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“III” is the third full-length album of Massachussets' IN HUMAN FORM, a formidable quintet of highly talented musicians devoted to an avant-garde kind of metal with strong esoteric and philosophical tints. Their 2017 sophomore release, the amazing “Opening of the Eye by the Death of the I” was a remarkable blend of aggressive black metal and progressive music, but in “III” the band's style matures and evolves even further, birthing an audacious and breathtaking musical hybrid by perfectly amalgamating the musicians' extreme metal background with their love for 70's prog and jazz-fusion. “There were many new avenues that we experimented with, especially guitar solos”, explains guitarist Nicholas Clark; “that really tested out limits and dug up some interesting influences. A track like 'Weeping Stones' was actually recorded live with a few overdubs, to give it much more emotion and tightness; and I ended up using the Mellotron quite extensively as well, as a nod to our 70's prog influences.”

On the strength of an unbridled creativity and the innate elegance of their songwriting, IN HUMAN FORM pack an album comprised of only 3 long, very complex tracks. And yet they don't give in to the temptation to abandon the music to its own course. On the contrary, they conduct it with firmness towards horizons of incredible splendour and beauty, where the spiteful black metal vocals, the wondrous guitar-driven accelerations and the granitic rhythm section calm down to an atmosphere of pure lyricism, often culminating in majestic, colourful melodies and sensual notes of keyboards and saxophones.

Kishor Haulenbeek's cover painting --a modern Vitruvian Man, inscribed in perfect geometrical forms, yet chained up, blindfolded and muzzled-- speaks loud about the band's ultimate goal: to liberate the soul from its constraints, to find a meaning for our mortal existence by shaping the divine in human form.


released December 13, 2019

NICHOLAS CLARK - Guitar, Alto Sax, Keyboard,
Samples, Spoken Word on "Weeping Stones"
PATRICK DUPRAS - Vocals, Lyrics
SHALIN SHAH - Bass Guitar
DAVE KAMINSKY - Guitar, Engineering, Mixing

Guest Musicians:
EVAN CRANDELL - Alto, Tenor, and Baritone Sax

Cover painting by Kishor Haulenbeek
Art direction and layout by Francesco Gemelli
Cat. Nr. IVR124


all rights reserved



I, Voidhanger Records Italy

Obscure, unique, and uncompromising visions from the Metal Underground.

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Track Name: Apocrypha Carrion
Lead us into Temptation
Into a convalescent state
Whispers on a sickle's gleam
As we follow ye unto Our Death

Begining to end
Every instance dissected
All carcasses become sequences
For submission

To untangle the strands of worship
For time will be perverted and exploited
To never know truest splendour
To never know truest form
Watch now as the bleak turns wonderous

The hour has come believe and repent!
Raise your voices! Lift your hearts!
The hour has come believe and repent!

This, exactly what thou scythe has craved
This enraptures such holocaust senses
Oh, the wonderful lambs laid out for the sacrifice
Their blood replenishes the dying Earth

"The Deaths that close windows
Are the Deaths that open doors"

As vultures come to dismantle
Bit by bit the flesh and the bones
Raizing forms down to their frames
Like so many stones in a cathedral

You're grasping at straws
You're praying to strawmen
You're feeding on lies
You've been thrown to the lions
Maws seem so mysterious
With their wings of purity
It's in their jaws you'll disappear
Masticated into excretus

And who is the one who has bound us?
Who is the one who sets us free?
Human made manicles melt
From everlasting fires within us
Stars leaving a sense of no light
Cosmic waves are obsolete
From the ways to which we are bound
To the forces from which we escape

The veil is about to descend
Descent is the key to creation
Extremes of beyond is limitation
Lapses of logic twisted towards faith
Oblivion, ignites again
In the doors of imagination:

Does one need a key?
A key to this lock
Or am I the lock?
Am I the key?
I am the lock!
Therefore I am the key!

Tongues can be silenced by swords
Hearts can be blinded by love
Hate can be bounded by and to voids
For your I is a Luminous Darkness
Demise just seems so rational
When existence is a disjointed curse
We've clawed and we've tunneled
Not through our own eyes
But through our own I
Track Name: Weeping Stones
Her immortality is displayed with irreverence
And always with fear
Our dear Medusa was scorned
Disgraced in a Temple now profaned

With snakes for hair
And hatred for mortal man
Not the vengeful
Not the spiteful
But the wronged Medusa

Turn us to stone
Use your gaze
Turn Us to granite
Make us weep tears of marble
Force Our eyes to your gaze
We stare!
Track Name: Canonical Detritus
I am the Living Word
It breathes through me
Sepulchral heart
Replaces thy destiny
Overthrown are these ways
Thrown away are these chains
Of mental boundaries
Desecrating thy Divinity

Oh, they will cut you for sure
They know exactly what makes you bleed
Oh, they have an Eye on your dreams
They find the demonstration of sleep
A surrender
You'll Awaken but this Opening
Dissolves the I
Or it truncates it just enough
So as to never lose its will
Oh, they will cut you for sure
You'll surrender through sleep
Inside their Eye

Naked, vibrant with temptation
Fruit awakens us from bondage
Aroused by pythonical hymns
But also the vulva and penile desire

Raking down the spine of Eden
Pandemonium in your Paradise
Bodies trembling in concupiscence
In cancellation of the self
Indulging in Lucidity
Prostrating only to Knowledge
Ophidian influence
Divine disobedience
The nightmare of Adamu
Is but a dream of Eve
This was the breaking point
Let us not mince words:
This was not designed to end eloquently
Where is the gate we tread through?
With a flaming sword guarding the way

"Under the Eye, is where the serpent hides, He is in your blood, no use to trying to writhe.
For He is You and You art Him, so far underneath the Eye you are, you are bound to make it blind"

Oh, they crawl out
As if it were all out war
Oh, the stones they'll throw
Oh, the laws they'll invoke
Is this madness?
Faint candles in the darkness
Pray thy scythe cometh!

"Twas not mere light
Which awoke our sleeping eyes
But the tragedy of reality
Murdering our quiet dreams"

They prohibit the blessed Above
From feeling compassion
For the damned, since such a sentiment
Would diminish their bliss in Paradise
In Paradise

"I could have gone on non existing but
these wounds were meant for gathering"

Bones bursting through skin
Emancipated from unseen forces
Holding all four corners of the world
Arteries tendril around pillars
Veins erupt
Through a visceral transformation
Everlasting dimensional glares
Crossroads between pact and forfeiture
Torn between light and darkness

A grand jaw opens wide
Devouring the world
So beith the way into light! Light!

The hour has come!
On the Event Horizon
Subconscious seances
Metastasize all longings

Our Will sparked by Liberty's Flame
Inner Morning Star restored
Epochal light shall show without
We are the jewels dashed upon the rocks
Lapis Exillis struck from the crown
A cup to my lips, I drink wrath's vino
Towards none, none towards
Nonetheless towards Nothingness

Some say the pen is mightier
Than the sword
Except when the blade
Is severing their windpipe

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