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Immortality Through Quantum Suicide


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Grimmrobe thumbnail
Grimmrobe The audio equivalent of injecting acid into your veins and letting it eat away your insides.

Fucking hellspawn metal that will fuck up your equilibrium. Favorite track: Flesh Prison.
spandAnanda thumbnail
spandAnanda A beautiful representation of modernity. Favorite track: Fester in the Nether.
envirovore thumbnail
envirovore The absolute chaos of 2020 summed up perfectly through music.

This album is one hell of a ride.
Christian M.
Christian M. thumbnail
Christian M. Sleeper album that should be on peoples end of the year lists. The artwork represents the themes and music beautifully, with every song serving as an appendage of the inter dimensional being eviscerating itself across time and space. Banger through and through. Favorite track: The Eye Bath.
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Collider, a force that could wield the aeons The secret to transcending time Death will always show Rearing its ugly head Chaos, the beast unfolds Devouring what's left of this world Day of reckoning Waking nightmare Chaos reigning Death unyielding
Atonement is upon us all Light a fire for the failed gods Strap the bomb to my fucking chest Watch your whole world fall apart As I reveal Immortality We're locked and loaded One last act of defiance Flip the fucking switch Embrace the void
Burning Restless Starving me out Glazing eyes cannot see the truth Am I the last of my kind? It's been 300 years Since last contact I've become the sacrifice My mechanical arms reach out And touch the raging sun Harness Draining you Harness All the light
Antidream 00:45
Make me whole Obliterate my subconscious self Make me whole Sever the ties to everything I once was Break the bondage Of the surreal Darkness engulfs me I am the harbinger I am the one the gods fear Cast my spirit To the nether Watch it dissipate Beyond these four walls An inferno waits to be fed And it wants me Accept this offering I am whole I am whole I am whole I am whole Break the bondage Of the surreal Cast my spirit To the nether I will only worship myself
Flesh Prison 02:05
Damnation An eternity of peril No end to suffering Clench my fist One more click Body frail Frantic mind Spiralling through every thought of regret As visions of a burning earth haunt my mind I've watched as galaxies die And every time I pray that it fucking kills me My purpose is to bare witness To the falling of aeons The death of the universe I am trapped within this prison Have I not served my purpose? Tear me down Make it hurt Leave me here Let me die Forever cursed to roam this wretched wasteland Liberate me from my flesh prison
Unpleasantries throughout infinite time I am my own affliction Every disease has come and gone Leaving me to suffer with no finality Circumcision by 1000 cuts Blood pours, spewing It appears I've made a mess again Smashing my head to numb the pain How could I be so unstable I am fucking screaming in pain Two doors, one outcome I survive every fucking time As the universe rots, I remain I can't stand to face another Day inside this wretched capsule Leave me to die Leave me to rot The place you call hell I call home
The Eye Bath 03:04
Goliath He who feeds on spacetime The creature that defies dimensions Wielder of black holes His mouth agape Facing me Behold, the nephilim My body ascends As visions take hold Take me away Take me away Take me away Take me away I can see them now His ten thousand eyes I can feel his arms Submerging me I am now the student At the feet of the eternal I now reject my body And I will take his form I reject this dead reality Begin the transformation
"Rise Awaken from your slumber Become transfixed Revel in your new found power Within this starsystem lies the key to all wisdom" I am one with the ethereal I can feel the mutation And it makes me feel alive Through infinite spacetime I was bound to find you Wandering aimlessly through the vastness of the universe I could never fathom the scope of the immortal plane Break the bondage of the surreal I am the guardian of this infinitum I watch the nether I am the harbinger I am the one the gods fear I am death Watch my presence unfolding You can see my arms reach inside of the void You can feel the inevitability Of this dimension folding into itself Embrace me sweet nihil Fester in the nether I am eternal, transcendent


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The solo project of US multi-instrumentalist/singer Nick Stanger (also active in the ranks of black metallers ASHBRINGER), XYTHLIA brilliantly blend the most extreme tech death/grind metal with VOIVOD's progressive/experimental approach and the mind-shattering guitar acrobatics of KRALLICE and OCRILIM. “Immortality Through Quantum Suicide”, the band's first album is as creepy and weirdly fascinating as Carlos Agraz's stunning cover painting, where an alien creature performs a suicide ritual through the space/time continuum, furiously stabbing itself to death. It's a cosmic self-murder, an outer-dimensional bloodbath, each blood drop a seed destined to spawn new and abhorrent life forms.

XYTHLIA's music is the perfect visionary soundtrack for such a brutal, mutant universe: it constantly changes shape, skilfully alternating complex concatenations of schizoid death-grind riffs with short atmospheric interludes and space noises, dissonant and slanted melodies with sudden bursts of metal speed or crushing slow tempos. All is held together by Stanger's unparalleled technical abilities and his tasteful, intense songwriting.
“When quarantine started, I had nothing but time to kill with a myriad of frantic uncertainty and anxiety,” Stanger explains; “this record is a reflection of that. It's a concept album that follows a character experiencing the full extent of isolation throughout infinite time.”

Experimental and bold, as well as fully satisfactory in its short length, XYTHLIA's “Immortality Through Quantum Suicide” testifies the birth of a new talent capable to look beyond the narrow confines of extreme metal, and to push it through the horrors of the space vacuum.


released July 17, 2020

Nick Stanger - vocals, guitars, bass, drum machine

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Nick Stanger
at Sound of the Northwoods in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Artwork by Carlos Agraz - The Art of Asty
Logo by Matt Wees
Art direction and layout by Francesco Gemelli
Cat. Nr. IVR145


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