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CD in jewel box, 12-page booklet complete with lyrics


“Gnosis” is the second part in a series of shorter and more experimental releases that SPECTRAL LORE has undertaken for 2015, each focusing on a specific style, as opposed to a regular SL full-length, which is a collection of several kinds of music. The album was born out of the idea of experimenting with oriental music, using metal instrumentation. It was decided by Ayloss not to formally study the music beforehand, but to invoke an unconscious remembrance of it, in order to get it out distorted and mixed with the elements of metal and western scales.

This concept brought forth several ideas, which became the basis for not only the lyrics of the album, but for a wider philosophical and spiritual meditation which took place around the making of the album. “Gnosis” is a greek word meaning “Knowledge” and is used in the sense of mystical enlightenment. The synthesis of opposites, of conscious and unconscious, of the seemingly opposing cultures of East and West, of body and “soul”, rationality and irrationality, to attain higher levels of reality. “Gnosis” goes as far as to propose a kind of evolutionary, emerging (out of matter) spirituality, in which man lies in an important place as part of the cosmos.

The vocals in this release are not uttered but performed as spaced-out whispers and screams, to further enhance the tension between current and transitory states. Mastered by Colin Marston of Krallice fame, “Gnosis” also features two compositions of acoustic nature, including actual oriental instruments such as tamboura and darbuka. Although the album’s length reaches 49 minutes, it was decided to be called an EP to keep up with the initial concept and to point out its experimental nature.


released December 7, 2015

All music and lyrics by Ayloss, 2015

Recorded and mixed at Stellar Auditorium
Mastered by Colin Marston

Cat. Nr. IVR050



all rights reserved



I, Voidhanger Records Italy

Obscure, unique, and uncompromising visions from the Metal Underground.

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Track Name: Dualism
Worn down by the frantic stillness of modernity
The soul yearns for desire
One that is slowly fading, beneath the loss of meaning.

So complex, conflicting, the wants of man
The pleasures of flesh, nature's decree

No less than the longing of the spirit
For everything that is out of this world

For that which destroys the predictability of this world
For that which unchains the eternal laws, which prohibit
eternity and infinity.

These notions, existing only in the human mind,
Rise above the programmed, unfolding matter of the cosmos
Yet, they still emerge out of the flesh, dependent,
And cease a moment after it fails.

Are we truly then, a part of this world
Or are we, the Children of Matter,
Perishing aimlessly, by the hand of our own parent
Their wondrous plane destroyed again and again
For it is desire, not observation, that the soul is eternal

Rationality speaks to my ego
To battle with death, to hate the frail flesh
To aim for the transfiguration of my being
To conquer eternity and infinity

The Cosmos speaks to my soul
To embrace body and love, to be a sentinel of life
And willingly join with All, in eternity and infinity
Renouncing identity and person-hood

Can these perspectives be reconciled?
When every action sways towards one or the other
Or is it self-deceit to search for a middle path?
Track Name: Gnosis' Journey Through The Ages
Man's soul is an enigma.
A part of the cosmos, yet so different to it.

An eye that looks beyond the flesh
A mind that creates a new dimension,
That of forms and ideas.

What is more natural,
Than to walk even further
On the uphill path
That led us here.

Wisdom soars through the ages
The eye that sees the world as it is
Made from it, yet not of it
Owned by no one, it binds us as one
Unveiling the eternal threads that connect us.

The inner truth, beyond what is experienced,
Is an object to behold, yet not an object in itself,
But the relation in-between, the shadow and the sun,
The word and the meaning, one being and another,
The direction of the universe's flow.
Through Gnosis it is brought back into life,
A cycle complete.

Oh Goddess, lead me into your heart
Let me bring you pregnant light
Let it descend through the heavens then again,
To lay on the fertile seed of the future.

Earth and Space.
Body and Consciousness.
Eros and Logos.
Man and Culture.
Parts and Whole.

Emerging, all-encompassing, concentric circles.

Show me these moments
When the layers converge
And inspiration forms.

The right order for the path to the stars.

Humanity needs a purpose that is outside of her.
The mind flies away, out of this planet,
Into far away galaxies, into timeless domains.
What is our part in the greater scheme of it all?

I yearn for transformation.
Track Name: Averroes' Search
Aristoteles through the eye of Averroes.
Averroes through the eye of Borges.
Borges through the eye of Me.

A line that passes through the ages, eroded
By loss of memory, border of culture, consciousness isolated
Partially pregnant, partially sterile.

Let me become a bridge between the East and the West.
Track Name: A God Made Of Flesh And Consciousness
What is it that we crave?
Nothing less than eternal life,
An untiring soul, an unfading pleasure
The survival of identity, of memory
The never-ending growth of person-hood.

Yet, is transcendence really more of the same
Or a state unimaginable by current perspective?

I am no longer satisfied by ruminations of awe
Of knowledge partial and fragmented
I must become what I have envisioned

The structures emerge from below
Each higher one, a union of multiplicity
In which dynamics are not destroyed
But opposites are held together
In conditional, creative balance
The reconciliation of Self and Whole.

You are the inspirited matter, the last circle
You encompass all of the universe's forces inside you.

You have foreseen the Absolute.
You can create the Absolute.

As atoms (matter) converge, life emerges.
Αs life grows, consciousness (soul) evolves.
As consciousness awakes (through Gnosis), spirit arises.
As spirits (post-humans) converge, God will emerge.

A God made of flesh and consciousness.
A moment of the utmost complexity, beauty and power.
A supreme intelligence, a Noosphere, a Singularity.
Consistent of, but beyond individuality.

Is this to be the End?
Or just another step forward in the unending, spiral staircase of infinity.
Track Name: For Aleppo

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