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A Subtler Kind Of Light


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Alice M.
Alice M. thumbnail
Alice M. From uncanny clean vocals to gloomy ambient stuff, it kinda sounds like several bands took turns crafting this record.
Riley Kesselring
Riley Kesselring thumbnail
Riley Kesselring these guys killed it. exceptionally diverse album Favorite track: Fall (Ptosi).
last vinyl before doomsday
last vinyl before doomsday thumbnail
last vinyl before doomsday Brilliant, incredibly original heavy music that incorporates of myriad of genres into an experimental, unnerving and extremely challenging whole. One of the best records of 2017 thus far.
Head-Banger Reviews
Head-Banger Reviews thumbnail
Head-Banger Reviews A masterfully perfect record that is truly one of a kind Favorite track: Pillar (Vraxos).
zack zubilewich
zack zubilewich thumbnail
zack zubilewich A little bit of everything i like Favorite track: Light (Fos).
RMK thumbnail
RMK Helm, I remember you when you were a regular commenter on Invisible Oranges back in the day. Your knowledge and dedication to metal has earned my respect in itself. I look forward to spending a lot of time with this album. Cheers! -RMK
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Light (Fos) 08:21
There is a box Without a key Inside it It holds letters three Poetry macabre And crumpled secrets Beautiful petals, delicate But only one withered Her saccharine form She cries unheard Performing on command "Turn until you break" Her silver blood drips from her wound The shape of a sickle moon As cracks begin to show And tragedy unfolds The plastique veneer strains We cannot see, for the burning light of reason Φως σχίζει το φύλλο αμφίκυρτα It bends nameless folds Of passions without form Tearing the night from the day Day from the night O, silent Heve, servant and thrall, ageless In secret you smile, I know the hidden reason why Voiceless slave, daughter unheard, borne of the Law Eternal child, endlessly you serve The mad decree of a Demiurge unseen Insane Her bestial father Slew his ancient progenitor And for her to live She must castrate a God Seven, four, sixteen She was certain Pink and blue and black Black like the devil's eyes For how much more Can this old stone Cast this terrible shadow? This killing mill Endlessly grinds From east to west Eternal The dancer strains Inside the box To break the form and to unfold Rather than being just to be Hoping to live so she can see The black star in the sky A truth to be wed to a lie And if madness must be the the great cost Then madness becomes she So it is So it must be Let the portrait grow old now Let youth and beauty be lost To be her desire to be To climb the heavens Nameless is she Headless is she To shatter the omniscent archive To withstand the noumenal law If reason dictates my deceit Then desire believes me A corpse I be Headless, silver Silver and headless A darkly mirror curved Curved mirror Refracting silver light An impossible hope Waited long enough For long enough she waited Black sails on the horizon I've waited long enough
Her heart an ambition Tearing at the night sky She trails to the edge The tellurian verge of this world Through boiling seas Burning black earth Bottomless chasms Tending her wound Shielding her heart Together, apart She's nearer to the white stone At last Transgressing the Emanation Withered and swamp-bathed A shroud on the world Offal and butchery Claw at her wounds Rending her heart Pulling apart Until she's bare The firmament screams the song of longing The petrified corpses She must climb A billion passions through time Canonized on this stone Carved in killing order To see beyond it she must climb A monument to tragedy To see beyond it she must climb She will fall She must fall Elytrous spine Structures align Taunting her will to ascend As she traces The flesh of the stone Constellations of names Carved of no hand Connected by fate All there's been and will be Webbed are the names Connected by grooves Knowledge and memory, truth She knows that it is a lie She must climb The name of her father is there Her mother, insane Her brother is there Stillborn Impostor in her place An endless voyage through time Built the horror of this stone Impostor Impostor To see beyond it she must climb A monument to tragedy Dead, in his place In his place In her place She was born For every time you've been a coward For every mollified excuse For every time you've stood for nothing Construing justice for the truth You were there Your name was there You were there And she must climb With your silence she's been scarred And your cruelty remains Your name is there Your name is there You are there You are there And she must climb She has to climb She will fall She must fall She shall fall She will fall
Fall (Ptosi) 09:54
So she climbs The endless stone marked by Seasons of distress To it she gives Her fingers and her flesh Torn away in a million gusts Mutilated to our name Forever closer to the top This monument to human genius With force it takes More and more So she can hear His voice ---- I turned and saw it The eye is on it I see it strain Its pity significance It's not enough You're not enough You don't deserve petition Impostor, your ablation rots Stillborn Stillborn Stillborn Your blood must flow For those below That wither in the mire Can you touch me With your protrusions What do your gestures mean Your limbs I take Offering So it's decreed The sun will burn you Your cursed breast sliced Inside the eye of The Innumerable Is this the light That you thought In your mind That you would extinguish Where is your silver want? Your stars have drowned They never existed Tricked by my Reflection Want is not power Want is not power Your want my power denies --- Your lips, offering To my crown I sear your ugly genitals And still you speak -Ηβη How dare you invoke And covet her service? You have served not Insolence Delusion A fantasy of fate For this, I take your eyes Man has gazed up to my expanse For millenea, they made petition Man killed for truth Screaming their endless plight To terror I answered Construing through Logos they ammased Their scrutiny of science The blood in their hearts Called out all the same I answered And as through digital doctorine A billion hands tore hearts On faded keys and lonely screens They asked I answered You don't deserve petition Your silver blood is weak You have only yourself to kill For me Your question is no question For if it were you'd know The answer from the first word You know it Man is man And woman's not Mourn for life And death will come In shadows, your respite You are my plaything And I am God The Phallus of Logic Hear Hear My decree The globe's tall curve I rape forever Your question You demand Absurd For how Could a curve Into An Angle Turn? Reduced to meat And spine Still you climb Your bleeding hole Still cries out her name I take your tongue -ηηηη Silence! Shapless, faceless pulp! You are nothing! There is nothing of you left! Fall to the depths of my foundation, abomination! Drown in the swamps of my ejaculation! Fall Fall Fall Fall Fall


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Coming from Greece, LOCUST LEAVES have been an elusive entity for a very long time. “A Subtler Kind Of Light”, the band's first full-length album to be released professionally, is just the pinnacle of an underground trajectory spent far from the spotlights, cultivating an ecumenical vision of metal that along the years has spawned many quality recordings. Each of them has contributed to cement the nature of a progressive and highly creative project, an entity more interested in exploring new ways of expression than passively adhering to genre conventions or bog-standard styles.

Featuring a couple of illustrious guests, drummer Vorskaath (Zemial) and guitarist Ayloss (Spectral Lore), “A Subtler Kind Of Light” is graced by Nick K.'s passionate, spine-chilling vocal performance and by the astonishing talent of multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Helm, also author of the enigmatic album cover and inside artwork. This is the core of LOCUST LEAVES, a duo of alchemists at ease with filtering the savagery of black-thrash metal and the suffocating grip of doom through the emotional, dramatic crescendos of progressive metal and the atmospheric qualities of ambient music.

The lyrical concept behind “A Subtler Kind Of Light” reflects the depth and complexity of the music, amounting to the difficult search for true identity and the necessity to confront society's rules. “The album is about transmutation,” explains Helm, “it's about becoming who you've always known you had to be - and running against the manifestation of Empyrean law in the process: The Creator, overseeing the Pillar of All Names on which we are all carved in constellations of complicity in the injustice of this world. The cost paid for one's desire for transmutation is high as the Good Lord mangles one in our name of the many. Logic, catalogue, the power of the archive prevails... Or does it? Even broken and crushed to near nothing, something remains. Something must always remain. A voice, a final utterance of a vague, illogical, recurring consonant/vowel that can't be pinpointed down or disambiguated with our science: 'h'. This last utterance turns a fall into flight, and tragedy to myth. A silver soul floats forever through the darkness and towards the more subtle light of the dark star in the sky.”


released March 17, 2017

Nick K. - Voices
Helm - Music

Additional personnel:
Vorskaath - Drums
Ayloss - Lead Guitar
Gemeinschaft Triste - Ambience

Cover art and booklet drawings by Helm


CD: Cat. Nr. IVR073
LP: Cat. Nr. IVR073LP


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