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Jewel box CD, 16-page booklet with lyrics and art. Cover painting and sigil by Elijah Tamu / Ikonostasis

Spawn in the second half of 2017 from the visions of three underground black metal bands – Mexicos's PRECARIA, DEATHSPIRAL OF INHERITED SUFFERING from USA, and the Russian act DOMINUS IRA – “Metamorphosphoros is a split album dealing with the concept of Theion, the divine fire that burns but never consumes, like the one seen by Moses in the desert, when he heard the voice of YHWH. It's also about the descent to the abyss, and the consequent ascent, in order to attain a state of purification. Something which will ultimately be achieved through death.

Within the grooves of “Metamorphosphoros”, PRECARIA, DEATHSPIRAL OF INHERITED SUFFERING and DOMINUS IRA peels back the skin of extreme black metal to reveal the intricate occult currents running through it, and they do that with an urgent pace, unbridled aggressiveness, and occasional atmospheric interludes which serve as pauses between their violent assaults on the senses.
PRECARIA let the death dance begin with 4 ferocious and convulsing tracks, extravagant in sharp and dark riffs; DEATHSPIRAL OF INHERITED SUFFERING carry on with a likewise formula by adding a touch of death metal to complex structures pierced by sulfurous melodies, while DOMINUS IRA fiercely end the journey in the unmerciful embrace of some of the coldest and most majstic black metal ever.

The three bands have worked in complete synergy to offer high quality, dark and cathartic black metal art, and from their ideas and concepts the virtuous artist Elijah Tamu (PANEGYRIST) has carefully developed the amazing cover painting and the sigil which adorn the release. “Metamorphosphoros” has some real philosophical meat at its heart, and its esoteric theme speaks directly to all those who have proudly sworn endless devotion to the unholy flame of underground black metal.


released March 30, 2018

Ianzel - guitars, vocals, lyrics, composition, bass, arrangements
Nykteia - keyboards and ambiance
Opposus Discordia – drums

Principivm Angvis - lead guitar, vocals, lyrics, bass, ambiance
Manus Vaecord - drums
K Ø V R M - rhythm guitar

Dmitry Kir - guitars, vocals, bass, keyboards, composition
Sculpto - session drums

Cover painting and sigil by Elijah Tamu / Ikonostasis
Cat. Nr. IVR098


all rights reserved



I, Voidhanger Records Italy

Obscure, unique, and uncompromising visions from the Metal Underground.

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Track Name: PRECARIA - Ritus Primordiales
Naturam terrestrem abole,
Barathri ignes transgredere,
Ascende ad in-creatum,
Et uni te ipsum Chao.

In aeternum sumus Precaria.
Track Name: PRECARIA - Ex Abyssia
Dominus inversus, sic transit mors ego.
Laudate creatio, laudate interitus.

Aqua - terra - ignis - aura

On poisoned flesh I reside, in soil I decay.
My Soul is part of the "Source" (primal Oneness).
The wind brings to me a chthonic end,
Forever transfigured in God: supreme Void of Death.

...And now unleash the self-devouring beast.

I burn my soul with Theion in self-immolation.
Embraced by the Fires of Transformation.
I descend to the Abyss and calcine my layers of clay.
I despoil myself from "flesh" and rise from spiritual precariousness.

Maldito sea el día en que la patética raza humana se multiplicó como plaga,
y más maldita la doctrina religiosa que esconde su verdadero rostro
tras un velo sostenido por ciegos.

El enfermo se arrastra frente a la iglesia pidiendo limosna,
pero dentro "predican y no practican", alimentan a su padre: la Avaricia,
y saliendo se revuelcan en la inmundicia. ¡Hipócritas!

Ex abyssia, profunda atrissima...
The descension to the Abyss is the ascension to Divinity.
Ex abyssia, mors atrissima...
The purge of the Spirit is attainable through Death.

For you are all Dust, and to Dust you will return.
Regina nigra lux maxima - suprema divina est.


In pale skin we descend.
With black wings we ascend.
As one with Chaos we transcend.

Ex abyssia, profunda atrissima...
The descension to the Abyss is the ascension to Divinity.
Ex abyssia, mors atrissima...
The purge of the Spirit is attainable through Death.

For you are all Dust, and to Dust you will return.

On poisoned flesh I reside, in soil I decay.
My soul is part of the "Source" (primal Oneness).
The wind brought to me a chthonic end,
Forever transfigured in God: supreme Void of Death.

I am the infinite Light. (Ain Soph Aur)
Black for he who sees from white.
And bright for he who "in solivagance" dwells in dark.

Oh black fire, path of my desire.

Surrender to the Noxvoid, drink from the Ophidic Venenum,
Submerge into Nigredo, achieve the state of Prima Materia.

Del abismo, la mas negra Muerte en su veneno me sumerge.

...And now I pierce existence with the envenomed sword of death.

My time has come to dethrone the self-proclaimed god.

"I'm the Void incarnated, the omniversal God."
Track Name: PRECARIA - Traficando los Órganos de la Iglesia
Las religiones son la ceguera de la humanidad,
la humanidad es huérfana y en su debilidad crea fantasías miserables.

Los órganos de la iglesia que son representados como
las autoridades eclesiásticas deben ser acribillados,
la jerarquía de la iglesia debe ser desmembrada.

Tanto el mas psicópata obispo como el mas ignorante feligrés...
La mancha negra de la ignorancia, teñida con forma de santo...
La denigrante peste, mendigando entre la gente con nombre de "salvación"...

¡Maldita monja! La "magdalena" contemporánea, la zorra de la iglesia.
Y malditos sus hijos bastardos quienes se percatarán de que no hay
tal celibato ni tal santidad.

La única corona de espinas la carga la humanidad...

(Traficando los órganos de la iglesia...)

...Derrama desgracia en cada penetración que hace,
escurre de perdición a cada ser que la toca,
envuelve en un aura de podredumbre a quien la porta.

(Decapita la falsa doctrina de la iglesia...)

¡La verdadera corona de espinas es la misma religión!

Oh dios mundano, fornicado seas.
Vierto tu sangre violada en la "divinidad" malformada.
Latígo a la víctima que de mesías fue disfrazada.
Y con omnipotencia yo mismo porto la luz verdadera.


Veni, veni dominus, dominus lux ferre...
Track Name: PRECARIA - La Obra Negra Deicida
Precaria vida inútil humana...
Plagada de ignorancia con sus dogmas se humilla.
Desangrada observa sus heridas y atenta contra la cruz.
Ve hacia el camino de discordia y sáciate con el mal...

Magna deicidae opus nigrum est.

La obra negra...
¡La obra negra deicida!

¡Maldita iglesia, malditos "santos", maldita doctrina!
Sacrifica tu vida como homenaje a la aversión.
Las masas deben incarse ante la anti-religión que predomina.
¡Corona tus actos como la gran obra negra deicida!

¡Muerte al falso dios!
Disinherit the fetters of Eve,
in a grand, mercurial unraveling
May the abysm-borne, zenith-bound tower
be how the fallen arise
to descend, as a guillotine,
upon the neck of treason manifest

Zodiacal bastard of the vortex Pandorum,
Death is thy birthright!
My downward ascent through a burning spire
of spirit and flesh intertwined
is a spear into the iris of a twice-descended spiral eye
and a guillotine upon the neck of treason

Flaw of flesh, vessel of brass, pall of Ain
Become dawn of Dis’s inheritance!

Her body is a skeletal oasis,
wherein my essence is defleshed
Like a never-flowing stream
Liberated to transform - to transcend

Ascend - Below, thee ascend!
Know we were sent to the Earth with dissent!

(Interlude I: “Conitor Kaosendo Somnium”)
Track Name: DEATHSPIRAL OF INHERITED SUFFERING - Bliss Inferno / Le Grand Néant
The relation of a ray to it’s source –
the most cogent example of emanation
Distinct forms of a common substance form relations
All else is incinerated

A glare in stained-glass traumaspheres
Shine Hell through windows into paradise
Raised hands which strain to grasp and domineer,
reach and then are seared
by the radiance of a feral, narcotic dawnfeast

Vengeance or forgiveness...
To the flames, it makes no difference
In the symmetry of sin and grace,
Slaves astray. . . so limited
to the Inferno of fury and bliss

Icons of the Uncreated Light
In the shade of which I will find
freedom through death
and thus, freedom from life...

Drowning the glacial in seas of their melting deceit
Thawing the frost of my black heart with white flame
The incendiary javelin of my adversarial spirit ascending
rips the firmament, delivering a fatal wound
Atavistic antithesis
All existence nullified in the Void

Forge for me a blade, so I may cut through this dense, untamed maze
Guide my hand to where throats of parasite jackals wait
Brand me with your name so all may know thee when I storm their gates
Drown me, in the end, into the source from whence all emanates

(Interlude II: “Le Grand Néant”)
Before order and entropy
From chaos unto dust and everything in between
After a phosphorescent emanation
Thrives the immortal source of transformation...

Light beyond dark
Darkness beyond light

Let us go out into the fields,
where seven lamps light wreaths of dried amaranth,
exiled evermore - Awaken, sons of Lucifer!
(Metamorphosis via gnosis of Theion)
Radiate serene and manifest as an assassin
A catalyst of havoc and death!
Eons make no mark on eternity
For in the lungs of Hexen Segen breathes...

The desolating heir to Chaos’ stolen throne!
Air and fire’s all-consuming, volatile culmination
Sulphur, mercury, arsenic
Sinistral alchemical poison-as-panacea!
Under the wings of Icarus,
coursing through zephyr winds,
in the narcotic veins of Lilitu...

To wield the knife of Non
To carve my name into the heart of God
I breathe, not to inhale life,
but to exhale death unto eternal night
Create to negate profanation
Liberation, in the name of...

Track Name: DOMINUS IRA - Ashes Of Your Faith
Through thy morbid visions I arose,
in ghastly nightmares, in despair...
The seer of all your hopes,
horned prophet of your dreams...

Behind the burning skeleton of a chapel
rise the spirits of the flame.
Inflexible will of thy blackest might;
heralds of the End.

Barren lifeless dreams of Jesus...
Ashes of your empty faith...

"Ab igne ignem"
Praise the sulphur halls of the Deep.
In the scorched coffin of Jericho,
lie the ashes of your rotten faith.
Track Name: DOMINUS IRA - Eerie Subterranean Call
Twilight archways of heaven's gates
are wrapped in blackest fire.
Virgin divinity now gone and broken...
Nothing left behind the back of God.

Whirling chaos spheres and reign of death.

Divine screams of fallen angels,
prophetic sign of universal end.
I stand on a pile of wingless bodies;
God will reap as he has sown.

Oh, old man in clear-white clothes
with a fading nimbus above the head:
For how long can you stand before shining crystal darkness
looking as your servants fall in agony?
What is the reason for you to exist?
When i stand in the ashes of your temples.

Angels, silent beholders of your final fall
now lay frozen and forgotten.
The new era has finally come:
Nothingness, chaos, total death.
Track Name: DOMINUS IRA - ...Of Coldness
Dying in the realm of the living,
I was born in the kingdom of the dead.
Into the fathomless worlds of darkness...
I will become the eternal coldness.

The witnesses of all four directions
have been convoked for a final ceremony.
Charcoals of the black flame
will be blown out by the coldness of my presence.

Predecessors of life;
their whisperings are the revelation of eternity;
black shadows are calling me into the reality of dreams.
I am the burning pentacle.

I am wandering through the invisible abysses;
blaze of the soul illuminates my way.

The mind is not imperious here
and the world does not yield to be defined.
Into the fathomless worlds...
I shall become the eternal coldness.

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