotion, Chaos, and Spirituality.

MALHKEBRE means true Satanic Resistance, the fist of the Devil in the face of Modern Society.

Eklezjas'tik BerZerK - vocals, howls & samples
Kristik A.K. - bass
Shamaanik B. - drums
Messiatanik Armrek - guitars



Malhkebre is the messenger, His messenger. Since 2002, the word of the Lord has been propagated by the sonic terrorism of four militants totally devoted to His cause: members of the sectarian organization “The Apostles of Ignominy.” Their art, which could be described as Orthodox Black Metal, is a profession of faith, an act of resistance to all forms of morals and humanism. Here a pagan and bucolic Satanism is out of the question. No snow-covered forests, only emaciated, charred stumps; no white wolves, except as carcasses rotting in the sun of a nuclear winter…

The group has distilled its venom sparingly, preferring to bide its time rather than unleashing a flood of poor productions. So far, a Cassette released privately for a small number of initiates; the "Prostration" mini LP, first in analog then digitally; a split with Aosoth in analog (2009); and now the first full-length album, "Revelation." On the other hand there have been numerous celebrations and a number of groups/brothers have partaken in the liturgies: Antaeus, Blacklodge, Alien Deviant Circus, Christicide, Destroyer 666, Embrace of Thorns, Hell Militia, Ofermod, Peste Noire… these concerts are veritable rituals that make an impression and never leave you indifferent.

Like a sonic mark, the message rests in your subconscious whether you like the performance or not. Malhkebre spreads His word and isn’t there to put you at ease, but to make you accept your paltry human condition through submission to the One.

Only then can you raise yourself in suffering… You deserve it.

[Biography by Frater Kryst DvX]


released May 10, 2014

Catalog Nr. IVR031


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I, Voidhanger Records Italy

Obscure, unique, and uncompromising visions from the Metal Underground.

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