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Hepatic 04:52
Hepatic Held by the Livery balance Numb limbs, no cancer like this Cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer Cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer The sudden lack of feeling Adrift without the loving touch Losing all your burdens My tender corpse-like thoughts A modern agony Roaming nausea on every corner My abdomen is falling out A fresh disgorge Cancer, cancer Cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer Sliding into an unforeseen fatigue Intestinal witness Yellowing rinds Yellowing rinds And lack of sleep Severed asunder Red in the whites of your eyes Your tongue turns a terrible chalk Weakening, weakening Slowly choose the walk of death Surely take the way towards death Without failing Loss of appetite Losing all your burdens My tender corpse-like thoughts A modern agony Roaming nausea on every corner My abdomen is falling out A fresh disgorge
Drugs going in I want to feel it coming slowly Drugging my feet drugging my hands willingly Maybe I know what will be on the other side Nothing can prepare you for it Dancing at the edge of the precipice Just relax take a breath feel the flow I want to feel it slow me drugging my brain, my body maybe I know what lies beyond Dinner bell, dinner bell Sing me a song Poisonous soup, and living long Fight the good fight Burn your house down Complete these ruins Drugs going in Drugs going in Drugs going in Drugs going in Me
Sarcoma 02:23
The Lion's Share little of these sapless vulgarity Tickle your grit, lift into rest The glittering masses & you: Kneeling a’ pew Dip a prayer or two, w/nearby tissue You are full, painlessly growing inside me I do not yet see you there But you are living around my veins Colored wrong and thick Telling me to amputate Oh God! I align to nothing, to nothing I am bound! 50 more grow tomorrow…
Charred 01:48
Charred chimes Charred choke chant Charcoal charged and changed Calm cold brain Charred brain Charred brain brain brain brain Cut care card, change Charred arm chart Charm char charm Chat chat chat Chao! change? Need change? I need change I need to choose I want a chance A choice I… My arm is charred My skin cells have cancer Cancer can… cancer can’t Cover the earth Cancer wins… cancer loses Cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer Cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer Chalk chunks chomped Chyme clog clumped Cancer would… cancer doesn’t Cancer, cancer, cancer Cancer wins… cancer loses Chance. Choose. Lose You’re cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer Cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer Cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer Cancer Charismatic chaos comes Lost choice
Adens 07:19
[The Walk] Walk, walk, walk Walk your waist with haste Through these wastes of awakening The pit' of your wit The Gray Centerfold Cinereal scenery Nucleic clouds Dear Eden, did you ever intend to ripen this much? [Ridge] Oh Adens, regard your sides Oh Adens… [The Lonely Walk] [Ridge] A mix down inside your Pondering Cauldron You’ve become carried away, wild Did I ever really walk away from you? [Stars] * ** * *** * *** [Nearest] Revolution’ry Wreaths reveal a framework A garland rising [Bad] A badenoma [Peias] Mucous Architecture ‘round the hourglass A glassy slime, slick on the Endogenous Cathedral [The E.C.] I’m just an ol’ swollen bag of bones, bag of bones spirit tributaries elsewhere [Dream 1] … [Dream 2] … [Awake in the Hallway] ____ [Dream 3] … [Dream 4] … [The End] Tumid rooms in your selfs In the flessing of revelout Clammyst grownths 1610 masses loewer’d Payate if re-tach never… never… Radioan omatois de payiinés of idaru Pluto i tarion, tui-tui Soron, turion, toust, teex teex teex teex teex [Lower] Tumor Tumor Tumor
Stromal 03:52
The furnace glows A soft wall osmos A stone that’s alive and grows Core: Violent, heavy Hurl: Violet fluid A vesicle below the throat Casts the vote to bloat Won’t ever go Core: Violent, heavy Hurl: Violet fluid Gastric ghouls Loss of appetite Gore fountain spewing Vomit bloody fluid —— Oh Now open A moment with the omen New meat apron Inchola the diurnal Erupted wooden mouth Hangover on the cross ……†…… The lord химус keeps us Modern monsoon Sacrificial lamb leans over and whispers: ————— Lo, guide your throat Your raspberry road To carry on with the ode Gastric ghouls Loss of appetite I present the magenta excrement A sombre slow lamento Core: Violent, heavy Hurl: Violet fluid Omentums quest: A wish to dispossess A kiss of emptiness Gore fountain spewing Vomit bloody fluid Stromal
Doomed 02:58
Awaiting knock-knock Golden Aged Geese Alone, alone, alone, alone Golden Aged Geese, no Golden Aged Geese, no The hand of age rests on the crooked cane The hand of age rests on the crooked cane He was cotton… lover’s death preys He deserved the tome (he got) Doomed and forced to wait All alone, he tasted gold His tickled tongue A dig trowel clean tooth A spark to use for win A nice pillow at last A truth to choose to believe in (Believe me you’ll want what I have… you’ll see) Rah… When you get a chance To really wait for an open door, you’ll see Awaiting knock-knock
East 03:02
East (cлед) es vibrating chew toe was Chopped-auf-the-host Pallbearer gone meat Purest барин fecund Yo фаонд out Glaza Цангриа iz Ohouz vesplódiné Su piel pocólla pallid Se (ve) gastlí Astroкa atada Astroкa atada itied krug ‘round the bazo Astroкa atada itied krug ‘round the bazo Éto кожа blood Éto кожа blood Masé yo nu дicдaнc
Stagnation 03:34
What am I waiting for? (…Nothing observable…) What is it time for? Stagnation Kill me
Legko 02:04
Easy Legko, you’re possessed Utter claret marrow Ossein ataxia Oblique openwork Bone overgrowth Easy Legko, you’re possessed Tender tingling at your tips Easy Legko… Numbness in your limbs Paleness on your face Sore stems shaking, loss of balance Trembling, you wait
Idaru 05:30
Idaru' Celluloss Begin, 'besin cytotoxic venom To what avail? Conpena Greet my great gripe, guzzling grape One gun and one knife Matame Kill this Luke (akut) Idaru vesicant saya Ieringuilla nettling my edge Fucking fluid flooding fast forever Minutes feel like hours A vesicant hayun химическая that causaex ‘tensiv danyotishu ovcurs Blistering broiling burning baking bombing Si lo Escape-escape-escape Plastico Melodia swells Vicina of Udarro Despairamé ,,,, And ‘clude al rost y ves Running away as fast as you can’t Nausea and vomiting and abdomen cramps, diarrhea headache Redness and or swelling and or idarubicinor —— So take it slowly Languid Tranquil Son grave local tissue necrosis occur Con extravasation It’s idaru




Ltd Digipack CD, 12-page booklet with lyrics. Strictly limited to 200 copies.

One of the many projects of San Francisco Bay Area local Robert Woods-LaDue, ONKOS is an experimental metal project that leverages the sounds of chekeré and acoustic guitars for an unusual instrumentation, seeking to expand the palate of what could be interpreted as being “heavy”. Intentionally lacking the unison guitar riffs and blast beats of metal, ONKOS replace them with an abnormal instrumentation of 6 chekeré and a battery of acoustic guitars. Reverberant synths alternate between playing a supportive backdrop and taking over the melodic foreground, adding a slight touch of alienating psychedelia to the whole, while the growled vocals, a cavernous bass and the ultra-heavy patterns of chekeré keep the music firmly to the ground, dialoguing with the guitars, counterbalancing the complexity of the music and emphasizing its heaviest sections.

The music follows, for the most part, many of the conventions of the death metal sub-genre, with some very notable differences. The harmonic landscape is often more complicated than your typical metal due to the numerous interlocking harmonies by guitars, bass and synthesizers; moreover, the band makes heavy use of the many flavors found within augmented, half-diminished, and octatonic chords.

Lyrically focused on the plague of cancer and the life-disrupting therapies to fight it, “Onkos” is a visionary and enigmatic work, a delirious observation on the long, slow cellular unraveling of body and mind, as represented in Pete Hamilton's metaphysical cover painting. Robert Woods-LaDue has been making chekeré out of dried gourds since around 2010, composing music for large ensembles of the instrument, and ONKOS' eponymous debut is the natural development of his compositional journey, certainly one of the most audacious statements within the avant-garde metal field.


released May 24, 2019

All composition, lyrics, and production by Robert Woods-LaDue

Mixing and mastering by Sean Price at Misery Loves Company, Oakland
Cover painting by Pete Hamilton
Logo design by Devin Smith
Art direction and layout by Francesco Gemelli
Cat. Nr. IVR113


all rights reserved



I, Voidhanger Records Italy

Obscure, unique, and uncompromising visions from the Metal Underground.

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