Between The Light And The Moon


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“Between The Light And The Moon” is the poetic title of DISSVARTH's debut full-length album, a contemplative voyage through starry landscapes of infinite beauty. DISSVARTH is a duo comprising two among the most visionary and talented artists in today's atmospheric metal field: Dis Pater, the enigmatic Australian composer behind MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY, and Svarthen of Slovakia's AEON WINDS.

The enchanting, etheric songs of “Between The Light And The Moon” are the result of their collaboration and their love for the music of Dead Can Dance, Elend, Arcana, Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream. Leaving the metal influences behind, the duo has distilled a pure concentrate of atmospheric ambient imbued with classical music, enriched with cosmic tones, fascinating neo-folk acoustic passages, a prominent darkwave feel, and crystalline vocal melodies.

DISSVARTH's music is simple, yet transcending and incredibly intense. There's no sadness in these notes, but the kind of melancholy brought up by nighttime reflections and bittersweet memories, mixed with the reassuring hopes for a better tomorrow. DISSVARTH speak to our spirit, and their cosmic tales of loss and abandon reconcile us with our lives.


released March 11, 2016

Dis Pater - Music on tracks I, IV, VI and IX. Vocals on tracks I, II, III, IV, VI, VII and VIII

Svarthen - Music on tracks II, III, V, VII and VIII. Vocals on tracks I, IV and IX

Vocals and Lyrics on track IX by Gianna. Lyrics on track IV by Namter

Cover art by Dis Pater
Dissvarth logo, art direction and layout by Francesco Gemelli



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I, Voidhanger Records Italy

Obscure, unique, and uncompromising visions from the Metal Underground.

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Track Name: Into Darkness Now Your Spirit Flies
And how the night shall rise
when shadow descends upon thee
Your pale skin as cold as stone
Your eyes so lifeless
Staring into a distant dream
Not noticing the ones around you

Pale fingers lie unmoved and still
Eyes not blinking, staring with a chill
And no air exhales from your mouth
Tears remain of your dreams unfulfilled

Night has gripped you ever close and dear
And stars shall never answer any dream
Now your soul will rise into the sky
Into darkness now your spirit flies

Darkness lurked in all you once had been
Blinded you were taking on your fear
Only death will nurture what you were
And death will give you all the peace you need
Track Name: Ablaze Of Solar Night
Uneasy, plains of stone
Sit still in night
In the darkness, slow
Comes the flames of light
From a burning star
Peaking from behind
And the shadows grow

Come near me, plains of stone
Come shelter me from light
When the fires grow
And that burning star
Will force the night to fall
Track Name: Between The Light And The Moon
Between the light and the moon
A cold and weightless fall
Basking in an astral show
Disappear behind our world
Between the light and the moon
Track Name: Polaris
Twinkling star it called my name
Amidst a charming song.
of strange lands hidden faraway
that lure my yearning soul
Twinkling star it called my name
and whispered all its lies
it knows my secret cravings
its words cut through my vice

Follow me and see the place
where crimson rivers flow
where moons in colour of amber beads
shine on endless worlds

Daemon star of north burnt my weary eyes
When its beams cut through grey and cloudy skies

Purple sands and golden mists
Dreams that soul just can¥t resist
Flame that burns hole through my heart
Trapped inside a black cold vault.

Daemon star of north tricked my weary eyes
When its beams cut through my soul and filled it with its lies

Otther stars anon shall rise
To the axis of the skies
Stars that soothe and stars that bless
With a sweet forgetfulness
Only when my round is over
Shall the past disturb thy door

(from Polaris by H.P. Lovecraft)
Track Name: Sink Below To Shadow
The wheel, of flames
Sinks below, to shadow

And the dead call your name
With tears
And the night wraps itself
around you

The boat of souls
rides below, with you

And the dead call your name
With tears
And the night wraps itself
around you
Track Name: From A Journey Comes The Forgotten
Awaken from the depths, my memories
Wake from the past, stray into life

The path is long and dark
Wander alone, wander alone now
Lost in the vast, twisted thoughts of death
I hear his call, but nameless he stays
Like from the past, leading me blind
Blindly leading

From a journey comes the forgotten
Track Name: ...Which Dreams Forgot
Waiting through a thousand winds
Memories of mist and fears
we leave this world again
to learn to shed a tear again

Waiting through a thosaund winds
For every sin to disappear
Cave of safety or home
of necropolis labyrinths

We took our vows which we forgot

Wandering through mist
The winds slow, motionless
The tears break through the fog
But only to dry the soul

When a thousand winds have died
We wait a thousand more
Forgetting all we mourned
Never to leave this world

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