O Sangue da Noite


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    releases November 29, 2019

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Ventos (Prelúdio)
Lajes em Tormento e Decadência
Solpor dos Mistérios
Jugular (Interlúdio)
As Devesas som dos Lobos
Baphomet no Rashulmat
Poço e Serpe
Águas Negras (Final)




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I, Voidhanger Records, in conspiracy with Blood Harvest Records, is proud to present SARTEGOS' highly anticipated debut album, "O Sangue Da Noite". I, Voidhanger Records will handle the CD release, while Blood Harvest Records shall handle the cassette edition and vinyl LP pressing.

Lead by Rou Morgade (guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals), SARTEGOS may have been a silent presence in today's underground metal, but their shadow inexorably lengthened on the scene throughout the decade. After a couple of demos released in 2010 and 2011, the Galician band proved its worth thanks to two important recordings: the revelatory “As Fontes Do Negrume” EP (2013), and the formidable “Resvrrezionespiritval” split with YSENGRIN (2016), both released on vinyl format through I, Voidhanger Records.

For SARTEGOS it's now time to conquer the world with their debut full-length album, “O Sangue da Noite” (The Blood of the Night), which combines the primitive and abrasive sounds of 90s metal with a tense and sharp songwriting devoted to obscure and morbid atmospheres.
“One of the things I wanted to achieve with this album was to compose dark riffs that one can actually remember, creating an ancient feeling recalling the early-to-mid Nineties metal, and especially the Greek black metal school. That's also why O Sangue da Noite is more black metal oriented than SARTEGOS' previous releases; at least more than As Fontes do Negrume.”

“O Sangue da Noite” is SARTEGOS' ode to the Night, the primordial darkness before creation. Proud of their Galician roots, with all their folklore and myths that are an integral part of the band's vision and concept, SARTEGOS explore the darkest sides of existence and the obscurest ravines of human mind by putting them in relation to Nature and some of its savage manifestations, blending in the sacred and the profane. “The album lyrics have been intentionally written in a deeper and more poetical way than usual,” Rou comments. “Alongside with references to archaeology, history and cultural elements from the place where I come from, I tried to link some local legends and mythos with some basic Luciferian or Satanic concepts, with figures like Samael, Lilith, Leviathan and Baphomet, and what they represent, in a honest and personal search through occultism towards self exploration and knowledge.”


releases November 29, 2019

Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Dark Poetry and Voice of the Night


Cover art and layout by Miguel Sueiro
Cat. Nr. IVR121


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Track Name: Sangue e Noite
Lua solsticial, deusa e rainha,
pálido reflexo nas negras águas.
Nai das artes do outro lado,
as artes do eclipse.
Abre a porta, abre a porta à noite.

Noite, mostra o esplendor,
um abraço de negrume e mistério.
Deixa que a daga rasgue o teu véu.

Noite, o teu sangue flue, noite;
cae em fervença sobre este plano,
sobre este mundo.

Noite, o teu sangue flue, noite;
cae em fervença sobre este mundo.

Vem esse manto de negrume
que enche este Panteom.

Bebe o sangue da noite,
escuita a sua voz,
mira nos seus olhos
e escuita a sua voz.

Escuita a voz da noite.

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