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Death Epic


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The Horror 04:08
Terror dawn tears me into shiny shreds Fills my mouth with leathery hides To smother my retching cries Trembling corpse, spasmodic limbs Violent expulsion of all the fluids kept within The horror Murky days spent in skinless grinding Like shadows, like decomposing meat With nails through our hands We’re emptied out We walk, we crawl, slowly dying
Glowing sun, the scything light Searing serpent Glowing sphere, to baptize Us all with solstice Sleepless Horus Darkest night awaken to drown the fear One more day is ending Night, sweet night Sekhmet, mother of bloody dawn Lioness of Ra Drinking the whites of our eyes Right hand of the oppressor She rides the sands into war Perpetrating violent battle Tearing her victims to pieces To watch them fucking die Darkest night awaken to drown the fear One more day is ending Night, sweet night
Until Death 05:11
The eye ablaze up high Slowly creeping down A pyre descending in red Settling into dusk and gloom It burns through veils of ashes swirling Creatures gather in front of the furnace Awaiting the falling of night Chased by their screams Echoing through the forest I stumble further away from the path Yet here they find me With their knives unsheathed And the symbol of their god On their shields Those curs intended To make me suffer I hate you until death The world wanes As the noose tightens They light the fire Praising their god The roaring flames Drown my cries
Carrions Riding on the storm Through clouds of smoke From fires Down below The slaughterfield unfolds With mountains Of corpses An armored figure rises Reflecting the sunlight His features are ghoulish and pale His heart a crimson black Slowly he lifts his gaze to the sky Steadying himself He sings to the heavens The home of ancestral bloodshed He calls upon their favor Upon their strength The ancient deities of war Goddess of the South Let your eye go forth against those Who oppress us in the kingdom When it comes down from heaven No human eye can be raised against it Goddess of the East Those who destroy as is their wont And with their evil natures harm the righteous May Soma give them over to the serpent Or to your lap consign them
Drive 04:23
In the headlights formless shadows flicker into life Falling under the wheels Jagged creatures born where light meets the night Bathed in red once they reappear From an eerie rush of white Branches are reaching A flash of piercing, blinded eyes Through the windscreen Shards are everywhere A vast glittering sea Slick with blood I’m fighting to stay In the quiet calm The air feels stale There’s an alien sound Its skin is pale Eyes wide, it’s moving towards me
Relatively uneventful existence until she was 12 When vile murder occurred Seventeen stabwounds left her Forever young Her parents were weeping by the grave But she was not dead And so she rose again Thirsting for vengeance upon her killer Forever wronged At night she spoke to him in his sleep Of hellish things and dire dreams Of childhood scars unhealed Of cellar doors locked and sealed He awoke drenched in sweat At first relieved to be alone in bed But then somewhere close he heard a chilling scream The ghoulish girl, her face unfurled, lurched at him His children were weeping by the grave But he was not dead
Beating hearts behind the walls Earthy smells abound The source of tears and bloody stains Reappears The signs are here In the crude scars On their tattooed flesh And in their hollow eyes They cannot speak They cannot see or hear Crawling, creeping to me Faces falling apart Their reaching hands are twisting out of shape Devoid of natural form Screaming inhumanly Tearing at my clothes and my skin Their fingernails leave filthy marks The stink is unbearable up close They overwhelm me I run down the stairs Into the basement below I’m trapped in the dark There’s no way out They are here
Death Epic 04:59
Breathing slowing to nothing The heart skips a beat Then stops for good The eyes close shut The skin changes hue While cooling off The body bloats Fluids are expelled Maggots feed As the flesh decays Tissue dissolves Bones are exposed The dried-up remains Interred in soil Are overgrown With straws of grass
Hurt Them 04:39
I feel this chill When bitter eyes wreak frost All the people are born to hurt And hurt them I will I’ll live one life and die broken I’ll breathe infected blood Your rotting face makes me choke I wish that you would live


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Five years after the impressive debut of “Incendiary Serum”, Denmark's PHANTOM have once more unearthed themselves from shallow graves to unleash their particular blend of death-worshipping paranormal black metal on the world. “Death Epic” is the lamenting of carcasses brought back to life, writhing in their own blood while moaning for death to claim them once more.

PHANTOM's black metal is sharp yet very melodic, perfectly balanced between pernicious mid-tempos and aggressive accelerations, with conspicuous injections of keyboards, clean vocals and guitar solos that concur to the grandiose, mournful and gothic atmospheres wrapping each song up in a black shroud.

Lyrically, the band crafts bloody tales of vengeful, malign spirits tormenting the living; so much that the album ends up looking like a little book of horrors in audial form, where choirs of unholy ghosts manifest themselves to sing and praise the disgusting yet fascinating magnificence of post-mortem existence and of her seductive Queen, beautifully rendered in Carl Bloch's drawing adorning the album cover. PHANTOM's “Death Epic” is the freezing chill of night as it blankets your soul.


released July 20, 2018

Cat. Nr. IVR095


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I, Voidhanger Records Italy

Obscure, unique, and uncompromising visions from the Metal Underground.

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