Heart Is The Star Of Chaos


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Jewel case CD, 12-page booklet with lyrics. Cover art by Katrine Lyck

SELCOUTH is a collaboration of fantastic individuals from various nationalities and backgrounds, boldly flowing jazzy avant-garde tunes to metal, rock and post-this-and-that. Born as an always-evolving project with no musical boundaries, SELCOUTH currently include musicians from Finland, France, Spain, Russia and Argentina, all doing this for the love of the game. Among them, the whole Khanus' line-up, as well as members from Smohalla, Stagnant Waters, Pryapisme, Fixions, As Light Dies, Aegri Somnia, Monje de Fuego, etc.

With such premises, it doesn't come as a surprise that SELCOUTH's debut full-length album, appropriately titled “Heart Is The Star Of Chaos” presents itself as a visionary and multi-faceted work where metal has been melted together with progressive, jazz-fusion and avant-garde music, to obtain an amazing new alloy held together by lush arrangements of guitars and keyboards, creative rhythms, a vast array of male and female vocals, slanted yet memorable melodies, and a truly unpredictable songwriting.

Wrapped in a wonderful cover painting by Katrine Lyck, and with lyrics built around Jukka Ylisuvanto's poems, SELCOUTH's “Heart Is The Star Of Chaos” is an emotional rollercoaster that will certainly please all those who hold dear the music of Virus, Ved Buens Ende, Arcturus, Peccatum, Solefald, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and Sigh, as well as 70s prog and fusion giants like Magma, Weather Report and Mahavishnu Orchestra.


released June 23, 2017

Joonas Juntunen - Rhytmn guitar, Bass guitar, Spoken vocals (7)
Juuso Juntunen - Male vocals (1,5,6,8)
Markus Liimatainen - Keyboards (1,2,3,4,5,7,8) and Logo design
Slo - Keyboards (6,8)
Aymeric Thomas - Drums and Percussion
Meltiis - Soprano/Mezzo (2,4,5,6,7,8,9)
Mikko Nuorala - Lead Guitar
Andrés Ruiz - Male Vocals (2,4)
Nightmarer - Male Vocals (9)
Ai Vihervaara - Female Vocals (3)
Tuukka Myllymäki - Male Vocals (7)
Jukka "Koba" Ylisyvanto - Lyrics

Cat. Nr. IVR076


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Track Name: Strange Before The Calm
As fluent as erosion
Tearing and devouring
The soil of the solid
(Evident progress of a vacant flux)

The movement, indistinct
Yet a tremor and a turmoil
Evident progress of a vacant flux
(Evident progress of a vacant flux)

Whirling in the wide open
And immense in distances

With its chaotic pulse
This surge of a low tone

As fluent as erosion
Tearing and devouring
The soil of the solid

As the shivers down a spine
Bending in the current
Like a straw de-rooted and soaked

The sensation
A flickering blown out by the passing of a drift
In the air through us as we float
And this was not a choice we made
Track Name: Nightspirit
You pin down stars etching the outlines of eternity
On your map of the world as you know it
You know your world, what more is love?
If the heart is where passion resides
The heart is the star of chaos

Its bearings ever vacillating
If passion is constant and focused
It’s an obsession
A monomania of the mind
What then could love be?

Surely not whatever and something else
Every time you utter the word
Not another rite for enforcing conformity?
Struck numb we turn away
To find new stars for fixing
The bearing
Cast another useless sextant over board
Track Name: Gaia
Gaia, thy swelling rivers feed
On our shores
I have sensed it
Like moss on stone
We have gathered

Trying on your patience
Will you not tire?
(as I have of myself)
Of the flees in your hide
Can you not be budged?

Thy swelling rivers feed
On our shores
Track Name: Querencia
(I am) the sleaze of ages, the guilt forlorn
And the rage is all there where we left it

The weight is immense
The whole of the Universe
All within

Like a spastic solace of turbulent thought
Storming fierce and tearing to shreds
The founding declaration of senses and gravity

The weight is immense
The whole of the Universe
All within

Through the toxic center of the clastic ego
We trade our wounds as our prides clash

In the texture, the sleaze bubbles
We are a muck, wreak havoc
I let you heal me and accept no gratitude

The weight is immense
The whole of the Universe
All within
Track Name: Of Hopes And Lost Treasures
The constant rain pouring doubt like acid
Like a spear (for the misfits and the core nucleus alike)

And the core nucleus alike
To topple any tyrant with

Then and again
To dream a way through
And eat the concrete
Of the throne of streets

Then and again
And hide on the outside
Where there still are untrodden fields

Shrouded in static grey
Cocooned and contorting in petrified skin
That cannot but crack
And torrents of blood flow
In those ravines that tear the land
Track Name: Below Hope
Lest I would want to end it
Inexorably born
I will have existed

And that’ s just the thing as it is with us

Should we have been carved
Hollow in the make – or reinvention
(Inexorably born)
It was all encrypted
(Inexorably born)
Lest we should want to understand nothing
(Inexorably born)
Are we drones but for our dreams?
(Inexorably born)

Dreaming some accumulation
Inexorably enciphered
Thus rendered useless
Lest we should want to understand

But the creation is, of course, impeccable
Yet we dream as if it was impossible to be born empty
Still, it all remains encrypted, the paramount thing
Track Name: Sunless Weather
Ianto, I caught you by your whiff in the wind
And followed its pungent lead

We met at the outskirts
In a ditch by a soaking wet
Black-ploughed field
You were staring at a toad
Frozen by its legs
On the ice of a murky puddle

There’s your land
And then there is mine
Though both long gone
By heart I know my woods

No cultivation serves me
With the likes of you
But my blood, root and wounds
Render me close enough

And in a wild flash I see
The beast that you are
To you civil men are easy catch
Like fat mice to a cat

Ianto, Ianto
The world’s cruel to us all not equally
But still animals can tell by our pungent stench
Which of us are prey

Ianto, for once not confused
I knew you by instinct
And backed away
Track Name: Flying Canopies
I would never feel you
But do bear with me the weight of nothing
But do bear with me the weight of living
I would never feel you

For I am immaculate and never scarred
I touch with a blade and trade my scentless essence
Invisible mimic
I pray beyond radars

Had you hope?
I bear stealth to guide you
And with silence greet your grave despair

You come to me so eagerly but to meet a dead-end

Know: I could never feel you
But do bear with me the weight of nothing
Of living stealth

The more you hurt, the more I can give
The more you want, the more I lack

For I have but to gain
Can you not sense it? The stealth?

With it I drain from an abundant source
As I draw blood and tears
Can you not catch me of feeling?
Do try and bear with me
The weight of stealth
Track Name: Rusticus
All the same behind my tired eyes
The dread of sight
And the rest of senses
All summed into one

A singular notion, dismay
The distinguished guest forcing me
To forfeit my demeaned stand
To the mercy of others

On useless feet drifting, all idle like gold
Living on petty crumps of hope
Carelessly diluting hope
With water that tastes oddly familiar
Doubt I could remember
The forlorn members lost from the multitude
On a fresh course in winding circles
I dearly miss all the past agonies
Of standing in mutiny

All the same behind my tired eyes
The dread of sight
And the rest of senses
All summed into one

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