Converge, Rivers of Hell


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Pierre du Nord
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Pierre du Nord You always open my mind to unknown audio territories. Respect !
JANUSZ ROLA thumbnail
JANUSZ ROLA THE Best Buy I have is Your Band thank you Favorite track: Styx (Converge, Rivers Of Hell).
Wouter Stokhof
Wouter Stokhof thumbnail
Wouter Stokhof An amazing atmospheric album! Favorite track: Acheron (Deflecting Heaven's Will).
Bruce thumbnail
Bruce I was looking for something more from The Crevices Below (I bought 'Below the Crevices' elsewhere so it's not in my collection here, but is one of the best atmospheric metal albums ever and is available on BandCamp - get it) when I stumbled across this absolute gem of a record. Set this to play and embark on a journey through the underworld. One-man sonic virtuoso Dis Pater is a genius, and I can't wait to hear what he comes up with next. Favorite track: Lethe (Through The Lair Of Hypnos).
pfk505 thumbnail
pfk505 A truly monumental release, the peak of Dis Pater's musical genius, and a fitting ending for two amazing projects. The Crevices Below, both tracks here are just incredible beyond my ability to convey. Get this now. Favorite track: Acheron (Deflecting Heaven's Will).
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Jewelcase CD, 24-page full color booklet with lyrics and liner notes

"CONVERGE, RIVERS OF HELL" is a concept-album dedicated to the classical rivers of Hades as narrated in Greek and Latin Literature and Mythology, featuring exclusive contributions from all of Dis Pater's projects: MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY, THE CREVICES BELOW and TEMPESTUOUS FALL.

In Dis Pater's visions - fueled by ambient black metal, symphonic arrangements and funeral doom abysses - Acheron, Cocytus, Pyriphlegethon, Lethe and Styx become places of the soul, where the dead face their despair and are left to wander eternally, drowning in their own memories and miseries, waiting for a merciful hand to save them... or cancel their existence forever.

Over 1 hour in length, the CD is accompanied by a luxurious 24-page full-colour booklet with all lyrics, Dis Pater's notes, and the superb paintings by the Flemish visionary artist Erik Heyninck, a true master of Surrealism.


released October 30, 2013


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I, Voidhanger Records Italy

Obscure, unique, and uncompromising visions from the Metal Underground.

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Track Name: The Crevices Below - Charon (Upon The Winds Of Lamentations)
A distant sound of water rippling
A faint disturbance that moves the foggy air
From the caverns that rise before me
A shadow dances through the murk
As one who dares to traverse these waters
I too must pay to cross these shores

A dark procession of orderly souls
One by one they board the sacred boat
A journey far across those whirlpools
Beyond the reach of Apollo's light
Waters as filthy as the old man himself
His beard and clothes reek of ages old

Aeschylus, Seven Against Thebes, 854 ff:
“But sail upon the wind of lamentation, my friends,
and about your head row with your hands' rapid stroke
in conveyance of the dead...”

Euripides, Alcestis, 252 ff:
“I see him there at the oars of his little boat in the lake,
the ferryman of the dead, Kharon, with his hand upon the oar
and he calls me now. ‘What keeps you? Hurry...’”
Track Name: Tempestuous Fall - Pyriphlegethon (In Death's Gaping Jaws)
Fate abysmal, crimes forewarned
Blood of conquerors, valleys of dead
Souls of once mighty proud men
Boil in blood, a river of flames
Forever drowning in those they slew
Bubbling steam from flesh and sinew

Mors atra auidos oris hiatus
pandit et omnis explicat alas

Turba sororum face Tartarea

Mors atra auidos oris hiatus
pandit et omnis explicat alas

Slaughter above, the blood seeps
Into the waters down below
The river’s girth starts to grow
Torrents of death, the fires arise

When this river’s banks burst
Waters mingle with Stygian filth
And curse the land above

Quae poena memet maneat et sedes, scio

A realm of plague and death
A kingdom once grand
Now stands before those once conquered, now vengeful

Quae poena memet maneat et sedes, scio

Dark Mors opens wide his greedy, gaping jaws and unfolds all his wings
(Seneca, Oedipus, 160)

...what punishment waits for me, and what place, I know
(Seneca, Phaedra, 1226)
Track Name: Midnight Odyssey - Lethe (Through The Lair Of Hypnos)
There is no fire in hell
There is no place like hell
Where the streams wash away your cares
Through the caves all memories fade
When hell freezes over...

There are no fires in hell
There are no flames to keep you awake
Through the lair of Hypnos you stray
Through a bliss, oblivion, nothingness
Far away when hell freezes over

Through the lair of Hypnos I stray
To abyss, oblivion, bodiless

Faceless forms and vapour
Dissolved into the air

Taking my place amongst
The shades of Hades
Drinking the waters
Forgetting my deeds
Leaving my memories
What is my name?
Drunk with drowsiness
Departing into sleep

Endless words and murmurs
Weigh down my tired eyes

Through the lair of Hypnos I strayed
Into bliss, elysian emptiness

There are no fires in hell
Track Name: The Crevices Below - Acheron (Deflecting Heaven's Will)
Below the deserts, the cascading hills of sand
Waters ghostly, yet vaster than the greatest lands
The spirits ride, the mud seems to grow
Like hands, reaching out to feed on these souls

Absorbing the painful memories
Stabbing away those hindering dreams
Thoughts opaque, the swamp infested gaze
Never will it take the pain away

Flow away from the oceans calming breeze
To the waters, muddied by mortal beings
And their sins, are washed into the shore
Their spirits wreathe, unable to endure

Absorbing the painful memories
Stabbing away those hindering dreams
Thoughts opaque, the swamp infested gaze
Never will it take the pain away

Watching... and waiting
For their turn...
Dreading... and cowering
For they know...
The words of Juno...
The truths they face...

Writhing, in this convoluted state
Contorting, in these maddening screams

Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo

Bathe them in malodorous waters
This decay - the foulest of beings

If I cannot deflect the will of Heaven
Track Name: Tempestuous Fall - Cocytus (Shades Of Phantom Souls)
Deepest darkest
Realm of my heart
Frozen, fallen
Shades of phantom
Forms dismal
Souls laid with guilt
Traitorous breaths
Whisper falsehoods
And screech like the owls...

In the shades of
Chains forged eternal
You take your place
Amongst the ice
Traitors of blood
Traitors to land
Betray those of welcome stay
Doomed to freeze, the vultures seize
And pick as they please

Darkest Frozen
Deepest Fallen
Shades of phantom
Souls blowing cold words
Too late...
Track Name: Midnight Odyssey - Styx (Converge, Rivers Of Hell)
Nine circles travelled
The boundary of the world
Of waters blackened
Converge, rivers of hell

Amongst the yew trees
A silent deathly path
Of vapours poisoned
Exhale, breath of life

Oh waters holy
Of whom the gods swear oaths
A binding promise
No words can be undone

A pact made to be broken
The waters must be drunk
Silent the god tongues
Nine long summers must pass

Another nine years
Forced into exile
From marble halls of grandure
The realm of Saturn’s son

For even he knows
An innocent request
Cannot be broken
Can only end in death

And through night’s blackness
The waters cold and dark
Calmly down the cliffside
Are swayed by jagged rock
A realm unworldly
Majestic silver swirls
Immortal waters
Tide against the marsh

The sun and eagle
Have known the water’s ways
One gave his chariot
And one - his self revealed

To swear upon them
The silver Stygian waves
Is cursed to regret
The fearful stream of hate

Nine circles travelled
The boundary of the world
Of waters blackened
Converge, rivers of hell

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