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Inside the gaping jaws of Apocalypse To steal old treasure from the serpent's mouth The Sentinel turns from stone to flesh this time And descends into the realm of the material Stripped from the armor of the theory Thrown into the world of pure possibility Not exiled but by own volition fallen A baptism in shadow fire To awake the Dragon within To fight venom with venom Victory the Way to Nether For the blackened storm of the Devourers Is rising to engulf the entirety of cosmos Courage! Resistance! A quest to rediscover the well of Power Hidden and guarded by the few Against the plight of the discouraged Amidst deafening silence from the halls up high Not to rebel is to be complicit The Well of Power must be reconquered From the teeth of the elite ~ That which emanates from the Whole Desires to take its own form and attributes To embrace multiplicity and expand infinitely Yet also longs to return to the source A war inside of us and amongst ourselves The eternal dance of the cosmic drama
Guardian, anointed one Truly you believe that the ways of liberation And dominion do not overlap? A savior he has been self-proclaimed For he has walked off his palace And waved his hand to the conquered They were impressed by his shining armor and his sword And what will these mean when he fights for them And they praised you and they fed you and they loved you But will you ever fight? For the only thing you do is speak to the other dwellers in the palace Words of judgment and spirited critique But they have grown used to you and know that you will never leave As do the people, yet their few hopes cannot relinquish They say "it is important for these words to be uttered inside a palace!" As if the lords will be convinced to lay waste on their own claim Woe betide to those that avert their eyes From their internal discrepancy Accept your falseness and your smallness Relinquish the shining that has been given to you by birth Suffer the wrath of those you used and let down Υοu do not represent anyone but yourself And Cast them Into the Pyre Arise then, Ksatriya-Without-Caste Pick up your weapons and remember One must fall to attain true wisdom
Τhe sages of old took on to enlighten men By telling us to lift our gaze towards the above Yet did not mention that we can only go as far As the shackles and the prison walls That bind our mortal shells allow O wise ones, why do we stand on the battlefield With righteousness and honor on our side But our limbs betray us with weakness? For you to exalt the spirit meant To wage war on the vessel that it comes with Such is your trust to the Eternal Soul! And so you taught us to hate the rottenness of the flesh As much as its pleasures To be ignorant of our own ownership of our flesh And our power to transform it A TOTAL REVOLUTION OF THE SPIRIT DEMANDS FOR A TOTAL REVOLUTION OF THE BODY Dark mother, allow me entrance Into the forgotten catacombs Of somatic wisdom True power comes from surrender Woe to those who have understood the path To the stars as a solitary quest When the Other is always missing It stands in secret opposition
As my soul and body broke their chains My childish wonderment has returned I travel in the endless seas of creativity My eyesight cuts through the fabric of the world To reveal the invisible dance within A multitude of entities and potentialities And I rage, because the sights I witness Do not reflect the order of the world Taught by the sages and kept by the sentinels Which I've been told is built upon them I sing then the song of Heresy It cuts through earth and skies in blasphemy All those who know but dare not speak Have gathered on my court And each of them has brought a stone For me to build a tower up so high To study the Arts and write a new decree To reveal the true Order to the world Sheltered and guarded by my faithful ones, I did Furiously I worked, to majestic spiritual heights Who waited of my guidance to wage revolt And great victories they had, bringing down false towers As mine grew larger and larger Until the eyes burned from the Sun Of anyone who tried to look at the top And my voice came down frail and blurry Translated to the people by the elders Who did not want to recognize the subtle shifts in tone And the dire warnings that turned to bloody curses Curse to you all men who seek for kings and sages! You will raise them to sky to turn them into relics To convince yourself there's someone Who won't ever fail you Your order will never be eternal But only eternally Everchanging Ι smite your crumbled thrones And spit at your baseless pride
Apocalypse 08:04
Amidst the turmoil between the nations and the divisiveness The fires that engulf the forests and the breaking ice The rotten lies of despots and the invisible chains of oppression A black vapor rises It calls from another universe Yet it's always been here The same pulse that nourishes with life Your face, your skin, your embrace In the negative Warrior! You have returned from heights aloft You have reinvented and realigned yourself Drank from the well of power and Ripped off the lies from the book of wisdom Now stand Guard! Prepare to face a Billion Stars Can you hear the trumpets? The cities are already flooding with blood They are descending upon the earth For you to witness the true price of rebellion Το βαθύ Μίσος Προς την ύπαρξη Unlucky those that search for their enemy on the outside For their aim will strike at nothing And yet, now you must thrust your sword Not to the frail flesh but to the Netherworld above
Among the debris and the charred remains I vomit black poison into the ground The vapor from beyond the space Defeated, returns into my veins A shining stone beneath Radiates a beam into a far away star Thousands more emerge to illuminate the nightsky Revealing that I never fought alone I touch it and my eyes travel light years away Into the city of the Gods where my guardian statue Used to proudly stand, now crumbled And each piece resembles a familiar form A thousand different stones Each with their own radiance Ι am all All is me My light is not my own It's borrowed from you all Should we return to the source Or wander in the endless void alone Should we have the same fate Or each of us end up to where we dwelt We'll always have a choice Down here in the material world Between love, bravery and justice And the unending doom of self-deceit With eyes looking outside at last, REVOLT!
Terean 19:09




2x12"LP GATEFOLD (incl. Bandcamp Digital Download and Streaming)
• Ltd 500: 250 black vinyl, 250 galaxy red vinyl***
• 140gr. vinyls
• 350gr. gatefold sleeve, 5mm spine
• Black inner sleeves
• Outer plastic sleeve
*** exclusive to our Eshop

DIGIPACK CD (incl. Bandcamp Digital Download and Streaming)
• Limited to 500 copies
• Deluxe Digipack, 16-page booklet

• Limited to 50 copies
• Screen printed on B&C #E150 black garment

Fresh from the success of “Wanderers: Astrology of the Nine” – a split album released in 2020 with MARE COGNITUM, their usual cosmic travelling companion – SPECTRAL LORE return with “Ετερόφωτος”, their brand new and highly anticipated full-length, destined to setting the whole progressive/atmospheric black metal scene on fire. Released seven years after the groundbreaking “III” (2014), actually “Ετερόφωτος” carries on from where 2012's “Sentinel” left on both lyrical and musical level, thus marking another separate series of albums than the ones labeled by Roman numerals, with the “Gnosis” EP from 2015 lying somewhere in the middle. “Ετερόφωτος” is a word without an exact translation in English: In approximation it means "the one whose light comes from others".

If SPECTRAL LORE themselves originally described “Sentinel” as epic and transcendental black metal, music to inspire the warrior spirit and through it achieve spiritual transcendence, “Ετερόφωτος” walks similar emotional paths with greater maturity and awareness, and can be seen as a comment on its predecessor's youthful enthusiasm, a kind of re-allignment that does not point towards a peaceful settlement, but on the strengthening of the need for rebellious, promethean praxis. In this respect, it is both a black metal and an anti-black metal record at the same time. Graced with a mystical and thoughtful cover painting by the Italian master Alessandro “Sicioldr” Bianchi, “Ετερόφωτος” is SPECTRAL LORE's call for a revolt through radical self-examination; it desires to fight back with the past while claiming what has been rightfully ours in the first place. And to finally see beyond the Self: to where our light comes from.


released April 23, 2021

Ayloss - all instruments and vocals

Recorded and mixed in the Stellar Auditorium by Ayloss, 2017-2020
Noise Electronics on "Apocalypse" by Spider of Pnyx
Remixing from stems and mastering by Colin Marston

Cover painting by Alessandro Sicioldr
Art direction and layout by Francesco Gemelli
Cat. Nr. IVR154


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