Arrayed Claws


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Odiumediae In reference to my favourite track, this album really has abstractly trapped me for the better part of a month now. The first time I listened to it I was amazed by the cold atmosphere, but my personal highlight is how a story began to unfold before my inner eye when I listened to "Abstract Trap". LORN are fantastic musicians and really know how to create atmospheres of smouldering and deeply unsettling, yet utterly fascinating musical terror. Favorite track: Abstract Trap.
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Ippocalyptica I read a review of Arrayed Claws by a respected contributor on a certain popular metal website, and I think that he best captured in a single adjective the entire aesthetic and structure of this album: insectoid. This is unquestionably dissonant black metal and it is unquestionably experimental, but what makes it unique and memorable is indeed the insectoid, off-kilter riffing and melodies. Despite the unsettling atmosphere of this album, it is a credit to Lorn’s songwriting abilities that the entire album is utterly hypnotising. Furthermore, even though each song contains melodies that are repeated at length before transitioning in unpredictable ways to different, equally-intriguing melodies, the whole affair is completely cohesive. These gents are also rather accomplished musicians in terms of instrumental prowess, and I was left wondering more than once just how they executed certain sections. In closing, as myriad as are the fish in the ocean, equally numerous are the reasons to buy this album and commit yourself to the insectoid void. Favorite track: Abstract Trap.
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Snyjxr This album is indeed unique and very strange. I haven't heard any other black metal music that sounds like this. These guys are very creative in their songwriting! It's a very, very good album!! It's haunting and asphyxiating! Favorite track: Toybodïm.
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Ltd. CD in jewel box, 8-page booklet with lyrics

Two years after the revelatory “Subconscious Metamorphosis” album, Italy's LORN are back with “Arrayed Claws”, probably their more psychotic and violent work to date. The album features 5 tracks that perfectly exemplify LORN's evolutionary path within the black metal field.

As it was with its predecessor, “Arrayed Claws” is an accumulation of ultra-electric and dissonant melodies standing out against colossal guitar-walls, often shattering into psychedelic, mind-expanding dark ambient codas. But where “Subconscious Metamorhposis” was a transcendental mental journey towards a superior illumination, LORN's new album looks more like a physical and desperate odyssey through the regions of Death, an “abstract trap” through which to sink into an unforgiving hell that corrupts the flesh and mutilates the spirit.

That's exactly what happens in “Toybodïm” and “Süt-aq-Köl”, two songs inspired by the Altaian mythology, two stages of a purification path. The first track takes its name from a black lake where the souls of the dead fall and become larvae; the second is a lake of milk where the spirits get purified, a placenta for the newborns. The transition between these two tracks and the towering atmospheric conclusion of “Aus Nebel Turm” leaves the listener beaten and dismayed, with the painful awareness of being only a grain of nothing, lost in the unending and mysterious fogs of Existence.


released February 3, 2017

LORN is:

Radok - guitars, bass, synth, vocals
Chimsicrin - drums


Cat. No. IVR068


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I, Voidhanger Records Italy

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Track Name: Disharmonic Feticism
so that nothing correspond
intolerance to the familiar
orgasmic grate
reposing trust in the lag
like an addicting remand
misaligning spring of disorder
and his prolific pollen
will strangle this illusion
to fool the motionless ring of our Hour
Track Name: Abstract Trap
arrayed claws
waiting for your sleep
warnings chocked
by frantic breaths
tireless hands
carving ruts
that tomorrow
a masked insight
will offer
the illusion of your will
while roaming them
taking confidence
into the dormant labyrinth
by eager fates
between 1000 shining dawns
like blades
Track Name: Toybodïm
miserable parasite
the cowardice inebriates your void
hidden haughtiness
allegiance frighten your rotten self
envy is your fuel
unable to fight
addicted slander
agog to betray
for a minute of attention
scandalized like a pharisee
when is time to harvest
your seeded rotten mud
tasting for an instant
the same flavour of your blind infamy
Track Name: Süt-aq-Köl
Track Name: Aus Nebel Turm

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