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Intro 01:03
Mankind Receeds Into Violence Horrified Masses Drastic Genic correction Rampant caste abuse Science carried away Numbed by apathy Errors Dire Concealed Hypogeal Dissections Nascent Extinction Perverted Justice Calculates Anoesis Bizarre Fetal Reaction Intensifies Tests Performed Prenatal Trial Obtained Verdict Order Desired Corruption Reigns Inveigle Slaves to obstruction Homogenous Birth Blood Birth Right Lingering Righteous Unobserved Decline Fear Dawns Damned Era
Pallid Pillars Rise into mist Pale Nauseating Heritage Wanes Vindicating the conspirators Rinsing the earth of disease Flaws Unearthed Germ Terminate Cancerous Embryo Admonished Progenitrix Magistrates Congregate Clandestine Inner sanctum Final Hours Eyes Frozen They judge Unborn Upon Conjecture They fear Heretics Unknown Demeanor Endless walls of steel Life ends In callous ways Morality Falls
Contorting Two Cells collide Formulation Two halves as one Womb Cycle Deciphers Acid Information Flesh host Body Systems Collapse Embryo Analysis Existence Denied Vile Genetics Sentenced Before the birth Pierced Abort The seed Dreadful Chemical funeral Veiled Duality One Did not pass Screams Distant grief Grim Diagnosis Impure
Lab 333 05:20
Subterranean Dungeon Conceptive Horrors The hands reach into feeble minds to obtain fresh specimens Obfuscated by pseudoscience fallacies Destruction of the microcosmic equilibrium Rapid fluctuations devolve into antediluvian forms Release Of endorphins The rush Uncontrolled Zealots Experiment Until The threshold Obsession Endless Secrets Buried Plasmic augurs Illusion Of virtue Bound Together In Dementia Emulate Ethical progress Separation From the doctrine Silenced Consequence Extreme Procedures Decimate Betrayed populace
Pulsing Organic tissue Unconscious Incipient Doom Ineffectual suppressors Craniosacral evolution Pain receptors Unresponsive All living things Become inferior When the mind becomes a weapon For hatred Cunning dormancy A horror unleashed To walk the earth Indestructible Cancer Brood parasite Sustained on mother's blood Human spirit Erasure complete Poisonous Adoration Of carnage A child king of peerless vehemence Realm of death Dreaming Despondent Prisoner of Reality A deformed limb of bone Scratches the cold clinical walls Pain offers no escape The spiteful body endures Will the stains be burned away Or does the truth linger Cyclical vacancy A display of progression Thousands returned to the soil Redundant living prototypes Necessary trials for survival The weakening of moral dissent New test subject One trait desired Instinctive Obedience Chastening Undeterred focus Calculate Revenge Frail appearance A deception Ascendant domination
Sequence 13 03:48
Overzealous Men of God Haunted By their laws No one listened To the cries Now they tremble Fiercely despised Sequence Thirteen The judgement Mocks Divine Selection Consecration of the seed Damnation of the helix Bastardized illumination Scripture of the Ego Sermon Flapping of tongues Nothing of substance Carbon-based eidolons Disinterred Ghouls of the past Studied completely Chromosomal sin Congruity Of evil Breeding of the wicked Advantageous Edict enacted to cut off the rot Apocalyptic Narcissistic urgency No Profound Salvation Doubt Imminent (Relive the pain Kept alive to see How blind the light In darkness can be)
When pushed too close the brink of extinction Life will find a way to retaliate Accelerated transformation of eons Forward without ethics to consider Futile strike Radioactive Armaments Strange psychic meld Terror Grown out of scorn Five-pointed star Nuclear black whole Beneath youthful glares Venom boiling over Symbiotic summoning Voice out of shadows Five-pointed star Nuclear black whole Foul adaptation Luminous dance with the atom Mutations explode Axial pandemic revolution Ambuscade Power reversed Symptomatic Expulsion Storm of black rain Gemini strain Streams from the same pool Synthesis Five-pointed star Nuclear black whole Downfall foreseen Sophists open their arms Conceal the blade To hide true intent Primordial Backward cognizance Mentally perverse Obsolescent Cowering Devout devoid Ushers in white Like snakes they lie Karmic discord Sewn into multitudes Waiting for phantom Intervention Environment Abysmal Accepting demise Unthinkable
Internal Anxiety Sensory Relapse Central control Resets the patterns Authoritarian Mass hysteria Membrane Void pathways Self-destruction Erasure of the code Millions of lives Interdetonation Electric Impulses Circuit Termination Gasp Of a Nervous System Severed axons Lashed deep in the core Regenerate Exiguous stems Amnesic Gods Design Alive Malefaction Avernal Burning red Counteraction Ashen Garden Funeral Harvest Caustic Apparition Glory Neverending
The Fates 05:11
Deathless Virus fount Constant Deluge No cure will come Voiceless Feminine lithe limbs Spin the axes Weave into the fibre Filaments unclean Ghostly rogue naiads Atheistic Insurrection Drags the world under Murky cold breath Entombed below the light Held down To ensure destiny Redeemed souls Born in the grave Fate's vision Expelled Flesh and hate Sewing cells Portents Radiant Specters End Time Fearful Of change Orthodox Lie In Ruin


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Since 2012 in the roster of I, Voidhanger Records, Ohio's THE WAKEDEAD GATHERING are back with their fourth full-length work, "Parallaxiom," a concept album that confirms their qualities, their stylistic code and their skill of great horror storytellers. Andrew Lampe's solo project has always been a harbinger of classic cavernous death metal sounds applied to a brilliant songwriting, rich in black metal and doom metal nuances.

With "Parallaxiom" The Wakeded Gathering tell a dark sci-fi story, set in a gray and dystopian future in which genetic tests allow an authoritarian state to determine whether an unborn person will commit crimes as an adult. "Those deemed most unsuitable for society are immediately executed or jailed for further study," Andrew Lampe explains; "however, this is not a perfect science. Several individuals flee and later turn their attention to the destruction of this unnatural state."

With a plot reminiscent of the works of Philip K. Dick and a deadly and devastating sound, as befits a death metal group worthy of respect, "Parallaxiom" adds a new and important piece in THE WAKEDEAD GATHERING's discography, cementing its cult status.


released July 15, 2022

Andrew Lampe - All instruments and vocals

Recorded between 2015 - 2018
Mixed and mastered by A. Lampe

Cover art by Nox Fragor Art
Art direction and layout by Francesco Gemelli
Cat. Nr. IVR183


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