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Crux Lupus Corona


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Via Dolorosa 02:09
Rejoyce! For on this darkest of nights Our thirst shall be quenched By the blood of the lamb
Crux 05:05
I am the redeemer A self-perpetuating mass Of tumultuous DA’ATH energy Placed upon the holy altar Fresh blood is spilled It dries up, then coagulates And transforms into a gateway Ornate with hair and teeth The shadow of death A reflection? “Maybe” Prophecy? “Yes” Now slowly undress Sweet seed of life which you possess And softly caress The fruit from which I ate A sword spins counter-deosil Its hilt marked 358 Limp upon the Calvary Succumb to the spell of crucifixion Dead and blind, with maggots in mind Prepare to wear the seal of dispute. Tiphareth restrained, black giants unchained As disharmonic resonance evokes The devoured the sun This dark night has just begun Golden ashes are now sliding down their throats *[Speaketh the giants]* Malediction upon matter To reach Adamas Ater The snake lets go The oceans grow The skies get ever blacker Death and doom upon the holy tomb A single red rose spirals up A sign of Death has bloomed ?'???? ?’???? ?’???? ?’???? Cut out the shape a black hole makes deep in the face of God Inseminate the egg Now that we have broken bread Most sacred blood now as a portal Because the lamb is dead ??? ?????? ????????? Draw back the curtain and death unveil ??? ?????? ????????? Lift up the hammer and strike the nail The corpse awakens inside a coffin Blackness stifles his undying screams Wood is splintered as he claws for freedom Fingernails rend and pulped knuckles weep The Golgotha lies just upstream from Eden And you’re holy semen and sacred seed
Lupus 05:06
Light bringer Serpent so black Bearer of knowledge So great as to crack illusionary forms Between the self and the horns A gateway through venom shall engulf I behold Serpents so old My path will unfold A step into the reflections of the illusive And cold aspects of my soul Translucent figure of Sapphire Eternal spectre of thyself Come to me Come to me once again! Appear before me And I shall be as you! Ascend in darkness Descend in disease Savour this sacrifice For this dark God’s will is to reave Accept this offering Prepare the seventh gate Now flay the fallen Son In black, lycanthropical hate Dense and coiling, pulsating tunnels Channel the judgement of the deceased The throbbing viscera salivate And beacons of self-salvation gleam From the ashes around my neck Lupus! And the thorn in my side Lux! From the opening of hallowed wounds Redemption dies! The sulphur fires unearth my shallow grave The constellation swung its reddened blade And stars fell down to jewel the crown That burns the air betwixt the kingdom and beauty
Corona 04:55
And the daughters wept Their tears froze in rapturous fear Chastised through grief Raped by regret And they drank from the rivers And their hearts turned black Their fallow wombs resounded rebirth “O hollow temptress, I call to thee - Fuck me!” “Come, join the slow dance, with maggots, shit and entropy!” The foremost Demoness stood Corpse beneath her feet To begin the widdershins gyration Astride a holy piece of meat Climax arrived, she had the Devil’s eyes As they blazed beyond the solar sphere They bridged the gap between the abyss and back The site of coronation near And so it was done The song of redemption sung On a wheel profound Death was crowned



CD in jewel case. 12-page booklet complete with lyrics


A duo comprised of W. Malphas (guitars, drums, vocals) and A. Baal (bass), INCONCESSUS LUX LUCIS offer a very personal take on occult/satanic black metal by embracing the fierce aggressiveness of 80's metal and the formidable grooves of 70's hard rock. The result is what the band calls Saturnian Black Magic.

"INCONCESSUS LUX LUCIS should be perceived as a fissure in this reality, through which the night can freely creep. We are smugglers of spiritual contraband!" exclaims singer/guitarist W. Malphas. "There are beautiful and cunning forces at work, lurking behind the hollow veil that we call the material world," he explains. "Beings that abhor these fleshy husks we walk around in so arrogantly, beings that love to shriek mockingly at the absurdity of the human race’s mass delusion. We’ve been unwillingly thrust into god’s image, wherein lies the inherent belief that we too must perceive ourselves as some fragile, fearful ego, housed in clay, as something separate from the ageless and limitless beauty of the vast nothing."

After a well received debut titled "Disintegration: Psalms Of Veneration For The Nefarious Elite" on Nomos Dei Productions, INCONCESSUS LUX LUCIS release the "Crux Lupus Corona" EP, inspired by the eponymous constellations and the occult significances they imply.


released October 15, 2014


W. Malphas - guitars, drums, vocals
A. Baal - bass

Cover art by Bethany White

Cat. No. IVR037


all rights reserved



I, Voidhanger Records Italy

Obscure, unique, and uncompromising visions from the Metal Underground.

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