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Jewelcase CD, 12-page full-color booklet with lyrics


Hailing from Indiana, USA, and influenced by evolutionary anthropology and primitive myth, ECFERUS explore the psyche of early humans through a vehicle of exciting and unpredictable atmospheric black metal. Producing four releases in under a year, ECFERUS' sole member, Alp, has kept a prolific pace while exploring different musical approaches each time. With “Pangaea”, the band's second full-length album, Alp employs an unusual writing method, intermittently using letter substitution methods to create the impression of a lost primitive language. "Pangaea" continues Alp's musical evolution and represents a step up in composition and production skills while venturing into more progressive black metal territory.

Wrapped in a colourful cover commissioned to Romanian artist Luciana Nedelea, "Pangaea" uses a mythological point-of-view to tell the story of a planet at war with its occupants. The tortured main character, Pangaea, is ripped apart into separate continents by Earth so as to prevent the begetting of creatures with potential too powerful to be trusted. Acting out of spite, Pangaea nurtures humanity's rise to power until their passive occupation mutates into indefensible planetary malice. Using wide dynamic shifts and changes in meter, with “Pangaea” ECFERUS creates the musical equivalent of an accelerated planetary evolution, depicting the fury of the elements and an Earth painfully coming to life.


the concept behind the album
by Ecferus

Once the Earth was young. She had three children, Land, Air, and Ocean.  Land was alone. His brother Ocean threatened him with storms and his sister Air was fleeting. Land felt so alone he created a world to keep him company. He created plants and trees but they were too quiet so he created animals that ran and hunted. The animals would grow and change and a million years later become something new. When Land grew bigger and stronger he took the name Pangaea. Finally Pangaea was not alone.

One day Earth became angry. She did not trust Pangaea’s new friends. She feared what they would become. Earth began to separate Pangaea’s animals by putting Ocean between them. Ocean was happy to oblige.  As Pangaea’s body was ripped apart into pieces and separated by miles of vindictive Ocean he swore to protect his animals at all costs. Pangaea found that the more fragmented his body became the more beautiful and interesting his animals became. One animal, the ape, became very strong of body and mind.  Pangaea wanted badly to appear powerful to Earth, Air, and Ocean so gave the ape everything it needed to grow and grow and become the smartest creature alive – the human.

Land and Air loathed the humans so made their home very cold forcing them to leave. Although the humans became weak and dwindled, they eventually made the entire world their home and became smarter than even Pangaea could imagine. They made Earth their resource and grew and grew. Pangaea was proud of the world he created and was sure the humans appreciated his gifts, but he was naïve to the truth. For every good and ingenious accomplishment the humans celebrated, an equally negative and destructive byproduct was produced. The other animals abided by the laws of Earth, but the humans created their own and expected the Earth to abide.

Earth was appalled by humans and weakened by their grand ambitions. They tapped resources but gave nothing in return. Earth plotted with Ocean and Air to torment and destroy the humans. Pangaea, once proud of his intelligent creatures, was now angry at them. He missed the world he once knew and grieved for it. He now joined Earth, Ocean, and Air – The Humans must abide by the laws of Earth or suffer consequences. So there the war began, weather versus machine, mountain versus weapons, Human versus Earth. And the storms continue on into the inevitable night…


released February 5, 2016

ECFERUS is Alp - all instruments and vocals

Mastered by Colin Marston
Cover art by Luciana Nedelea
Art direction and layout by Francesco Gemelli

Cat No IVR052


all rights reserved



I, Voidhanger Records Italy

Obscure, unique, and uncompromising visions from the Metal Underground.

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Track Name: Creation Of A Planet
Once the Earth was young
Birthed three children, Land, Air and Ocean
When Land grew he took the name Pangaea
He was alone
His brother Ocean screamed storms
His sister Air blew fleeting
He created a world to keep him sane
Created plants and trees but they were too quiet
So created animals that ran and hunted

Life was a circle balanced from molten core
A magnetic movement of instinctual momentum
Forests from his mind, species from his mouth
The evolving creature lives by the word of the weather
The separation of space a condition of perception
The speck of this planet in transient vibration
Elaborate mutations in the essence of beast
The imagined projection of survival’s design

The animals do grow and change
A million years become a new

Finally Pangaea is not alone
Track Name: Fragmented Body
The brain is chiseled from stone tools
Hallucinations befell you
On plants of wisdom sacred caverns are reached
I paint what I see with blood of hunted

The angry mother does not trust
The creatures forming, fears what they’ll become
So separates them, the animals
Puts Ocean between them
My body ripped apart into pieces
Separated by miles of vindictive Ocean
Body is fragmented but my creatures thrive
But the creatures do survive
Extend their life force to the mountain’s edge
Harness the quaking Earth into transcendence

The ape became strong of body and mind
I may not be whole but my power resounds
As the ape grew and grew
Became the smartest creature alive
Human ascension

A trilobite on the ocean floor
But my bones are buried never to be found
The thought continues though the flesh is ash
Transient monuments succumb to flood
Stars are falling constellations warn
The seed of Mars is thrust upon the scorched of war
Ceres claims thee, she the rightful owner
Return to soil

No longer in competition
We always win in cunning
Unlimited is our appetite
We will take all you have
One day we will control the waves
Control the sun in the sky
Authorship of time our mission
Behold the human transition
Track Name: Reciprocity Of Disrepair
Air made their home cold forced them to leave
Became weak and dwindled, dwindled in numbers
Eventually recovered, made the whole world their home
Became smarter than Pangaea had imagined
Scoured resources and grew

Proud of the world he created
But naïve to the truth
Every ingenious thing celebrated
An equally negative produced
Other animals abided by the laws of Earth
But humans created their own and expected Earth to abide

Crave eternally the face of deity
Adorn the walls illusory security
Progress devoid
Transient monuments will be gone
Desire will fail to provide solace

You are deceived and your mind is beyond repair
Programmed sentience, subservience
Your symbols injected
Your words of obsolescence
Belief proceeds the animus
Suppressed instinct is coiled

Proud of the world he created
But naïve to the truth
Every ingenious thing celebrated
An equally negative produced
Other animals abided by the laws of Earth
But humans created their own and expected Earth to abide
Track Name: Storms Continue On
I of the mountain - wage war
I of the bird’s flight - wage war
I, ruler of trees - wage war
I, suppressor of quake - wage war
I of the sea floor incite the wicked storms - wage war
I, the new world simians avenge the great apes’ scorn - wage war
I of the extinct rise in conquering force - wage war
Storms hide the Earth’s clandestine purge - wage war
The loudest lightning crash ever heard
The perished become food to nourish scorched soil
Blizzards in the night freeze all life to stone

The dawn of man presents at the fateful gates
Asks forgiveness for planetary malice
Earth’s body gave you life
Return to no other when you die
Your mind works like lightning
Your bones are trees adjoined
Eventually you become the technology you formed
I must stop you before it’s too late
And all organic are enslaved

My skies evoke unseen terror
The grounds open their mouths

The prophets in your mind take credit for creation
They will die with your thoughts
My body made your flesh work
No more confusion
In this cataclysmic season of planetary insurrection
Earth shatters illusion
Tellers of the future stare into a moon unchanged
Through a million phases it glares back
And bestows the night upon

My skies evoke unseen terror
The grounds open their mouths
Track Name: Into The Inevitable Night
Creation, destruction, cycle infinite
Planets burst from the howls of space
There is an energy we cannot comprehend
On a distant universal plane
Our laws of matter all we know
A transient fire in the night is gone by day

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