Incendiary Serum


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Denmark's PHANTOM was born in 2005 to the howling of dying animals and the deranged ramblings of exorcised spirits. The resulting paranormal black metal is haunted by the ghosts of influences past, yet reaches beyond the confines of the material world to heed the enigmatic call of the others.

PHANTOM is the sound of the buried lifting the headstones off of long-forgotten tombs; of muffled cries barely escaping through cellar doors securely locked for centuries; of footsteps across the rotting floorboards of abandoned mansions.

Through PHANTOM, the dead are given a voice - and they have dire tales to tell.


SS - Vocals, Guitars
AP - Drums, Keyboards, Cello
CT - Bass
TA - Guitars


released December 13, 2013


all rights reserved



I, Voidhanger Records Italy

Obscure, unique, and uncompromising visions from the Metal Underground.

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Track Name: Ghostly
Veiled death
Inanimate but breathing
Sunken eyes with holes right through
To a backlit face impossibly blue
The dire red and fainting hue

This haunting glow at the edge of my eye
The damned decade

Sensing that voice
Cackling like a fleeing bird
Dark against the moon
Cold against my spine

Rotting odours of death in my heart
The damned decade

Sensing that voice…
Track Name: Erratum
Screaming solace
A satanic design
Moonlight burning without intention
Alive and unwell

Aeons multiplying
Awaiting only death

My soul yearns for a dreadful partner in crime
To stem the flow of time
Unburden the days
With force and bloody human murder

A circular sickness of the life course


My mind dreams of a dreadful partner in crime
To end the flow of time
Unburden the days
With force and fucking brutal murder

An end to time
Track Name: Dark Death, Pale Star
Stale flesh
Decaying featureless
Distended body parts

A swarm of flies
Leaking their filthy bile
There is a sore with pus
Inside my face
It’s like a screaming mouth foaming from hurt

Coldest glow, freeze my hide

The moon is watching me wither away
The stink envelops me, it’s like a drug

Empty heart, putrid soul

My skin crawls away
Alive with writhing vermin

In gore reborn
Ascended with the force of storms
Not sensing the call of sleep
I walk again
Dark death, pale star
Track Name: Mass Murder
Pilgrim followers of vulture minds
Empty vessels to be consumed
The rasping voice of the unseen
Beckons them
So ripe and willing victims
So conveniently frail
His talons reach forth in shadow

He prepares them for gruesome death

Mass murder

Ceramic faces of blinded horror
Shattering like cloth
The blows draw chasms of red
Serrated by bone
Siphoning from them their blood
In septic crimson streams
He quickly fills disinfected vats
And incinerates the husks

Through the blood
Potency flows
Is living
Track Name: The Sickening Sermon
Raving fanatics
Invokers of dark light
A blinding shadow on your eyes
A cage for your mind

Sanctified liberticide
The sickening sermon is seeping through
The world defrocked in defiance of god

Heathen, atheist, heretic
And proud

Surrounded by religious ire
Draining all strength away

Stand among them now
Your head held high
Your eyes open and clear

Raving fanatics
Invokers of dark light
A blinding shadow on your eyes
A cage for your mind
Track Name: Judge Them
Disown the waste as they lie helpless
Mouths wide, legs aside
The sounds disappear
Into the soiled filth of my soul
Oozing further down
With your every cry of despair

Recall the night some years ago
(When) bastard angels with broken limbs
Reached out
To perpetrate a genocide
Unheard of until now

And shamed you with sickening prejudice
I was there
At their right hand side
But kept still
Track Name: The Ancient Unspeakable
Fear is driving some
Into the grave
Into the arms of the deceased
The wraith is summoned in the deep of my mind
Completing what was begun
Ten millennia ago
Its wrath is overwhelming and numbing is the pain

A murderer most foul
Is hunting me down
The ancient unspeakable
Below shallow water

A being rising into view
Covered in rotting algae

The force of its arrival
Is like the howling of dying animals
The sights and scents are vivid and intense
The sound of seeping water in the darkness moving nearer
Increasing in volume to the point of a deafening roar

Fear is driving some into the grave
Into the arms of the deceased
Track Name: Solar
Incendiary serum
Lifeblood of solvent magma

Solar eclipse of dust
Burning whore, eye of the void
Sufferer of molten cuts and scars

Flame nigh eternal
Worship her now as daggers gouge
Your eyes from seeping slits
The tears of slaves

Crying with life
And ritual burnings
A sacrifice of light
You nearly awaken from the dark
In solvent magma

Solar eclipse of dust
Track Name: The Night Spectre
An inner sense of someone else
The faintest breathing nearby
And the sound of soil disturbed
But no footsteps are heard

Cold fingers crawl on my face

She smells of decay
And the birth of winter
Her features are dead
Protracted and waning

The night spectre
Slowly emerges
As an afterthought
To the terrible screaming

The night spectre
Invoking whispers
From an unknown world
With a deathly meaning

She claws at my feet
Pulling me under
An ocean of dark water
Drowning me

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