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Resonant Echoes From Cosmos Of Old


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peps1999 thumbnail
peps1999 Great album from start to finish... Thank you very much for your music!! Favorite track: Astrophobos.
Ben McKone
Ben McKone thumbnail
Ben McKone Prometheus surge forth from the writhing chaos to deliver a masterful slice of blackened cosmic death metal. Prepare yourself for a sojourn through grotesque vistas human eyes were never meant to see. Favorite track: Astrophobos.
H.L. thumbnail
H.L. PROMETHEUS walk succesfully on the small line between black and death metal. The epic songs are sinister and mysterious, like majestic evocations of ancient entities. These demonic rites are often massive and heavy, but sometimes also slightly floating. The dark atmosphere of "Resonant echoes..." is remarkably dense, no matter which song (e.g. "The Crimson Tower of the Headless God") you choose to try out. Favorite track: The Crimson Tower Of The Headless God.
whatisthis8175 thumbnail
whatisthis8175 Definitely sounds like a call with the Outer Ones come to drop you right into oblivion.
canderton thumbnail
canderton Refreshing and brutal with an unbelievably epic scope. It has an all-absorbing power, like an unforgiving, hungry vortex that sucks you in, never letting you go. There is also something vaguely (and genuinely) spiritual/divine that creeps through the darkness and appears here and there, which is now not commonly found in the genre. I'd say it's the best Extreme Metal album I've heard all year, that was released this year. Favorite track: Astrophobos.
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The all-seeing, reality warping Locked outside the universe Sight and knowledge Of space and time The mass of glowing orbs The lurker at the threshold Nug! Yaboo! Yeb! Tsathoggua! Gravitons Passing through Yog-Sothoth The Nameless Mist and Darkness The Nameless Mist is Yog-Sothoth Darkness may be a representation matter And Shub-Niggurath may be a portion of The matter that passed through Yog-Sothoth into our space-time And the key to the gate, whereby the spheres meet
Azathoth 06:00
Azathoth, the slumbering, sightless prince of daemons, who dwells dreaming in the center of rippling chaos beyond the ordered universe in a palace whose dimensions defy all conceivable geometries, and whose malicious idiocy birthed the world, thinks you’re garbage Out in the mindless void the daemon bore me, Past the bright clusters of dimensioned space, Till neither time nor matter stretched before me, But only chaos, without form or place Here the vast lord of all in darkness muttered things he had dreamed but could not understand, while near him shapeless bat-things flopped and fluttered in idiot vortices that ray-streams fanned Outside the ordered universe is that amorphous blight of Nethermost confusion which blasphemes and bubbles at the center of all infinity whence flow the aimless waves whose chance combining gives each frail cosmos its eternal law Whose name no lips dare speak aloud, and who gnaws hungrily in inconceivable, unlighted chambers beyond time and space amidst the muffled maddening beating of vile drums and the thin monotonous whine of cursed flutes They danced insanely to the high clutched in a monstrous paw “I am his messenger,” the daemon said, as in contempt he struck his master’s head Azathoth! Azathoth! Azathoth! The boundless daemon prince Yog-Sothoth! Yog-Sothoth! Yog-Sothoth! The being, a congeries of iridescent spheres
Astrophobos 08:37
In the midnight heavens burning through ethereal deeps afar, once I watched with restless yearning an alluring, aureate star Every eye aloft returning, gleaming nigh the arctic car Mystic waves of beauty blended with the gorgeous golden rays Phantasies of bliss descended in a myrrhed elysian haze and in lyre-born chords extended There (thought I) lies scenes of pleasure, where the free and blessed dwell, and each moment bears a treasure freighted with a lotus-spell, and there floats a liquid measure from the lute of Israfel There I told myself were shining worlds of happiness unknown Peace and innocence entwining by the crowned Virtue’s throne men of light, their thoughts refining purer, fairer, than our own Thus I mused, when o’er the vision crept a red delirious change hope dissolving to derision, beauty to distortion strange hymnic chords in weird collision Crimson burned the star of sadness as behind the beams I peered all was woe that seemed but gladness here my gaze with truth was seared Cacodaemons, mired with madness, through the fevered flickering leered Now I know the fiendish fable that the golden glitter bore Now I shun the spangled sable that I watched and loved before But the horror, set and stable, haunts my soul for evermore Astrophobos
Frenzied oracles foretelling the ascent from fathomless gloom of the one abiding in the depths from beyond, almighty terror On the black midnight wind I heard the far ringing of deep-toned bells through gateways of recalling beckoned me back to elder towers Fused into one mysterious cosmic drone Echoes from outer voids Elder signs and primal secrets Wrapped in red as scarlet flame Linked with all the laws of time and space Certain ancient things form a trace, a sign of continuity I knew that through the cosmic dome those rays were calling from my far lost home Standing in primordial ruin, the dreamless one Endless desolation, oblivious darkness Onwards, bring the light to me For it is time to show thy power Down the vastness in starlit streams of hours where the great river begins it’s course the source of every unplaced memory lurks beyond man’s present comprehension That lost world floating dimly on time’s stream I do not know if ever it existed And shimmering at the back of some indistinct dream And yet I see it often, violet-misted the nether pits to those foul grey worlds hidden deep in nightmare’s well he welcomes me into his amorphous grasp In labyrinths obscure and undefined
The vast evening star in this haunting solitude The vague visions of dim sunsets trembled Pale auroras glow distorted projections Feeble moonlight sheds a spectral luster Endless time had chilled and petrified where night reigned nebulous and black Reeking of strange things brought in from the seas Foul air bursts from the voids that deployed beyond Those hollow cliffs past the sprawling lakes were the lost passage to dark walls of ancient crypts obscured by mist There I was whispering as memories of infinitude embrace me In the lost region from the world of clay a marble tower where the last Elder One lives on alone Talking to chaos with the beat of drums Dark stones round an altar whose carved sign invokes that nameless one to whom a thousand smokes rose Under the three moons, a rift in the horizon’s wall Opening to worlds where only gods can be Imperious pillars as the flame takes form The Elder One chanting praises for the Headless God


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• Ltd 200: 100 Purple/Blue, 100 Black
• 140gr. vinyl
• 350gr. sleeve, 3mm spine
• 12"x12" insert
• Black inner sleeve
• Outer plastic sleeve

(incl. Bandcamp Digital Download and Streaming)
• Strictly limited to 300 copies
• 8-Page Booklet

After a couple of demos and a promising debut (“Consumed in Flames”, 2017), Greece's PROMETHEUS are back with their sophomore full-length album, “Resonant Echoes From Cosmos Of Old”, which expands and perfects the material of “Astrophobos”, an early 2020 digital EP. Carrying the heritage of both Hellenic and Scandinavian black metal (from early SEPTIC FLESH and ROTTING CHRIST to EMPEROR and SETHERIAL), PROMETHEUS do not disdain to combine it with the esoteric death metal of MORBID ANGEL and early ABSU, among the others.

“Resonant Echoes From Cosmos Of Old” is channeled in the mystical currents of black metal, with much more emphasis on darkness than in past works thanks to a pervasive – yet never overindulgent – symphonic feel that makes PROMETHEUS' music even more majestic and wrapping. Inspired by Lovecraft's myths of cosmic horror and his ancient, imperturbable gods of chaos dwelling in outer dimensions, the Greek band offers its unique visions of Azathoth and Yog-Sothoth in primordial and monstrous compositions, suffocating the listener with a strong grip of arcane invocations, cyclopian riffs and crushing rhythms of unbridled intensity.

Elsewhere, namely in the title-track and in the amazing closing number of “The Crimson Tower Of The Headless God”, PROMETHEUS hit the pedal and launch themselves in furious black metal accelerations, before hypnotic melodies carved by synths catch the senses and slowly flake off in the space vacuum in trickles of caressing psychedelic and ambient music.
Wrapped in an evocative cover by Dimitrios Ch. Kosmas, PROMETHEUS' “Resonant Echoes From Cosmos Of Old” is an album for voyagers of the unknown, not afraid to embrace the Infinite and get lost.


released October 23, 2020

Esophis: guitars, bass, synths
Aggelos: vocals
Nodens: dums

All music by Esophis. All lyrics by Aggelos, except for "Astrophobos" by H.P. Lovecraft. Additional synth by Qsnc (4, 6)

Mixed by Esophis, mastered by Stratos Karagiannides at Valve Studio
Art by Dimitrios Ch. Kosmas
Logo by Granath
Layout by Francesco Gemelli
Cat. Nr. IVR143


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