Breed Of A Dying Sun


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CD in jewel case. 8-page full color booklet


The expressive dimension of AUS DER TRANSZENDENZ materializes in 2009 thanks to the contributions of various individuals from the underground black metal scene whose identity won't be revealed.

The main target was to grab the black metal roots and its typical musical shape to gradually evolve, transpass and transcend them into a new synthesis of sound and thought.

The Central-European black metal perception has been drawn into an ocean of visions, resonating with the mystic majesty of past aeons and the coldest feelings of immaterial strenght.
The chalice dropping the juice of black metal poison has been emptied, the thrill consumed its last fading streams. What once was incarnated beauty has been transfigured by ambition, strangled by avenging shadows.

AUS DER TRANSZENDENZ play a noble and regressive form of black metal: poisoned by the Modern Age, but always perceiving the eternal immanence of a past dead by the sword, but never to be forgotten.


released February 11, 2012

Cat. nr. IVR010


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I, Voidhanger Records Italy

Obscure, unique, and uncompromising visions from the Metal Underground.

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Track Name: Breed Of A Dying Sun
Human breed
portrait of a dying sun
the mist of oblivion
among the ruins
of glorious empires
fallen in dust

the immortal call
of devouring darkness
poisoning the essence
of triumph

empty existences
sacrificed on forgotten altars
fragile army
doomed to disappear
(in the impalpable smog of helplessness)

motionless statue,
burning mask of stone

the boiling fires
of false divinities arising
forgotten fathers
of a rotten era

light pinnacles
surrounded by rain
silent maidservants
of the halls of the end
unfolding its drapery
imposing its chant
Track Name: Hymns Of Ruin
Waters and thy voice
transparent hymns
to ancient heroes
reflect their forgotten banners
as thou flow

And now the pathway turns gloomy
and the dark vacuum
scratches reason
the throne of the sun
seems to set eternally
and it looks pale

Lost days of glorious spring
the key to a knowledge now mislaid

The unconscious beating
of a never coming rebirth

the world we are waiting for
is far to come

And the wanderer stopped
in the foggy seas
admiring the essence
of mortal condition
Track Name: A Dream Of Ghosts
Lost silhouettes damned in oblivion
as fragments of an unattainable dream
mirrors of incomplete ego

The transparent feeling
of disappearing
in emotive but useless pictures
of decay

The sense of tragedy
gazing the marble tomb
of sleepless dragons

The empty recall
of defeated awakening
the sign of an overwhelmed breed

Its roots buried in an abyss
of inviolable darkness
the line to ascension fallen in dust

A sunset of false beliefs
the ideal beyond human beign
is not salvation

Time for judgement
time to face
the call to war
Track Name: A Pathway To Rebirth
Ancient keepers
guardians of an arcane rest
guide the remaining trmbling light
through the shadows

silentium animae

meaningless speeches
arisen in the meadows of the void
a glorious deflagration
set by a new language

crepusculum deorum

mighty reign of reason
hidden among raging storms
a solitary immortal flame
in the fires of destruction

...the colonnade of false sacred worlds cracks
reveries of a truth never alive
among blank reflections of dying portraits
there’s the pathway to the hyperborean sun...

The gardens of Babylon burn
consumed by their nothingness
fading symbol of a falling pride
a monument wrecking in all its emptyness

Silent sleeping canvas
destroying the essential core
to irradiate the essence of ego
Track Name: The Secret Revealed
Hidden sun
an invisible truth
beyond the gates of wisdom
floating over bleak seas
inspiring words of knowledge

thy call is now spreading
among the ruins of the lost

in the cave where we lived
dreaming was the secret door
to recover thy temple
to cross its soil

mute spiritual mirror
of the conscience of us all
the unveiled light of Mithra

a burning lantern
howling fire of reason in the dark
tearing the eternal night
drawing the path

the overwhelming impression
of constant fading
a tragic condemnation
for the one

gazing the ancient laws of time
written on the purest marble
immortality revealed
we were made to reach astra

is the blind still alike
beyond the veil of allucination?

the longest way
to our endless haven
where our highest invocations
will be heard

where our voices will gather in one
above the skies of this dying earth
where the ancient fathers of the sun
still lies in silent wait

we were made of stars to reach the stars

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