Panopticism: Belong​/​Be Lost


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    releases April 17, 2020

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Zoneless Confinement
Apologue of Descent
For Our Insolent Dead
Anti-modernist Extradition
Prescience/Evokism III
Black Bile Banquet
Break The Infi/nite
Evokism II
Dead Is Better


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A solo project by Void, founding member of ANTROPOFAGUS back in 1996 and mastermind behind their seminal full-length “No Waste of Flesh” (1999), FEED THEM DEATH are ready to push the boundaries of extreme metal with their sophomore release. “Panopticism: Belong / Be Lost” is a brilliant example of avant-grind music that expands the band's death/grind roots by incorporating the heaviness of the sludgiest doom, the dark misanthropic speed of black metal, and the most hurtful and disturbing frequencies of drone music together with other experimental noise elements, thus reshaping FEED THEM DEATH's extreme music proposal into something uniquely sick, obscure and avant-garde.

A concept album inspired by “Discipline and Punish” and “Madness and Civilization” by philosopher and social theorist Michel Foucault, “Panopticism: Belong / Be Lost” elaborates on how all outcasts have been excluded and isolated within the borderless prison of the “great confinement”, the method by which society had perfected its grip on humankind by pushing individuality to the margins and labelling the diverse as madman, depriving a vast spectrum of our civilisation of their right to exist, yet exploiting them so they could become lab rats for classification and investigation, or cheap labour upon which they kept building wealth for the few.

The original cover art and layout by Guglielmo Rossi and Bandiera create a kaleidoscopic nightmare of blurred visions and sinister scrutiny that splendidly work together with FEED THEM DEATH's caustic sounds, to convey the claustrophobic confinement of a panoptical society where the maze of intersecting gazes has rendered us all victims and executioners of one another, unwittingly sustaining the mechanism of exclusion of the diverse. “The full implication of the Panopticon as envisioned by Jeremy Bentham in the 18th century had to wait three centuries to be grounded deep in our everyday life, in an age of surveillance technology and social estrangement which could be now aptly referred to as Panopticism,” Void comments. And concludes: “Those who don’t belong are lost: for those who don’t belong we raise our voice in a solitary chant of discord and praise to their individuality”.


releases April 17, 2020

Void - guitars, bass, drums, synth, vocals, programming, production

Guest vocals by Argento (SPITE EXTREME WING D:M:) and Luigi Cara (DEATHCRUSH, SPELL OF DECAY, MALIGNANT DEFECATION). Theremin by Ays Kura (DIE KUR). Machines and noises by Davide Destro (LACOLPA, MACABRO DIO).

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Void and Dave Tavecchia at Twilight Studio. Covert art and layout by Guglielmo Rossi/Bandiera

Cat. Nr. IVR126


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Track Name: Scar?
Some are sorry for the marks left on the ground behind them yet too obtuse to care about what lies ahead before being wiped out by someone else’s stupidity

In front of one’ steps is behind somebody’s shoulder, behind one shoulders is before somebody else’s steps, marching ahead towards the end of times, some politely waiting in line for their time to come.

Some refuse to acknowledge yet their mouths grins the static noise of an old recording from a new recital

Other pacing other people strides and conjuring potency and no justice and death without a scar?

Conjuring fallacy and no intention and life without a scar
Track Name: Lotusbluthen III
We are one thought away from division, and no actions or words can deviate this trajectory. We are gonna board soon and be gone. Be lost. Belong. Be lost

Although existence is nothing, its paradox is to manifest itself.
Like the fool emanating from the source
madness finds both manifestation and opposition in the world of things and the universe of matter.
My Diversity its not eccentricity

Madness is nothing in its movement of division from the world of things, yet its paradox is to manifest itself and coagulate life.

The fool and the devil, same thing as we dissent and coagulate

We are one thought away from division, and no action or words can deviate this trajectory. We are gonna board soon and be gone. Be lost. Belong. Be lost

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