Ebne Graun


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Active since the early 2000’s, TODESSTOSS is the creature of Martin Lang, a German musician, poet and painter that has left a lasting mark on the metal underground with his eclectic style. Lang’s music is a reflection of his composite visual art and inventive poetry, a surrealistic and theatrical mise-en-scène, as disturbing and darkly bizarre as it is daring and provocative.

TODESSTOSS’ previous work on I, Voidhanger Records, “Hirngemeer” (2015), was a mind-bloggling, vicious tangle of cacophonous black metal, spooky doom, dark electro-rock and weird psychedelia, propelled by a cold and primitive drum-pulse. No less stylistically lunatic, the new album “Ebne Graun” (a play on words translatable to “The ‘orror Pla’n”) is probably even more hallucinatory and mysterious, certainly more epic and frightening in concept and scope. It features one single 46-minute long track, a majestic and dreary funeral dirge slowly carrying the listener through the barren lands beyond Existence.
With the help of Flesh Of L. (vocals) and Euer Gnaden (bass), for “Ebne Graun” Martin Lang has carved his most dreadful visions of keen insights and horror, where gigantic waves of black metal guitars first dilate reaching breathtaking emotional peaks, then deflate and crawl over the doomy pace of the rhythm section.

On the creepy cover photograph – that Lang shot by mere chance during Totensonntag, a German religious holiday celebrating the dead – a Grim Entity is clothed in an astral dress, its claws tightly holding a snake sceptre that slowly tries to feast on the last rays of life from a departed human being…
Is that our ultimate destiny? A larval existence in a grey domain of infinite nothing? TODESSTOSS explored such a terrifying dimension, and “Ebne Graun” is their testimony.


released February 3, 2017

Martin Lang - Guitars, synth, percussion, lyric, concept, artwork
Flesh of L. - Vocals and vocal lines
Euer Gnaden - Bass and bass composition


Cat. Nr. IVR069


all rights reserved



I, Voidhanger Records Italy

Obscure, unique, and uncompromising visions from the Metal Underground.

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Track Name: Ebne Graun
Ebne Graun
(The 'orror Pla'n)

Die Luft hier atmet Nüchternheit
Weder Schutz gibt’s, noch Geleit
Als ergraute Gedanken an welke Enden
Lichterleichen liegen ausgebreitet wie an Stränden

(The air breathes sobriety here
Neither shelter there
Nor escort
Than greyed thoughts of ends wilted
Outstretched like on beaches, illuminated
Corpses resting)

Nimmermüde Vorstellung des Verfalls
Kollektivkoma des Körperwalls
Todeshormon und Beklemmung freigesetzt
Werden Scheinknochen an des Nachbarn selbige gewetzt

(Untiring perception of decay
Collective coma of dead bodies’ wall
Trepidation released and death hormone
On the neighbour’s ones apparent bones
Are rubbing)

Gequältes Stöhnen, banges Ziehen
Auf dem Plateau der Pein gibt’s kein Entfliehen
Es reichte doch schmuckloses Nein
Dem Entschlafen tumber Mass’ entgegen für das weit’re Sein

(Tortured moans, anxious ache
From the plateau of grief, there’s no escape
An unadorned “no” would be enough
To the dull masses’ departure, in favour
Of an existence further)

Dahinschlummern der Selbste auf Liegen wie aus Glas
Das ihr eigen Licht einfängt, des Schädelschicksals Aas
Götter eines Gotts im Schlaf gestorben
In klammer Düsterheit den Geist verdorben

(Slumber of the selves on daybeds out of glass
That catches their own light, skull fate’s rotting carcasses
Gods of a god in deepest sleep have died
In damp gloominess spoiling spirit’s might)

Leichnamteppich, Ebene ohne Zuversicht
Gedanken, Wirklichkeiten ham wegweisendes Gewicht
Beet der Wesenheit mit Furcht gedüngt
Transzendenter Suizid, jenseitig anti-verjüngt

(Corpse carpet, a plain without confidence
Thoughts, realities have pathbreakin’ importance
Patch of beings fertilised with dread
Transcendental suicide, anti-rejuvenated
In the beyond)

Ält’re Wächter wollen helfen, Lichter vorm Erlischen retten
Verzweifelt rütteln sie an verschlung’nen Astralketten
Rufen Worte in Tauber Geisterohren
Die da leben wollten, doch den Tod als Tat erkoren

(Older wardens want to help, rescue lights from dying out
Desperately shaking engulfed astral chains, shouting
Words into ghost ears of the deaf ones
Who wanted to live so, yet chose
Death as deed)

Selten finden sie Gehör, ein Lichtkörper regt sich verstört
Vom Grunde seines Seelengrabs, hinauf, ob der Störungen empört
Doch lauschend ob der Möglichkeiten, die der Wille birgt
Einzig wenn man unwohl denkt, man unrettbar stirbt

(To be heard rarely, a body of light stirs in a distressed
Way, from the bottom of its soul grave, looking out, disgusted
Due to disturbance, yet harkening in virtue of the possible
That will hides, only if you think unwell,
You’ll die beyond reclaim)

So werden wenige geweckt, erhoben
Auf der matten Kameraden Totenbett zu sehen von droben
Ihr einst'ges Schicksal beschließen sie mit einer Seelenträne
Ein Tropfen auf den Stein als Licht, des Todes grau Domäne

(So, only few got aroused, raised
To watch from above on faint comrade’s deathbeds
Concluding their erstwhile fate with a tear of their soul
A single drop of light on stone, Death’s grey domain)

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