Lunar Ascension


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Hailing from Poland and lead by mysterious sole member K.M., ARS MAGNA UMBRAE debuted in 2017 with a promising EP, “Through Lunar Gateways”, the first stone of an occult black metal tower pointed at the firmament. The band's newest full-length effort, “Lunar Ascension” is the top of that admirable building, an open eye on immense cosmic depths, and a privileged observation point to investigate the mysteries of the night sky, darkness and death.

Equally inspired by Nightbringer, Blut Aus Nord and Mare Cognitum, and mainly focused on dissonant riffs and bewitching melodies, ARS MAGNA UMBRAE's music is a true assault on the senses. At times it's as suffocatingly dense and aggressive as only the old black metal was; in other occasions it tries to tone down the tension with atmospheric interludes bordering on raw dark ambient. But it's a pious wish: all in all, ARS MAGNA UMBRAE remain a sinister and terrifying occult black metal monster, at ease only in the utmost darkness. They only light they seek is the light of dead stars, silent witnesses of the void that will swallow us all.

Originally self-released via Bandcamp, “Lunar Ascension” has been revised and expanded thanks to the addition of a final track, “The Feast Of Shades”, a triumphant ending to a visionary album.


released January 25, 2019

K.M. - all instrumentes and vocals

All music composed and produced by K.M.
Cover painting by Babar Moghal
Art direction and layout by Francesco Gemelli
Cat. Nr. IVR109


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Through Thorns And Bones
Behold the birth of a black dawn
As the path like serpents coils
In deathlike fog - forth
Through thorns and bones

Behold the death of crippling doubt
As the beating heart stops
In the blackness unbound - forth
Through thorns and bones

Awaken, o great accuser!
As the harvest moon dawns
And the hearts of man burst ripe

Through wisdom of the dead
A flood of unpure chants
As damnation winds howl
The reaping has begun
Track Name: Daughter Of Endless Light
Thy roots are bitter but fruits sweeter than the brethren of Eden's light
Your purest beauty truly next to none
You, the daughter of endless light and the only unextinguished star
In your essence drown me, o Exalted one
The rightest guide on Adversial Path

Star-eyed, golden-tongued
You, the prophet, the highest exalted
Guardian of the divinity's gates
Your name - the truest of ways
In the swirling scatter of burning suns I dissolve the profanity of doubt
As i tear these shackles away I shall ascend in thy name
Track Name: Dying Sun Divination
On the astral crossroads where no light dwells
She weaves her cosmic web
As the stars align
Behold her primordial otherness

O divine initiator
Emerge from the ravenous dark
As the daylight withers and dies

As my blood rushes onto stone
The void beckons and her voice sweetly calls
As serpents coil at your feet
I adorn your flesh with scarlet tears

Through day and dawn, night and dusk
Light and dark, above and below
Thirst for your words never quenched
Now lead me forth through your searing gates

As I burn like a wailing star
I give myself to the dying of the light
The black torch of consciousness sparks
Track Name: The Wanderer
In the absence of all space and time
Hear your vessel's voiceless cry
O ever-present treader of the crooked path
Crowned with serpents wild

With this restless heart wailing wordless psalms
Through thousand steps yet with will still unbound

Conjoining dusk with dawn
In your name - I arrived

At your temple...
Track Name: Fallen Star's Light
As formlessness sank into form the fire and clay betrothed
Through willed creation - Eosphoros unborn

Crowned with fathomless dark beneath the purity of endless stars
With fallen one's howl the infinite starlight bedim

O father of cosmic inexistance
By your hand the fire of aspiration sparked
O keeper of the blackest flame hear me now as these split veins sing

O lightbringer of all paths
Divine illuminator
As your fire burns in my heart I behold the fallen star's light
Track Name: Chthonic Torches Of Gnosis
You who are but should not be
Harbinger of death and yet a breath of new life
Fill my veins with the embers of your deadly gaze
So I may dissolve in your eyes

You who rule over the endless nightsky
Allow me to shine as one of your stars

O how I dream, how I dream of your light
To quench the thirst unspoken with the blood of saints

To know death above and below
To know death within
Within and without

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