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Opening of the Eye by the Death of the I


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Though thy eyes rush tears into streams A dead calm arises within Invisible disconnection To the inner workings Abject calls from my depleting lungs Wading through the psychic turbulence Last breaths withdrawn by worth Mind tricked into non existence "The delirium of negation, I abjure life's oath A transfixed dilemma, waiting in the subconscious. All oneness dies within me, for I am nothing An emptiness beyond empty An abandoned body without a ghost" Mirror image soon evolved into vanishing A House of Flames now a Temple of Ashes Now deprived by the alignments of planets Awakening curse shook the cosmic foundations These empty spaces between the wires that program dormant minds Structured doses of images, canceling out all logic and reason You'll never get to the banquet Where you linger your food has no taste Between consciousness and altered state Shaken from your vegetable torpor Where lies the alternative? We are all in mercy's hands This is the clock cleansing itself of it's last hours Like grains of sand falling through our hands Fragments of time disappeared into memory Like the dust that we are all from and soon will return Soon I will be nothing, no more All this time you believed you never existed An empty vessel no longer housing a soul But one must exist, to be non existent... The path has been plagued by ego Plummeting us into a foreseen abyss Telepathic seeds sewn into inner most thoughts Conundrum conjured in a compartmentalized mind This gauntlet I ran, over and over again A frustrated breath leaves my lungs Soon it was all unhidden This unknown flagellation Obscured by the shifts of the Sun As it leaves us in a distant chaos Reveal the pall that has dampened my soul For what seems to be an eternity I disappear faster every year... (Worms have been there counting) The more I feel I am dead The more I fear my death... Paranormal frequencies circumvent through mazes The corridors of thine entrapment Bicuspid exercised, Last will redacted Sent down to scourge thy own form And fabricate malpractice... How the angelic choirs sing their notes Their clamoring is the wailing of the heartbroken Their vortex is a lie Their solemn psalms reflect this For they only know submission Not the glory of independence
Embryonic Architect Somnambulist, enlighten mine The worshiper's vernacular The miserable without stains What were those promises? Did you intend to keep them? Or were they just a pestilence of lies? How many minds have you manipulated without wisdom? A mere demiurge loitering midst the pantheon Surveillance of the gate determines narrow pathways Our patriarch denied us fruit to endure knowledge That dream was fleeting through a moment in serpents To be imperfect in our search for perfection As the maestro awakes corporeal forms from their sleep Transformed by the removal of tethers and restraints Now be the loud pitch that disturbs the silence As all you have, or had, or wanted is revealed The circle's drawn and it is drawn wide Now hither comes the coil To leave behind the ego's host And from what's left become the ghost that whom rejoices The scythe wielded pulls our death into position As were flung towards our fateful ambition "Approaching zenith, I scratched thy name on the keys to the bottomless pit... Enraged... I called the two names, the keepers of the bottomless pit... Apollyon. Abaddon." "Thy inner Gehenna anguished, thy outer sequence nourished gnashing snarls" Tongues buried in a concealed art form To be revealed only through divinity's ruin Cradle us in your gentle fingertips Not the ones used to pluck paradoxical chords Spill your breath so we may breathe once more Shake about your wrists across our closed eyes Make us see Minds buried in an enslaved host To be reveled, however, only through death Regal cores coordinate eager coils And set the bounds in matriarchs Whom are mere waiting wombs Sacred design, all sensory deprived, forces mind To compartmentalize Ascend... One thousand ladders One thousand summits Descend... One thousand ladders One thousand plummets This distance Chaotically infinite Bottomless Apollyon Depths so low Devoid of winds Phosphorus scents of Liberty's Flame Enter! To gain admittance into this paradigm Is to be draped in garments of silk Life into Death Death into Life Proceed into darkness beyond human reach Alone, embracing inner journeys Under guidance this light came And now it is all that awaits thee A magnified... Cosmic entry Secretes magnificence As well as secrets Hearts buried in an earthen urn Beliefs scorned when proved to be true Absorb the seals, beguiling Transformation underneath eyelids They bare for the fruitless Conceal breath from all who inhabit life Reveal Supreme Death (Reveal the Zenith)
Ghosts Alike 03:04
A semblance of balance Forsaken and forgotten A remembrance in silence Corrupted and corroded Amidst the tears and dark fabrics of Autumn's widows As stirring as a breeze of air through Winter's windows The rebirth through nurture that storms through Spring's door The sweltering heat of those deceived by Summer's whore Evaporating into nature The sea and all it's life Deep and boundless is it's intricacies Astounds the shallowest of minds And how this drink of knowledge binds Can it ever slake a tongue that speaks Or quench a mind that thinks It's all so meaningless, yet so meaningful Is the error in the oversight Or the afterthought The canals froze black Only the moon will silhouette Tree limbs lick the sky Like arms stretched to reach the end Branches surrendered like veins As if reaching for the blade, the blade Revived yet crestfallen Eyes blinded by obstructions We're all complacent We're diluted by their atrocities Their sorcery is corruption Sullied by their hypocrisy Eyes rolled back, black Glassy and glossed over The aromas drew birds, sent warning To the ghost, and ghosts alike A disturbing transcendence awaits us Distracting waves of life's frequencies Subterfuge has been every moment of bliss, suffering beneath the surface...



4-panel Digipack CD, 12-page booklet with lyrics. Cover art by Kenny Richard. Limited Edition!

Based in Lowell, Massachussetts and active since 2006, IN HUMAN FORM have always kept a low profile. Comfortably hidden in the shadows of the underground and aided by an intense live activity, the band worked hard to refine and perfect what they like to call “Atra Metalli Metaphysicam”: an audacious blend of aggressive black metal and progressive music, tinged with jazz-fusion colours.
After the well-received debut of “Earthern Urn” (2013), followed a couple of years later by a split album with Obsidian Tongue, Autolatry and Infera Bruo, IN HUMAN FORM celebrate their 10th anniversary by releasing “Opening Of The Eye By The Death Of The I”, their most ambitious album to date as well as their finest hour. Despite numerous acoustic passages, occasional guitar solos, well-crafted melodies and an intellectual approach, none of the iconoclastic power of black metal is lost. The result is a vibrant and coherent album, firmly rooted in the tradition, yet open to infinite sonic possibilities.

Recorded and mixed by guitarist Nicholas Clark at The Black Lodge, “Opening of the Eye by the Death of the I” is a grand, introspective meditation on abysmal themes and mortality, laced with principle and cloaked in mystical and mysterious passages. Recalling the amazing artworks from the 70's prog era, Kenny Richard's beautiful cover painting brilliantly underlines IN HUMAN FORM's artistic and philosophical vision, built around the idea of a suffering humanity confronting with its destiny and the mystery of Life and Death. A descent into darkness, to ascend towards light.


released June 23, 2017

Nicholas Clark – guitars, bass guitar, alto saxophone, keys, backup vox
Rich Dixon – drums, percussion, guitars
Patrick Dupras – vocals, lyrics

Cover painting by Kenny Richard
Art direction and layout by Francesco Gemelli

Cat. Nr. IVR078


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Obscure, unique, and uncompromising visions from the Metal Underground.

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