Fuscus: Strings of the Black Lyre


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Jewel case CD, 16-page full color booklet with lyrics

Deep in the primordial darkness of the swamp, the Great Grey Witch watches and waits for her time for revenge...

THE WAKEDEAD GATHERING's third full-length album, “Fuscus: Strings of The Black Lyre” presents the story of a witch hunt that turns hunter into prey and the children of those so-called “righteous” perpetrators into something… not entirely human! Visually accompanied by the terrifying artwork of Karmazid, the sounds and screams on this album portray the anguish of victim and aggressor alike.

Although the lyrical contents could remind of King Diamond's horror concepts, with “Fuscus: Strings of The Black Lyre” THE WAKEDEAD GATHERING continue on the usual path of dark death metal, veering from time to time into strange territories tinged with black metal (“Blood From The Earth”) and even funeral doom (the incipit of the album's closing track, “An Ancient Tradition”). Tortured vocals and murky tones emanate from the swamp and out through the night air to invade the minds of those unfortunate enough to bear witness to the nightmare.

To those who would dismiss scientific inquiry in favour of dogmatic religious fanaticism, these tracks send a warning and a sense of dread that what you abused and left to rot may come back to destroy you...


released February 5, 2016

A. Lampe - all instruments and voices

Recorded and mixed Spring 2015
Post production assistance and mastering by Bell Collars Bizarre

Cover art by Karmazid
Photos by E. Lampe
Art direction and layout by Francesco Gemelli

Cat. No. IVR051


all rights reserved



I, Voidhanger Records Italy

Obscure, unique, and uncompromising visions from the Metal Underground.

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Track Name: Blood From Earth
Shaken by lies
The swine make holy sounds
"Tin-eyed" accused
They whisper intrigue

Faces cut through the spray
Sororal cruel cancellation
Finding faith so distant
Grows hate in the dark

Vaunted procession
Blame of conspiracy
Riverine extirpation

Carried deep into the bog
Entombed in brackish swell

Banished by the coward's lot
A curse upon your kith and kin

Inside the grey the larvae play and dance upon the crown
Come to my side at vespertide and revel with the drowned

Convocation of niveous harvesters
Enthralled by the light of rage
Revenge and pain wash away decayed flesh
Offering to the Great Grey Witch

Horror in bloom

Forest night

Primeval sylvan song
Lake of the Grey

Scapegoat of the flock

Deviant bitch
Curious devil
Blasphemous corpse

“For the hands you laid upon me - I WILL RETURN
For the loss of all my children - I WILL RETURN
For the sins committed in your ignorance - I WILL RETURN
For the ones you hold so dear... - I WILL RETURN”
Track Name: Deepwoods Nonesuch
In the hour of the witch's night
With fires burning bright
A slender shadow passes near
To carry off your children fair

Hands like branches
Creaking with age
Entrance young minds
As the lyre plays

Warped and withered frightful hag
Unmoved by the fists of man
Drifts to the fallen trees
Where the phantom music emanates

All about the cries rang out and torches blazed; desperate search for the missing
Never knowing all the while sleepers at the edge of the forest listened
Hastening the total subrogation of the untouched bloodline
Bitter mystifying dread horripilation; familiar faces under bottle flies

No one knows from whence she came or how she came to be
Indeed a daemon aberration not of this plane
Occult magnum power execrable; none may comminate
Ordained in the distant gloom of eyes glowing and pained

Come to the weald
Bring your faith and fire
Fall's somber dance
Escape the pyre

Draw the beast from darkness bound
Before the mucid circle
Clouded copse of rancid death

Barren earth among the dense and deadly thickets
The trees dressed in sigils esoteric and rufescent

Prey on the lost of the mad mass witch hunt
Counting the strings of The Black Lyre's spell
Fly from the gyre of the once dead hex-born
Canticles choke the air from Hell

The fateful few surviving raced the horses to the church's guarding, mangled and despondent from the loss
Never truly seeing but disposed to now believing panicked stories of the things among the moss

On dirty knees they bow
Praying to their god
Demented and lamenting
The girl they gave the rod

They're here now...
Track Name: Amnioticysts
In the mist
And underneath the shadow
The Grey Queen awaits

Flailing at the Adhene
Too lost in their softened guise

Lexemes trist
Countess points to the
Spun mounds
Mortal bounty snare

Bloodless approach
Faithful trepidation
Fatalistic hearts

Listless struggle
Waxlike pupal dungeon

Exalt the Green
Spit her favour unto hungry jaws

With the moment for mercy past
The carapace groans with purpose

They crack the shells and slither forth
Vanish shrieking into Mother's twilight ether

Proverb received: An eye for an eye
A plague returned for The Father's lies

Metachromatic underlings
Striated horde
Carry the webs of reprisal
All trapped up in bassinet forms

The hour of rebirth is at hand
The hour of the sword
Fortressed in geotic residence
Alms for the rape of the land

On destitute towers await
Peer out and skyward
Diabolical pockmarked horizon
Hail from above

Animal drone, the wind arcane
Annihilation the only path
Juvenile tongues mock sanity
Touch of the witch along the swath
Track Name: Lungwort
Lambs of penance resting in peace
Not all wounds mend with time
Menace in their veins
Dignity lost is hatred gained

Vines and leaves hanging from the old growth like the hair of a stone-faced crone
Rays of dusk disturb the grotesque shrouded mandrake - spied from slits afar

Faceless phantasm
Cloaked in tattered vestments
Exaggerated fingers
Fade into the seams

And follow its trail
Round the roots
Encased in white cocoons

Abandoned shells
No children to be found

Scent of moldy debris
Echoes of flapping wings
The eyes upon them watching
The lunar choir sings

"Attende Domine, et miserere,
Quia peccavimus tibi"

"Look to the southern stars
And follow the left hand path
From which the moon shall swallow the seas
And summon thee to her embrace"

Pain in their lungs
Bound up in poison
Narcotic vapor

Imps incant
Enraptured regret
An offering

Redeem the souls

Bones made whole



The rite of conversion concludes; to be alive

You were warned to stay away
It is no longer our burden - your refusal to adhere
You have done this to yourselves
Now see what your malice has wrought
See your little ones
See how glorious they have become
Track Name: The Harrowed Column
Legions form the seal of thralldom
Forgery of Winter's penetrant effulgent frost
Dizzying unceasing thrashing of moths
Overrun sentries without restriction

Reflections in the onyx pools
Unblinking obverse
Colonization of the viscid ivory city

Feast - Fall
Dark - Light
Blood - Sea
Queen - Witch
Death - Life
Home - Hell

Chitinous hooks in the cracks - Claw louder
Creeping suffocating writhing worms

Devouring fulgor, raging bright - Impulsive fiends
Eulogy to an ending world razed by flame


Nature abhors
Forced asymetry
Deep-spawned athanasia
Answer in the ashes

The great and mighty purge
To Hell
To blood
And dust!

Through smoke and embers
Skeletal blight
Incrassate totems

In ruins
Return to obscurity
Haunted aura
Incites the lyre
Track Name: An Ancient Tradition
The emerald river
Entombed palaces
Remnants protruding
From the earth
Like hands grasping
Grave reminders

Wet willows weeping
Anoint the cursed
Serpents persist
In apathy
Wallow in the waste

The eyes
Shadows still watching
Her song
Through the mist

Seduced by the master's sweet skein
Carry their load with larks hanging high

The dreaded Black Lyre
Heralds the witch's return
The hour of eldritch suffering
Delays the convalescence

Charred faces of the icons
Sink into charcoal clay coffins

The forest bears the scars
A lost family
Never charged to recompense
For brutality
Put down like mongrels
For want of understanding
Spiritual hysteria
For pages of sand

And the rain can't extinguish the fire
(extinguish their souls)
That which burns eternal
(burns the blood)
Tragic contempt for the authors
(authors of ignorance)
Born of salt in the lungs
(salt in the wounds)

Nebulous beyond the cataract
Daughter of the unnatural hoarfrost cast from rime

Phantom maceration
She plucks the strings with hunger pangs
Exigent thirst
Oceans; but not a drop to taste
A symphony of anguish

Not alone
Edge of reality
Her toxic touch never far away
Mouth of the desert stream
Forever left to drain

“By order of the Court of the Right Hand
The girl is charged with the known practice of witchcraft
Her sins have been witnessed to have caused the murder of five townspeople
And presumably countless others”

“We shall go now to the river and obtain from her a confession
If she be not willing to confess then her death will confirm her guilt”

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